Tails of Equestria Official MLP RPG: Add on Products announced.

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Some of you may have heard about the official My Little Pony pen and paper roleplay game in development by River Horse and is available to pre-order for its March 14th release date along with its two expansions. 

In anticipation of its release and to wage yet another attack on the wallets of its fans an announcement about the various gaming aids and future add ons has been released.
A few of these include:

  • Tokens of Friendship - Tiny crystals that play into the friendship system in game. 
  • Dice - Character coloured dice, including Starlight Glimmer.
  • Expansion books - Supplements to the core books including bestiaries and other information
  • Game master screen - With a map of Equestria on the front. 
  • Create Griffon, Dragon, and Other non-pony characters!  
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While Ponyfinder is still the popular alternative and possibly more suited towards fans of more rule heavy systems,  when looking at the released character sheet examples River Horse seems to be aiming towards a simplified system which is more accessible to younger audiences.
Even the upcoming adventure "The Curse Of The Statuettes!" sounds like something that could happen in the show:
All over Equestria ponies have started to turn into statuettes, figurine versions of themselves. Nopony knows why, nopony knows when and to make it all worse, nopony knows where the Mane six have gone! It looks like it’s up to you to travel to distant lands, overcome terrifying danger and save ponyville, neigh the world!
In The Curse of the Statuettes ponies will explore the mysterious badlands and have to find ways to befriend or outfox the many ponies and creatures they will meet. Creatures such as the Roc, a mythical bird that uses its massive size and slate-like feathers to intimidate anypony who gets in its way or the greedy Dr Caballeron, caring more for wealth than for than good of ponykind!
This isn't a terrible thing mind you and it will be great to see how well the system works upon its release.

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Celjorcyl: A Realm Asundered

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About three years ago now I had the pleasure of playing a Pathfinder game with an old friend of mine and while the campaign unfortunately couldn't be completed we had a lot of great adventures in the setting he had created. Rather than condemning it to the growing collection of old worlds and maps in our files I now release it to you and would love to hear your own in the realm of Celjorcyl.

About Celjorcyl

The Plane of Celjorcyl is a pangea type world beset by smaller landmasses. The year is 1211 and the majority of Celjorcyl is on the cusp of a technological revolution as steampower and electricity become more widespread. This revolution is largely because of a race of Mites to the north, small blue goblin-like creatures who, while surrounded by the glowing rock of their mountains can produce technological, self-repairing marvels. Many Mites work as contractors and engineers bringing technological marvels to towns and cities across Kingsfall, Lockwyren, Orum and Aranyk.

There are many that remember the war of the screw (1127-1139) where Harken invaded Prynml in an effort to acquire technology that could allow them to expand their borders into Kingsfall and Lockwyren. With the Mite artificers enslaved and producing innumerable war machines, the forces of Lockwyren were beaten back and it’s territory resembles that of today.
Harken was forced to split its front in order to fight Kingsfall whilst holding off Lockwyren, with their supply lines stretched and no way of moving production into their new territories Harken was unable push into Kingsfall who at the time sent legions of soldier into Prynml via warboats to liberate the Mites. Sensing defeat, Harken’s forces withdrew from the front lines to protect from an invasion from the north leaving Kingsfall to claim the territory Harken left behind which previously belonged to Lockwyren. An uneasy peace between Harken, Kingsfall and Lockwyren has held ever since, but recently certain events have locked a wedge between Kingsfall and Lockwyren.

Recently expeditions into the continent of Roshansha have met with catastrophic failure and none dare venture from the reasonably safe colonies on it’s eastern coast, many investors are pulling out as the continent continues to yield less and less in both resources and discoveries.

 Full sized image avaliable to view and download here.

Citystate of Orum (Suggested Starting Location)

Notable Locations: The City of Orum, the shrine of Ynnalolrik, the tower of the 3 principles, The Adventurers Guild. 

Laws: No slavery, necromancy, practising of magic/psionic spells/abilities without a license, this includes production of magical/psionic items. Procuring a license is simple enough but requires a person of certain standard to vouch for the individual or from visible acts of public service. True orcs, umbrans or harken refugees are not permitted entry into Orum’s capital. 

Main Races: Human (35%), Dwarves (20%) Gnomes (10%), Halflings (15%), Elves (10%), Mites (7%), misc (3%), no orcs or umbrans. 

