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Beasts Of Silverstein: The Lesser Meowl: Familiars, Companions and Pests

Possibly one of my favourite projects this is the history and stats for the smallest of Meowls; the Lesser Meowl, these small Meowls were the first to be created and generally used as familiars or pets amongst the wizard community but have turned out to be quite the pest.  

Celjorcyl: A Realm Asundered

About three years ago now I had the pleasure of playing a Pathfinder game with an old friend of mine and while the campaign unfortunately couldn't be completed we had a lot of great adventures in the setting he had created. Rather than condemning it to the growing collection of old worlds and maps in our files I now release it to you and would love to hear your own in the realm of Celjorcyl.

Concepts: Players as Pawns

A mini article highlighting how easily player characters can be used as pawns by powerful organisations in your campaign world.

D20 Adventure: A Rude Awakening (Level 1 Adventure for 1 to 4 players)

This article series for D20, 3.5 and Pathfinder puts a beginning party (and a merchant) in the clutches of bandits, forcing them to escape and find their way through a sleeping guard, drunk celebrations and a irate owlbear.
Part 1

Kobolds Ate My Baby: Quickstart Adventure: You Iz Kobolds?!

Released on free RPG day 2015 You Iz Kobolds?! is 9th Level games free Quickstart Adventure for KAMB and quite difficult to find due to 9th Level games not hosting a copy of the booklet. Available to download here.

Kobolds Ate My Baby Adventure: Trick & Treat Troubles

In the spirit of Halloween I have design a short one shot adventure for KAMB where our clueless little fuzzballs encounter Halloween for the first time and must gather candy tribute for the glory of King Torg (All Hail King Torg).
This short adventure is design for between 4 to 6 Kobolds and should take approximately a hour and a half to complete depending on how much trouble and chaos occur.

Kobolds Ate My Baby Adventure: Short & Sweet

From fake witches to real ones in this short one shot adventure for KAMB the kobolds while searching for rations will steal a baby only to have it stolen by the local witch who they purse to regain their prize. This short adventure is design for between 4 to 6 Kobolds and should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Kobolds Ate My Baby Adventure: Snack Bowl

This short adventure is design for between 4 to 6 Kobolds but can easily support additional players in either Player V.S. Player scenario or players as a single team. The game should take approximately a hour to complete depending on how much trouble and chaos occurs, however with additional players this may increase.
Additional rules: Outfits

Peasants To Principality: Introduction To World Building
A small series of articles and videos focusing on Top Down and Bottom Up design with later examples of their use and how I've create my own world setting. Hopefully this will help you budding Dungeon Masters out there.
Part 1 Part 2

Smouldering Embers: The Use Of The Camp Fire Scenes In Modern Roleplay

In this article I analyse the use of the camp fire scene in roleplaying and compare its to the use of taverns in game. I also give suggestions and link to further articles such as Telecanter's Receding Rules on how to improve camp scenes in game. 

Survival Out in the Wilds 

This four part article series for D20, 3.5 and Pathfinder focused upon alternative rules for skinning, armour crafting, spell reagents and cooking the remains of monsters.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 

Soul Crafting

A three part article series for D20, 3.5 and Pathfinder that explored the use and methods of capturing souls and using them for crafting experience or powerful item creation.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 

3rd Party Showcase

This collection of articles are my highlights of various home-brewed game features ranging from custom classes to entire settings and systems.


Heartless Mage 
An alternative to lichdom the Heartless Mage gains immortality and powerful spell like abilities at the cost of emotional sterility and a obsidian box containing their heart.

Aerial Cavalier
The Aerial Cavalier is an expert at fighting on an aerial mount increasing their mounts manoeuvrability and evasion.

Homebrew Content:

World of Darkness:
Highlander: The Gathering
Highlander: The Gathering, often referred to as H:TG, is a net.supplement which incorporates Highlander-style Immortals into White Wolf's World of Darkness. 

Coins And Scrolls: Monster Menu
Skerples of the Coins And Scrolls in support of GLOG (Goblin Laws of Gaming,) an old-school themed rules set published by Arnold K, Skerples has taken the 1977 AD&D Monster Manual and has listed beasts mundane and magical in alphabetical order with flavour, effects and occasional serving suggestion.

