Warhammer 40K Only War: 100 Missions Concepts

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One of the aspects I love about roleplay games is how a spark of inspiration for a campaign can rise from almost anything, in this case after a small session of playing as the Lord General in the Last Stand mode of Dawn Of War 2 with friends several of use were suddenly nostalgic for a game of Only War.

For those of you unfamiliar with Only War The last first edition entry in Fantasy Flight Games's Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay product line, in which players take the role of Imperial Guardsmen in the setting. While a characteristic of both the Warhammer 40,000 and the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay systems is the very like chance of a characters demise and long term survivors often later succumbing to debilitating injuries or corruption Only War pushes this even further as it is expected that you will die and if not you than your NPC companions will.

With that said Only War is not entirely consumed with the Grimdark setting and there is something glorious in defeating or holding off a foe who is superior to you either physically or technologically and having the opportunity as a Imperial Guardsmen to call in artillery or ram a tank through your foes. 

In this mindset I found myself brain storming a possible short campaign and came across this topic over at the Fantasy Flight Games community so I would like to thank Lightbringer and those who contributed to the list which I have taken and organised below:

100 Missions Concepts

1. Hearts and Minds: The players are ordered to engage in a “hearts and minds” meeting with the leader of a local community on a war world. The community is not expressly hostile to the Imperium, but is ignorant of its ways, and the players are expected to meet with its leader and secure his community’s agreement to assist in the war effort. How will the players react to the weird and/or sinister/heretical local customs they observe?

2. Special Duties: The players are seconded to a Commissariat special duties unit, and tasked with the observation and capture of a regimental officer suspected of treason. To complicate matters, the officer is a decorated hero, and the Commissar they are working under is a known paranoiac…

3. Never meet your Heroes…: The players are assigned to act as equerries to an Astartes officer. They rapidly discover that he is a cruel and vicious individual, with total disdain for their “human” martial abilities. Worse, he cares nothing for their personal safety and expects them to keep up with him in the execution of his duties. How often will the players allow themselves to be placed in harm’s way for their superhuman master?

4. Parlay: The players are selected to communicate terms to their foes during a brief parley. Naturally, the Imperium’s terms are unconditional surrender. However, the player’s enemy offers honourable and beneficial alternative terms that would allow both parties to recover their wounded and dead. How do the player’s react when faced with evidence that not all of the Imperium’s foes are monsters?

5. Decimation: After being separated from their regiment to conduct other duties, the players are ordered to act as a firing squad. To their horror, they discover that they are expected to participate in a literal decimation of their own Regiment, which is being punished for cowardice. They are expected to shoot every tenth man in the entire regiment, an act which will take all day and involve the death of hundreds at their hands. How do the players react?

6. Bodyguards: The players are required to act as drivers and bodyguards to a senior Guard officer of the General Staff. After a dull night escorting him from social event to social event hundreds of miles safely behind Imperial lines, the players find him sobbing over the corpse of a local joygirl, clearly dead by his hand. How do they deal with this situation if he orders them to cover it up?

7. The Vanished: After working directly under the command of the Ordo Malleus as part of an indentured Inquisitorial detachment, and having successfully repelled a daemonic incursion, the players discover that the members of their regiment are disappearing one by one. What is going on? Have the daemons returned, or is the Inquisition covering up its tracks?

8. The Prisoner: The players are tasked with transporting a xenos prisoner through enemy lines to meet with an Ordo Xenos interrogations squad. The xenos is fiendishly cunning, and resorts to every kind of devious ruse to ensure its escape.

9. The Runners: Comms are down. Someone has to get this message back to HQ, at the double! We need runners! And an escort for the runners, naturally.

10. Medic!: The players must assist a medic in the execution of his duties. However, they discover that the medic is in fact in thrall to a warp cult, and is secretly killing all those in his charge.

11. Forgers: Another one of HQ’s crazy schemes… Flood the enemy lines with counterfeit currency, crippling their economy. The players must infiltrate the enemy lines and give away the equivalent of billions of thrones to criminal elements. Will they resist the temptation to spend on their own behalf on the way?