Culture: The people of Orum are not afraid of innovation nor magic, here the arts thrive and many countries consider Orum to be the seat of democracy. Established at the end of the war of the screw almost 75 years ago Orum would serve to be a mediator of politics between the nations in peace time where heads of state could congregate from Kingsfall, Lockwyren and Aranyk.
Orum prospers mostly through acting as a trade intermediary for the 3 kingdoms that surround it and as a result, poverty is the minority within the great city walls. A handful of small farming villages also dot the green and rolling land. The people of Orum are mostly concerned with the lives of themselves, their families and those within their village, most Orumites experience a sense of safety as they are surrounded by 3 strong allies. They are somewhat mistrusting of the people of Harken as most all people rightly are but also possess a sense of fresh tenacity and patriotism towards their new country as it has only been founded since the end of the war, this results in a melting pot of different customs and practices. 

Terrain: Green rolling hills beset by frequent water mills, farms, and small but welcoming hamlets. Most of Orum’s land is farmland with the occasional vineyard. 

Forces: The city state of Orum has a considerable army for its size, of which about 80% of it is made up of exemplary forces from the three states that surround Orum, this force is known as the Orum Guard and are responsible for the defense and policing of Orum. Patrols on the main trading routes are frequent but the bulk of the forces are assigned to city guard to keep the peace. 

Notable NPCs: Reginald Knightscourse (mayor of Orum) 

Prized Exports: The art, poetry and wine of Orum are considered the best in Celjorcyl and bards petition from every land to get residency within Orum so they can attend its academies.

The Country of Kingsfall

Notable Locations: Thronereach (capital), Beckenpond, Lenwym’s Peak, Valorwatch, Mercanport, Envoy’s End, Claughport, Nirtenside, Hydra’s Cleft, the council palace (in the capital). 

Laws: Slavery is not permitted within Kingsfall, nor is prostitution, gambling or bloodsports, necromancy is frowned upon but legal. Teleportation magic is heavily policed in Kingsfall, as a result anyone without a translocation permit on them automatically finds themselves subject to dimensional anchoring when entering any of the main cities, DC 24 will save resists, DC 28 in Thronereach. Kingsfall is a pious country and as of such any offensive spells cast by non-officials on the weekly day of worship inflict non-lethal damage instead (concentration DC17 + 2x spell lvl to surpass the effect, surpassing the effect is considered illegal). Duels are commonly used to resolve disputes between 2 parties, death blows inflicted during a duel are considered just and are not normally subject to punishment in the eyes of the law. 

Main races: Mostly humans (85%), Halflings (10%), Half-orcs, Orcs, Elves and Mites make up the last 5%. 

Culture: Kingsfall portrays itself as a nation of chivalry and honor, the majority of the population are poorer folk working menial jobs to make ends meet whilst the nobles of the houses concern themselves with matters of state, politics and ruling their settlement. Kingsfall is not ruled by a single ruler but instead is ruled by the noble houses of its main towns who in turn report to the council of the 5 which hold court in the capital city.
Since the war took its toll 75 years ago the main populous has been severely mistrustful of anyone from Harken, this includes refugees, traitors and exiles alike. There is also much disdain towards orcs as they make up almost half the population of Harken, half-orcs are given a reprieve as they are seen as burdened with living with the blood of a tyrannical race within them and as a result are usually better rewarded when they are seen to do good acts.
Kingsfall is slowly embracing new ideas and technology from the Mites of Prynml, but slowly towns and cities are starting to make use of the technological gifts from the north. 

Terrain: Green and fertile, but most of Kingsfall is wild and untamed with vast forests and sweeping valleys, towards the north east near Hydra’s Cleft the ground is more arid. 

Forces: Each main settlement has it’s own policing guard but lack of single rule means that a wanted criminal could go unnoticed in another town. To counteract this most houses employ a strict rule of their laws and even minor crimes are often handled a bit too heavily. The council of the 5, who collectively rule over Kingsfall, have their own private army called the Knights of the Kingless who maintain a presence along the eastern borders near Harken and Lockwyren also patrol the roads around the capital and police the capital city itself. 

Notable NPCs: Council of the 5 - Harrack Cartwright of Beckenpond, Felicity Ironsight of Lenwym’s Peak, Yurnic Arcanitus of Hydra’s Cleft, Borran Spickenspan of Mercanport and Carla Roseswan of Nirtenside. 