Wigglyturf Wars: A Game Of Gangster Pokemon And A Blind Hatred For Goldeen
Created by two room mates known only as Jand and Frenchie, Wigglyturf Wars feels like Pokemon meets Zootopia with a hint of the Godfather in this overly complex homebrew.

Choose Your Own Adventures:

TowerGirls: A Choose Your Own Adventure by /tg/
A overview of how /tg/'s Princess rescue harem simulator CYOA came to be as well as links to the templates to help develop your own content and a few creations of my own.

Tables and Suggestions

Written by myself and various members of my gaming group here are the collections of tables and other items we have used in our games.


100 Random places and situations to wake up in after a night of drinking in a D20 Fantasy setting.
100 Reasons behind the big bad evil guys plots and actions.
100 Fantasy Drinks for your Tavern
Con men and Cutthroats : A Table of 50 Specialists For Your Thieves Guild.
Warhammer 40K Only War: 100 Missions Concepts

Writing Prompts and Short Stories:

Writing Prompt: Skyrim Backstory
My own story of how my Imperial Born character came to sharing a wagon with Ulric Stormcloak.

Grissen De Lyrandar's arrival at Sharn
A brief written early adventure of Grissen De Lyrandar, a character in a Eberron Campaign in 2008. 

Greentext: Tales of Chappa Fliks: Star Wars Warhammer 40k Crossover using Savage Worlds and Fantasy Grounds
Part:3&4 Part:5&6  
Trying something a little different I make a Greentext account of one of the strange games I find myself in on occasion.


Adventure Time: Secret of the Nameless Kingdom
A Adventure Time Legend of Zelda clone that fails to truly satisfy either series by WayForward.

Boss Monster: Brotherwises Dungeon Building Homage to Video Games
A simple fun card game of beer and Pretzel level created by Brotherwise Games, filled with beautiful pixel artwork.

Castlevania:Symphony Of The Night
A guest review of Konami's platforming metrovania classic by Hax Monster

Chapter Master: A fan made Space Marine Chapter Manager game
A game set in the Warhammer 40k universe where you must ensure the survival of your Space Marine chapter.
Update Update 2 Update3 Update 4 Update 5 Update 6 Update 7 Update 8

Cherry Tree High Comedy Club
Created by 773 Cherry Tree High Comedy Club mixes up the RPG Maker formula creating this RPG/Visual Novel crossover. Indeed Cherry Tree High Comedy Club is all but unrecognisable as an RPG maker game and is regarded as one of the most impressive examples of what the software can be used for outside of its more traditional game styles.

Hax Monster dips into a old favourite which still stands up to been a decent game event today.

Far Cry 2
Another Guest Post by Hax Monster as he reviews what he considers the turning point in the Ubisoft series

Fluxborn: Adventure in the land of dreams
Cycpops first pay what you wish D6 gaming system and setting.

First Impressions: Ice Water Game moment of peace and quiet Viridi
I do a video review of potted plant simulator Viridi with a guest review provided by [GC]SpiritWolf

Taking a look at Fuel Asobo's only game for CodeMasters Haxmonster goes over how a small studio with a great idea can still fall short.

Grand Theft Auto 5
Hax Monster returns on form ploughing into the various issues of Grand Theft Auto 5 and his lunch.

Hell Girls
Hell Girls is a R18 puzzle RPG created by SakuraGame that prioritizes match 3 strategy over speed, in a similar vein to other match 3 games such as Puzzle Quest the game is heavily focused around turn based combat by matching icons to perform certain attacks.

Hotline Miami 2
Believing that a sequel isn't always necessary, Hax Monsters gives his view on why we could of done without Hotline Miami 2.

How To Host A Dungeon: Dungeon Solitare by Tony Dowler
Tony Dowlers strange hybrid of dungeon creation toolkit and solitaire game with links to the free rule set.
Additional Rulesets:
Dsyon Logos Muck Dweller Civilisation 
Silverain Kobold Civilisation
The Great Spider Civilisation

Just Cause 3
Amazing Hax Monster finds a sequel he enjoys and shows just how Just Cause 3 improves on its predecessors but also where it has fallen to the wayside.

Loot Hero DX
My very first solo review video of a game that is a perfect example of all visuals no game play.

PayDay 2
Reviewing the game on which we met Hax Monster holds nothing back as he explains how Overkills policies and choices have taken a toll on one of his previously favourite games.

