Magna Carta 800th Anniversary, Comic Culture Pokemon TCG Tournaments and Nintendo relases more Smash Fighters.

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Well I was visiting a friend and took a trip into Lincoln and walked right into the Magna Carta 800th Anniversary events which began that weekend and I have to say in spite of the rain the bands and paraders that were running all day performed amazingly even when most of the market stall owners gave up and left early.

Apart from the amazing fireworks on the Saturday evening I think my favourite little event is the Lincoln Barons Trail in which 25 statues representing the barons that were present at the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215. Each statue has been painted to represent different aspects of life in Lincoln past and present and vary widely in design.

Some of the Barons that are scatter across Lincoln [Source: Lincoln Council Website]

If people are interested a nice walk through central Lincoln, the Lincolnite has posted a guide to the Baron locations though I have been hearing rumours that someone may of vandalised one of the Barons near Lincoln Castle already which is greatly disappointing if true.

Also while I'm on the subject of Lincoln, while the Battle Bunker was forced to close its doors a few months back Comic Culture has taken over the location since and while known for hosting roleplay games and Magic: The Gathering and Yugioh card tournaments has now on request of its customers begun friendly Pokemon Trading Card Game tournaments on Sundays beginning at 12pm.
While there is no prize and no entry cost the owner has managed to obtain a large amount of promotional event cards with everyone taking part gets one free and all ages are welcome.

 Finally just before bed last night I saw the Nintendo announcement regarding its Smash DLC

The next post this month will be my How To Host A Dungeon Kobold Civilisation but for those of you that can't wait it is available over at the Wiki


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