Prized Exports: Mercenaries that have served with the Knights of the Kingless are sought after in all 3 main countries as they are disciplined and dependable. Venison from the Kingsdeer, a breed of magically bred deer by the last King over 200 years ago, continues to be a delicacy in all nations, even Kingsfall.

The Country of Lockwyren

Notable Locations: Temmelhaft (capital), Buntergrail, Wroughtly 

Laws: Slavery and defiling the remains of the deceased are illegal in Lockwyren as are hosting gladiatorial events without a licence. A curfew exists in the more populated towns as funding cannot stretch to better policing. Tight legislation on constructs (both magical and technological) exists due to Lockwyren’s natural distrust of technology. Due to their reduced borders Lockwyren maintains a close eye on whomever they let into their lands usually under magical scrutiny. Also anyone who practices the Psionic disciplines is met with substantial disdain when trying to gain passage into Lockwyren due to the war that Harken waged on Lockwyren. 

Main Races: Mostly humans (85%), elves (10%), gnomes, Halflings, Dwarves and Mites make up the last 5%. 

Culture: Lockwyren is a nation still recovering from war, this can be clearly seen as many villages close to the northern border still stand as empty ghost towns. Though built on a past of strength, prosperity and freedom, since the war ended Lockwyren has become a nation of mistrust; folk spy on their neighbours, guards enforce the law ruthlessly and strangers are given a wide berth.
The learned amongst the population have a natural distrust of psionics as it is the umbrans of Harken who first started practising psionics on Celjorcyl around 300 years ago and it is largely believed that those who practise the Psionic art are related or associated with the abominations of Harken.
As umbrans can pass for human there are numerous accusations of citizens being Harken spies, usually to no avail as no Harken spies have ever been reportedly captured, but naturally they wouldn’t be.
Lockwyrnites also view those from Kingsfall with mild contempt as they feel they have profited a bit too much from Lockwyren’s fall, the common name for someone from Kingsfall is a landt stiehlt (a land snatcher). 

Terrain: Green and fertile, with sparse mountains and desert to the far east, towards the north east the land is wilder and more boggy with dense forests. 

Forces: The Landswrath are the official army of Lockwyren and reside in the capital, Temmelhaft and along the north-western borders. The Lockguard are Lockwyren’s policing force, efficient, swift and detailed in their documentation of crimes. Nowadays the Lockguard are spread a little too thin and banditry, kidnapping and ransom are all too frequent along vulnerable trading routes but despite this their magically reinforced infrastructure means that they can pass on the likeness of anyone to every major town and city in the land. 

Notable NPCs: High-Chancellor Johan Kechlesher, Viceroy Ellis Trentberg, Chief Inquisitor Kiloq Bainfer. 

Prized Exports: Gin, brandy, luxury chocolates and spices. Lockwyren also has a reputation for ornate platemail, this masterwork armour is engraved and made up of different alloys folded between its iron layers providing a more elegant lightweight suit without sacrificing protection. This armour is sort after the most amongst the nobles of Celjorcyl.

The Country of Aranyk

Notable Locations: Dunnahuume, Krak’Heft, Durymirim, Ru, Frollif. 

Laws: Slavery, true orcs and Harken refugees are not premitted in Aranyk, technology that can be seen as lazy is usually frowned upon. 

Main Races: Mostly Dwarves (65%), Elves (20%), Humans (10%), Gnomes, Halflings and Mites make up the last 5%. 

Culture: To the east Aranyk is a green, lush country thick with a singular great forest, but upon approaching the mountains of the mid-west the land turns to a frozen mix of rock and ice. Paths are quickly snowed, hidden and the unwary become prey to both the elements and the indigenous creatures. On the whole the people of Aranyk are stalwart and traditional favouring the tried and tested methods of living over new-fangled technology, any device that makes everyday life easier is usually shunned by the dwarven population as they fear it will make them ‘go soft.’ They do however embrace anything that allows them to overcome limitations. The country in itself has no ruling body nor a capital city, this is the way its always been with the dwarves to the west managing their own affairs in their mountains and the elves to the east in the great forest managing theirs. Theirs is a model of democracy ruling not exclusively by law but by what is morally right. 

Terrain: Cold, rocky and mountainous from the middle of the country to the western coast, temperate and green to the east carpeted by a single great forest with giant trees. 