Pokemon Trading Cards Online Guide: Rallying Cry Guide.
My friend the lovely lady of Buzy Bobbins gives advice on how to best use this free deck.

Pokemon Trading Cards: Top Ten Pokemon Cards That will give you the Chills When You See Them Played!
My friend the lovely lady of Buzy Bobbins returns this time judging which ten cards she finds unsettling when you seem them played on the field.

Sleeping Dogs
Another Guest Post by Hax Monster, here he reviews an old favourite of mine Sleeping Dogs the spiritual successor to the True Crime series.

Stealth Assassinations and freeing slaves in Middle-earth: Shadows of Mordor 
Assassins Creed meets Middle-earth with randomised foes that grow with the nemesis system.

Ride to Hell Retribution
I still can't believe Hax Monster bought a physical copy of this, he gives the bad points and worst points Ride to Hell Retribution one of the worst games ever made.

Kickstarter Highlights:

Kickstarter Curiosities
A short mix of various board games and roleplay add ons.

Kickstarter Curiosities 2: Dice and Tower Special
This special took a look at some of the best dice, carry cases and dice towers available at the time.

Kickstarter Curiosities: Saga World Builder: Modular tiles for tabletop and D&D games
The Saga World Builder: Modular tiles definitely settle on the simpler side of dungeon tiles but their sturdiness, versatility, low space requirements and ease of used definitely makes them worth a look.

Silver Games return to Kickstarter for their D&D 5th Edition project: Ponyfinder - Dawn of the Fifth Age
In this post I cover a brief overview of Ponyfinder and Silver Games new goal of bringing it to Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.

Simbrix's A Curious Hybrid Of Lego, Jigsaws and Hama beads
I play around with and review Assim Ishaque's Simbrix's, these crafting beads seem to fuse properties from various sources of inspiration and are worth a look.

Speciality Dice: Miss Jessica Goldsmith's Braille dice store and 64 Ounce Games Kickstarter for Braille dice and game pieces.
In this post I review the progress of Jessica Goldsmiths Braille Dice printing and designs since her Kickstarter and take a look at a family company 64 Ounce Games whose own Kickstarter to add braille dice to their line of accessibility products for game has just started. 

Tales to be told once more: The Bards Tale IV backed by kickstarter 
A brief history of the The Bards Tale series with links to the original games and a sneak peak at the upcoming sequel by inXile entertainments homepage

The creators of Cyanide & Happiness attempt to enter the adult card game market with their own creation Joking Hazard on Kickstarter.
I take a brief look at Joking Hazard a Cards Against Humanity inspired comic creation game.

Miscellaneous ramblings highlights and videos


Double Date at EGX 2015
My housemate and our significant others attend the biggest gaming event in the UK.

MCM London Comic Convention 2016: Impressions of a first time attendee
I head to the UKs biggest anime and video games event and things aren't exactly as I expect:
Part 1, Part 2 
MCM London Comic Con 2017: Part 1, Part 2

North East Retro Gaming and GEEKS Lincoln Comic-Con 2016 Experiences 
A emotional roller-coaster of a post for me I go over my experiences at these two very different events.

Thoughts on Lincoln Comic Con: A success of sorts
I attend Lincoln Comic-Con 2015 with the lovely lady of Buzy Bobbins.

Role Play and Tabletop Games:

Experiences Of Blind Tabletop Players
A follow up to the Braille Dice kickstarters I post some of the experience of those trying to roleplay with a sight impediment. Part 1, Part 2

First Impressions of 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons
I play D&D 4edition for the first time in a marathon game.

The Lord Inquisitor: a fan made Warhammer 40k animation
The Lord Inquisitor is an animated film that began as a short animated trailer created by just one man, a artist and modeller by the name of Erasmus Brosdau.

Video Games:

Payday 2, co hosted gameplay and commentary with Haxmonster
Part 1 Part 2

Fan made project Pokémon: Uranium version 1 is released!
As of August 6, 2016 Pokémon: Uranium has left beta and has officially joined the small list of completed fan games. Download link available.

Steam and the future of priced mods
A summery of Valves attempt to add the ability to sell mods on steam workshop.

Halloween Review Special: Videos Galore
My video reviews on Bardbarian, OMG Zombies and a four video long play through of Organ Trail.

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