12. IPD: During a particularly vicious campaign, the players encounter a captured Imperial Guard sanctioned psyker who has been abandoned by the retreating enemy. He has been tortured and left by the roadside attached to an explosive device that will go off if he is moved. His misery, focused through his psychic abilities, is causing waves of disorientation and sickness among the advancing troops. He has in effect been turned into an improvised psychic device. How do the players deal with the situation?

13. Foragers: The players are ordered to forage for supplies by their commanding officer. The only place where they might be found is on a nearby farmstead: however, this means stealing the last grain supplies from starving local civilians. How do the players deal with this dilemma?

14. Sniper Duel: The players are ordered to reconnoitre a nearby human village. During the course of doing so, NPC members of their platoon are killed by sniper fire. The players must engage in a sniper duel with a skilled and ruthless opponent.

15. Guard Duty: The players, recovering from a vicious military campaign, are given some peaceful guard duty by their superiors. Sadly, they happen to be on duty when the enemy decides to send a special forces group to attack their position by night.

16. Beachhead I: The players are the first off their Tetrarch Heavy Lander, and must push through miles of fortifications and barbed wire to capture the first of many command bunkers.

17. Beachhead II: The players are minding their own business, manning their part of the trench line, when the enemy lands a massive invasion force within 200 yards of their position, using heavy landers. Can the players repel the invasion?

18. The Magnificent Seven: The players are part of a scouting force sent to reconnoitre a nearby civilian settlement. During the course of their mission, the enemy attack. The players must inspire the civilians to rise up and defend their homes against the enemy force, using whatever weapons are to hand.

19. Commando I: The enemy occupy a position guarded by a powerful void shield generator. The players must travel to the position in civilian garb, evade enemy patrols and sabotage the generator, timing their attack precisely with a major offensive.

20. Commando II: The enemy orbit the planet in a vast spacecraft. The Imperium cannot defeat this vessel through main force with the meagre assets available locally. So they opt to send in a suicide mission, consisting of the players, to infiltrate the ship and destroy it from the inside.

21. Mincemeat: The players are ordered to carry a dead body, which wears the uniform of a Guard colonel of intelligence, and which carries forged papers, to within a safe distance of the enemy lines and then leave it at the manufactured site of a speeder accident.

22. The Resistance: The players are part of a defeated army, on a world captured by the enemy. They must go into hiding, following Imperial Guard Standard Operating Procedure: cause as much damage to the enemy as possible, even if it means their own deaths. They must live a life of treachery and deceit, moving from safe house to safe house, never trusting anyone, while sabotaging the occupying army’s materiel and personnel.

23. The Ace of Traitors: During the course of a successful ongoing planetary invasion that is being prosecuted by a Guard force that includes their regiment, the players become aware that one of the leading figures in the opposing regime has fled into hiding in a major metropolitan area. The players are tasked with capturing him alive and delivering him for interrogation.

24. WPD: The players are tasked with searching the blasted ruins of a civilisation for evidence that it once possessed weapons of planetary destruction, as this will prove crucial in rebutting claims that the Lord Militant who ordered an orbital bombardment of its cities was justified in his actions. The players must travel through the pitiful remnants of a once great empire, and face the enmity and hatred of its crushed and embittered people.

25. Ratling: The players are tasked with assassinating an important enemy officer. They are advised that Imperial Guard Intelligence has become aware that he will be present at a certain location at a certain time, though the players will not be able to approach within a mile of his position, and he will be in a staff car travelling at speed. They are told that only one person can make the shot: legendary Ratling sniper “Plum” McDuff. The players must escort McDuff – an irritating alcoholic loud-mouth with kleptomaniac tendencies – to the appointed place at the appointed time, protecting him from the enemy and resisting the urge to strangle him.

26. Odd Jobs: A ranking officer sends the players on a series of random tasks. Leaving cans of fuel on the side of the road, a bag of rations and some ammo left by a stream, a demo charge placed in a large tree. No explanation is given why, only that it is to be done.

27. Dumb Luck: You have been separated from your company and are on your own. Under supplied and possibly wounded, you must find your way back to base to warn your command of an approaching enemy force. Lady luck has seemingly smiled upon you as along your route, just when you need them the most, you stumble upon small caches of food, ammo and other supplies that make all the difference to your survival.