Forces: No main army, each settlement is responsible for policing its own surrounding lands. In time of need a settlement can petition for additional forces from nearby towns or all of Aranyk is the need is dire. 

Notable NPCs: Graniter Steelstrike forge-master of Dunnahuume, Lady Copperseam of the Ru merchants guild, Far-Watcher Vyllendella of the Watch-oak of Blades. 

Prized Exports: A great number of luxury items come out of the great forest such as honey, silks and exotic fruits. The elves of the east are also known for their craftsmanship with bows and jewelery. The dwarves of the mid-west make the best melee weapons in all the kingdom, their method of tempering the metal is a closely guarded secret.

The Country of Harken

Notable locations: Vricken (Capital), Ortle, Lonnyrtro, Gorohkrok. 

Laws: Slavery is legal in Harken and requires no legislation other than rule of force. In fact the rule of force is used to settle almost every dispute.  

Main Races: Mostly Orcs (55%), Umbrans (30%), Humans (10%), Dwarf, Halfling and Mite slaves make up the last 5%. 

Culture: Harken is a place where the weak, the poor and the complacent are punished and sold into slavery. The people see no finer goal than forcing the lesser into labour so that they can pursue their leisure. The bulk of the people of Harken occupy noble roles such as merchants, artisans and foremen leaving slaves to toil with menial tasks. Slaves occupy about 30% of the population in Harken and upon ascension every Umbran is given a dedicated slave who’s will has been broken and follows their master’s word tirelessly.
Since the war many of Harken see their country as occupied by the backstabbing nation of Kingsfall as it is effectively besieged. Some of the populous have taken to active protest at the nations borders in an effort to peacefully make Kingsfall give up the land that Harken sees as theirs by law as treaties officially dictate that ‘in time of peace forces will return to their homelands and keep no presence in a once opposed country.’ Getting into Harken is almost impossible not only due to the great wall but all attempts to scry or teleport into Harken automatically fail. Harken sees new technology as a path to the future and seeks all means to advance in every way it can.
Needless to say, the people of Harken are severely distrustful of outsiders, more so than they are to their fellow populous. Those with authority are either hated for their iron tight rule or the target of usurpers who desire their role. This has produced a society which is never complacent, every citizen is encouraged and downright rewarded to advance through society by removing those above them or remove those below them who pose a threat. This process allows the most cunning, ruthless and powerful individuals to occupy positions of power. 

Forces: Harken has the imperial reserve, an army of considerable size, they punish incompetence and weakness in their enemies as well as their own ranks. The Knights of the Hand are rumoured to be an elite unit that answers only to the emperor with almost limitless resources, but all attempts to confirm that such a group exists has failed. Harken is also policed by the houses of each settlement, though the law stays the same it is the men and women of these houses who decide how exactly it is enacted. 

Notable NPCs: Emperor Gaiten Tyve, General Yorot Akembcore of the Imperial Reserve, Ambassador of State Felicity Rueborn. 

Prized Exports: The only thing that Harken is famed for exporting is spies, whether this is true or not no-one is saying, possibly due to how tense diplomatic relations are currently.

The Country of Prynml

Notable locations: Thunke (capital), Shurgrod, Blacksands. 

Laws: Unregulated acquisition, distribution or sale of Laszulite is prosecutable by law usually requiring a steep fine, or if a repeat offender, exile. Slavery is illegal in Prynml as is necromancy and also the production of automatons is tightly regulated. The creation or production of free thinking and/or self-aware constructs is illegal in Prynml. 

Main Races: Mostly Mites (80%), Gnomes (10%), Dwarves (5%) Humans, Elves and Halflings make up the other 5%. 

Culture: The mites of Prynml are hard working, laborious and the worst example when it comes to health and safety. Many of their artisans work 28 hour shifts out of passion rather than greed, a popular mite saying is ‘a device of excellent design and sound construction is its own reward when it comes to producing it,’ which sounds shorter in their native tongue. After years of living in their bluestone caverns Mites have become attuned to the influence of Laszulite, a blue crystal seam running through most of Pryml. When in the presence of an abundance of Laszulite an audible hum can be heard, though this never registers on any instrument, for a Mite this allows better mental faculties and allows them to work faster for extended periods without feeling fatigued by the process. Those unlucky enough not to be Mites can still notice a difference Laszulite has on their faculties and Prynml holds tours of its great caverns to tourists from Lockwyren and Kignsfall as a way of further bolstering the economy since the war.
The labours of Prynml has produced a society of free thinkers, a self autonomous government that runs off good ideas rather than legislation which, of course, costs time and money. The people of Prynml seem to always be in a rush and sometimes absent minded, but mostly good natured, even those who hold down mundane jobs often express an interest in tinkering. 

Forces: Mechanical automatons police and patrol Prynml’s towns and cities with unyielding efficiency. Though not entirely self-aware they are able to assess, apprehend and, where necessary, defuse situations. Automatons are also used as Prynml’s bulk army, but these are of a different grade to what they use to police and come in different varieties to fill different roles. 

Notable NPCs: High Tinkerer Trykklegind Master of the Mites and also long titles, Ambassador Diplomacizer 9000, Grulliprunt Kivbyrken of Interspecies relations, Cirrilean Jamklackett of Prynml Intelligence Authority. 

Prized Exports: Any mechanical or arcane device that was constructed in Prynml in the presence of Laszulite. From clocks to constructs, every nation of Celjorcyl looks to Prynml to research, produce and advance technology to an extent that most nations have done away with technological research altogether, usually due to discovering that their discovery was already discovered in Prynml.

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100 Reasons behind the big bad evil guys plots and actions.

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The morning light creeping across the landscape, its warm caressing breeze caused Arctas's robes to sway as he stood upon the battlements of the tower simply know as the Spire, An imposing sight, the Spire towered above all else in this land that he and his companions had fashioned from the very element of creation themselves with their combined magic's, featureless to the naked eye, to anyone with the talent it was the runic ley line heart which pulse and ebb breathed life into the land around.

His daily examination of the runic patterns status and efficiently complete Arctas drew back his senses, fingertips tracing the crystal orb at the tip of his twisting black oak staff as he waited for his newly arrived visitor to speak. 

"I do not understand why you so insistently focus on such things when there other preparations that you could undertake." The voice was low and rough, more similar to a growl than human speech though this identified its owner without mistake.
"To explain in terms you will appreciate my Druid associate, when the time comes magic will be the lifeblood of this place, therefore it must be ensure that the body and circulation is healthy and each new addition the flow observed. While I... admire the cold logic of Ychellas golem creations they will make suitable caretakers but not engineers, they as of yet lack the creativity and foresight to predict problems but this is unlikely what you came to discuss I am correct?"       

With another new year comes another new table, in the past we have covered Regional Drinks, Places To Wake Up and a Collection Of Cut Throats so this year we delve in to the motivation behind our villains.
While personal greed or desire for power are common place amongst many villains that a group of adventurers may face the reason behind this desire is often unexplored so this table below may help when designing your own campaigns overarching big bad evil guy/gal (BBEG).   

The BBEG had a traumatic childhood, Their village/family got killed in a brutal manner. Now they are older they feel they must get revenge for the fallen by targeting those he feels may have been responsible.

The BBEG is just plain mad and does evil things as easily as he would do good deeds as long as it continues to amuse or interest him. The mad are never known to have consistent goals so he is just as likely to kill someone he has just saved on a whim.

The BBEG had a traumatic childhood, Their village/family got killed in a brutal manner. They have no idea who did it and now lashes out at anyone out they see as a possible foe, trusting no one but themselves.

The BBEG is mad, enjoying violence and hurting others and find it fun.
They don't understand the concept that others would not also find it fun and expects the same treatment in return.
The BBEG grew up in a rich but loveless family. He feels the only way to get approval from his parents is to gain power, and with the resources at his disposal he acts to do so.

The BBEG is mad and treats their actions like playing a game. He could be stuck in a child like mental state but with the powers of an adult. 
The BBEG was a gifted child, in the arts of magic\science\combat (or whatever else is appropriate). When his teachers could no longer teach him he reached out into forbidden lore in search for more power. 
The BBEG is not obviously unhinged to casual observation but mentally unstable and their actions are taking them on a path of suicidal self destruction. 
He does not realise he is doing this.
The BBEG was a gifted child,  in the arts of magic\science\combat (or whatever else is appropriate). His teacher moulding the gift to use it for their own gain. After the training was complete the teacher remained in the background constantly reassuring the pupil that what he is doing is right.

The BBEG has increasing paranoia is reacting against perceived threats and plots to themselves.
The DM can decide just how many if any are legitimate concerns.
The BBEG was cast out by their mentor and has now returned. Targeting the mentor and other students that have been taught since, the BBEG wished to force acknowledgement of their abilities from their mentor and possibly usurp their legacy by replacing them. 

The BBEG has been driven mad by a particular revelation and now acts unpredictably while carrying out their schemes which have no pattern or reason to them.
It is obvious the BBEG believes these scheme act against whatever the cause of his revelation.
The BBEG is in fact the rightful heir to the land/ throne/ heritage of his target, they are motivated to get their rightful claim to the land recognised. 
The BBEG is under the influence of drink or drugs when they carry out their evil acts. They only have a vague idea what they have done when they are sober. 
The BBEG is completing a goal started by a deceased member of their family. 
The BBEG believes they have seen visions of a disastrous future and are taking actions to stop it occurring. DMs choice if this is true or a form of madness/excuse.
The BBEG is attempting to rescue a friend or family member, this could be done by stealing enough money to pay the ransom or gaining enough power to break them out directly. 
The BBEG is cursed to have an insatiable desire (this can be food, lust or wealth for example) and they cannot find something to fill it. They are now going to increasing lengths to find what will satisfy the desire even briefly. 
The BBEG is actually the descendant of another BBEG and seeks to regain their family's glory/power.
 The BBEG is of a long lived race and has simply grown bored with life, most of what he does is for his amusement trying to stave off the effects of ennui. 
The BBEG is not in fact a person but an intelligent magical item influencing those around it to help it carry out its purpose. E.G. an item made to slay dragons will want to be used to slay dragons. 
The BBEG believes they are already dead and the world they currently inhabit is purgatory. Their actions are to escape this situation or makes them not care for laws.
The BBEG has been paid to target a particular person or kingdom. However they could be persuaded otherwise with a large amount of cash. 
The BBEG believes undead are perfect and free from sin, they wish to create more to make a perfect world.
The BBEG had been paid to target a particular person or kingdom, however their employer is dead and they are completing the contract out of honour. 
The BBEG is a religious fanatic driven by the urge to clense the world of people/races he considers to be infidels or heretics. 
The BBEG is owed a debt of payment or service by their target. They will not stop until the debt is paid.
The BBEG started a cult to lessen the power of a potentially stronger cult, it has gotten beyond their control leaving him a figurehead with minimum power over its actions. 
The BBEG is a mercenary and wishes to keep problems occurring in the local area so that their mercenary band will remain employed.

The BBEG is a leader of a cult and needs to keep showing impressive displays of power to keep their followers in line.
The BBEG was once in love with a noble but was spurned. Now they take revenge on the noble and their lands.
The BBEG wishes to exterminate a particular location or group since they are traditional enemies with his race or organization.
The BBEG has been tricked by someone he is in love with and is attacking a kingdom or person thinking that it is a threat to the one he loves. 
The BBEG sees a particular race as corrupt or inferior and wishes to exterminate or enslave them.
The BBEG believes that those in power only earned it by deceptive means and wishes to unmask them. He believes his targets are willing conspirators or pawns so has no guilt in slaying those who get in his way. 

The BBEG is a member of a minority within the kingdom and wishes to force a kingdom to accept his race/culture by force if necessary.
The BBEG initially had a bounty on them but things have spiralled out of control as he attempted to defend himself, each time the bounty gets bigger and the need to defend themselves higher and the carnage around them greater.

The BBEG believes he is the chosen one and believes he is the hero of his own personal quest and that anyone who tries to stop him is a villain.
The BBEG is defending those he believes cannot defend themselves. However the methods for doing so are merciless he terrifies those he represents. 
The BBEG was imprisoned for a crime they didn't commit and now feels they can commit evil acts because they have already atoned.
The BBEG is protecting a particular sacred location and is hunting down documents and people who have knowledge of it.

The BBEG was originally imprisoned for a petty crime but learned so much from the other inmates that the lure of larger crimes and their rewards was very tempting. 
The BBEG considers a particular uncovered relic too powerful and wishes to hide it once more and kill everyone who knows of it. 
The BBEG is in deep debt, they are now trying one last ditch effort to get money to pay off the debt or they will be killed.
The BBEG simply wishes to return the land to its natural state and sees all intelligent humanoids as a plague. 
The BBEG is obsessed with getting an heir, his plans revolve around producing heirs of various bloodlines.
The BBEG sees himself as a keeper of the balance between good and evil and is acting in this way because he believes good has upset the balance. 
The BBEG is trying to impress another BBEG of higher power. The motivation behind this desire to prove themselves is the DM's choice.
The BBEG believes the kingdom cannot defend themselves at this time and is causing trouble to ensure that a new generation of defenders arises. The BBEG may be a former hero or protector of the kingdom.
The BBEG is a master trapmaker they love to see their traps in action and enjoy the thrill of pitting their devices against the wits and skills of others.
The BBEG made a pact with an Evil entity because they wanted personal power and influence and now must act on it's behalf to maintain these gifts.

The BBEG is a sadist and enjoys watching people suffer, while fulfilling their goals they will often take the opportunity to harm others physically or mentally.
The BBEG made a pact with an evil entity for power to save a loved one from a terrible fate. However the entity now continually forces them to act on its behalf due to the terms of the pact. 
The BBEG purposely pushes and twists the boundaries of the law for personal profit and amusement feeling that only ones own code matters and to see how others react to hardship. 
The BBEG was tricked into a pact by an otherworldly entity and their evil acts are driven towards preventing his soul from falling into its clutches upon their death.

The BBEG inflexibly adheres to the laws and codes of his land/religion and reacts harshly to those who do not follow his same standards using the punishments as examples to others.  
The BBEG is being possessed by an entity. The entity makes use of the Hosts power, influence or magic while the person inside watches on helplessly. 
The BBEG is now compensating for a time in his/her life then they were powerless, they relish in holding power over other people and fight to keep themselves in charge so they never have to return to that dark time in their lives.

The BBEG is being possessed by an entity. However they are a willing accomplice in its plans often advising the entity on subjects it is unfamiliar with.
The BBEG is the leader of a group of nomads and is seeking lands to settle in because their nomad lifestyle cannot continue for much longer.
The BBEG is a war profiteer, they are trying to destabilise the surrounding kingdom for wealth and influence.
The BBEG the ruler of a kingdom but is utterly merciless in their rule, in both keeping his kingdom stable or developing an advantage over his neighbours. 
The BBEG is a merchant who takes the gear of fallen adventurers to sell on for cash. The whole scheme is a ruse to lure people to him with magical equipment.
The BBEG is manipulating the heroes to further his grasp on his own kingdom and using them to put down rebel factions.  Eventually using them as scapegoats to deflect public outcry from himself.
The BBEG is attempting to start war with a weaker foe to potentially kill off his rivals who may be leading armies while minimising the glory they would gain from success.
The BBEG is making political moves against another person in court and does not realise the implications of their actions. 
The BBEG is raiding a richer kingdom to bring money back to his own to survive through harsh times. These actions may not be fuelled by altruism or need but by personal greed and glory seeking. 

The BBEG believes that they are in charge but are actually a distraction for someone working behind the scenes to grab power politically.
The BBEG is from a civilisation that requires slaves and is simply raiding to replenish their stock.

The BBEG has grudges against several factions and is seeking to make them destroy each other by framing some members of the factions for crimes against the others. 
The BBEG requires more land to gift to his heirs to keep his kingdom from infighting and civil war upon his death. His actions schemes may involve direct conquest or forced political marriage.
The BBEG is not in fact evil, it is due to propaganda between kingdoms that their actions are said to be evil or twisted to seen that way to those in other kingdoms. 
The BBEG is an opportunist and only striking when the target kingdom defences are weak.
The BBEG is madly in love with another BBEG. However the love is not returned. The BBEG will do anything to impress their love which includes diabolical acts.

The BBEG wishes to prove himself to be the greatest warrior in the world. They seeks famous foes to slay and artefacts that increase their personal power, they have no concern of the long term implication of their actions.
The BBEG is in a contest with another BBEG of similar power, each scheme is the equivalent of a chess move to them.
The BBEG is from a culture where warriors need to die in glorious battle, the BBEG does violent acts to encourage strong warriors to come and fight him.
The BBEG carries out his schemes because he likes to prove how clever he is by outwitting others at every turn. As his life progresses the schemes become more complex as he feels he needs to prove himself more and more.  
The BBEG simply wishes to live in hedonistic pleasure and their actions are to either gain objects of desire or ensure their possession of them.
The BBEG was originally working for another but has slain him and taken his plan for their own. GMs choice if the BBEG has the full plan or has somehow filled in the gaps. 
The BBEG sees themselves as an artist and the things that they do as their 'art'.

The BBEG has been long dead and his plans are now being carried out though a series of long damaged communication devices and long held prepaid contracts. The plans may not have been intended to be evil but due to the damaged magical items mixed messages are delivered. 
The BBEG wants to be legendary throughout the lands, they want to be so famous that hundreds of years after their death people still dare not speak his name.
The BBEG is recently deceased, the latest plan is being carried out by his trusted allies and lieutenants. This contingency plan for their death may result in his resurrection.
The BBEG been inspired my myths and legends in an area and is attempting to replicate them in modern day. Whether or not these rituals hold any magical or religious significance is the DMs Choice.   
The BBEG is attempting to unite the various factions of his people through religion/war and is doing this by using races as scapegoats for their problems. Whether or not he believes his own preaching is the DMs choice. 
The BBEG sees themselves as a collector of exotic rarities and is attempting to collect items of power, people of skill or objects of interest.
The BBEG is deliberately causing trouble so that he can allow an accomplice to 'defeat' him and take power, fame or glory. DMs choice if the accomplice is aware of the plan.
The BBEG is a collector of beasts and wishes to collect rare specimens and create new creatures either through breeding or magical experimentation. He likes to see how his new creatures fare in combat and in new environments. 
The BBEG possesses a powerful magic item or relic, but he no longer wishes to have the power any more but believes he cannot entrust it to just anybody or hide it where it may be found by the unwary. 
The BBEG is a crafter of magic items and requires rare components for each of his works, he is growing increasingly unscrupulous about where he gets them from.
The BBEG attacks kingdoms who advance too far into the research of technology fearing that too much technology will upset the balance of magic and leave him powerless. Many plans will aim to disrupt the making of large technological projects such as trains. 
The BBEG is a powerful spell caster dedicated to advancing his magical knowledge, having frustrated with the limited results by testing their spells on animals and objects they now wish to experiment on intelligent humanoids.
The BBEG wishes to exterminate users of magic as he sees them as toying with reality and a danger to the world around them.

The BBEG is attempting to collect relics which will allow them to perform a powerful ritual, this may turn them into a lich, give them unspeakable power or give immortality.

The BBEG wishes to exterminate divine spell casters since he sees them as fakes and not really representatives of the gods, he thinks that they work to control the populace through fear or by taking advantage of their religious beliefs. 
The BBEG seeks power/youth/beauty/the love of another. They think that what they are doing is the way to obtain this or a means to this end.

The BBEG wishes to cause a big enough disruption that it attracts the attention of the gods themselves to force a showdown between the various divine powers.  
The BBEG is dying of an illness and wishes to leave a lasting impression on the land. He wish to do this traditionally by conquest and destruction or alternatively set events in motion for which only he has has the solution to appear as a saviour. 
The BBEG feels that the gods themselves are playing with mortal lives and wishes to rebel against them by destroying them or their influence. However he is also fears that he is falling into their ploy by doing so. 

The pacing footsteps on stone and another gravelly growl could not have better announced his companions irritation than if he had extended his magic to read the druids thoughts, not needing to turn round Arctas could envision the druids beastly snarl and hunched shoulders while the man replied "Fine then.. the girl of your blood, is she suitable?"
For a brief moment he considered saying nothing or lying before dismissing the thought as needless "Yes she has the spark but it has not truly awakened as of yet so I decided to wait until a better time.."
"So you can procrastinate with your tests and distractions? You've still not decided?" the druids interruption fuelled by petty annoyance reminded Arctas just why he had sacrificed such feelings to gain his immortality and how little he had lost.

"No I have not decided, why limit myself to a single course of action when I can direct my efforts to serving both until the most efficient and effective has been determined? As our agreement stated we work upon our own solutions and avoid cross conflict, why you must feel such concern towards my own progress and abilities is unfounded especially since you have already begun work upon another smaller ark project... perhaps you may even find interest in my findings."
"Unlikely, Remember Arctas not all of us are immortal." Leaping from the Spire the druids form twisted into one of the beasts he felt so comfortable as, the large Roc now soaring away as a habitual smirk crossed Arctas lips his eyes dropping away to gaze upon the succubus and angel that argued below in the shadow of the Spire.
"All the reason not to waste possible potential."

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