28. Abandoned: Upon returning to your base of operations you find it abandoned. There are no signs of fighting, no bodies, no equipment of any use. Atmospheric phenomena are jamming vox transmissions and your supplies are low.

29. Extraction I: You mission is to recover a valuable imperial asset by any means necessary. The enemy cannot get their hands on this asset or all operations on this front will be compromised and countless lives lost.

30. Extraction II: You have vital information about the enemy. Your transport has be destroyed. You must survive until the extraction team arrives to pull you out.

31. Ghost Town: The players are caught in a terrible firefight while assaulting a small town. During the night a dense fog moves in reducing line of sight to a few meters. The fighting continues on through the night making the fight miserable and near pointless as the enemy cannot be seen, only their shots heard and felt. As dawn comes and after the enemy has given up shooting, the commander orders you in to the town. With the fog slowly burning off in the morning light the town proves to be empty. There is no sign of the enemy or any other inhabitants. The town has been abandoned for decades.

32.We don't need your civil war: The IG unit is deployed to a world that is in the early stages of being invaded by the forces of Chaos. The PCs are instructed to coordinate with the local defence forces to repel the Chaos invaders. Problem is, the world is currently in the midst of a brutal civil war, precipitated by a seemingly inconsequential disagreement on the nature of the God-Emperor. Can the PCs ignore genocide and other atrocities committed by their "allies" and work with them to accomplish the mission? Or will the PCs follow their conscience and battle both enemies and allies?

33. Whole lotta nothing: The joys of the company resupply are short lived as the crates are opened and contain all matter of sundry items which are completely useless to fighting a war, blocks of printer paper, Leman Russ engine parts with a red-tag to be repaired, bags of fish food and assorted light bulbs. There is no food, las-packs, grenades, clean water... but you know nearby there's other company's who have some. Bluff, bull, trade or steal what you need and don't get caught!

34. What we've got here is failure to communicate: See scenario #32 above. The IG and planetary defenders are getting pasted by the forces of Chaos, in large part because the two sides in the civil war expend as much effort fighting each other as the real enemy. While the IG commanders try to broker a truce amongst the leaders, word comes down to the troops that they are to make every effort to get forces of the two sides in the field to temporarily ally against Chaos. It's time for some diplomacy, soldier-to-soldier. But can the PCs succeed in getting hated enemies to work together, even in the face of annihilation?

35. The Warrant of Retrieval: Your Recon squad has just survived one of the Bloodiest assault landings anyone in recent memory has seen. Upon reaching your rally point you are informed that against all odds a young Noble has just inherited a warrant of trade! Unfortunately, This lucky young soul's unit got separated from the main assault and is trapped behind enemy lines. Your unit must pass through enemy territory, Find the aforementioned young Noble and Bring him to a point where he can be taken off-world to find his destiny. Is he worth it? How many of your squad are willing to die for his inheritence? Will he even realise or care about the sacrifices you have made to get him home?

36. A Fragging: The Lieutenant has been fragged. Problem is he was a good officer (as they go) and was murdered because he had discovered of corruption in the unit. You know he was killed by those troublemakers in C-Squad. They know you know. You know they know you know...
Ideas include: They are stealing IG gear and selling on the black market,They are running a slave operation with prisoners / prostitution ring with civvies, they are Khorne worshippers.

37. Dinner is on the Ogryns: Your battalion is out of rations. Everything that can be has been foraged.  Naturally the toughest ended up with the last of the food, and it is rumoured that the Ogryn platoon on the other side of the hill has plenty of food (they NEED plenty) but they're not parting with any and are being mean SOBs about it. You're already at -5 to all stats or soon will be, you need food, so go get some.

38. What We've Got Here is a Failure to Communicate II: The Colonel has an objective that is of critical importance to the campaign. You knew from the start that your battalion didn't really have enough resources, men, gear or time to achieve the mission and after a few engagements that situation is even worse. But the COL can't see it. On paper he still has all the units he started with and has deluded himself, and informed command that he can get it done. The Major knows it can't be one but it's a courts martial if he doesn't tow the line.
To make things worse, the Colonel is now micro-managing the effort totally destroying what is left of morale in the process, but still fails to see the reality of burnt-out and under resourced units and an increasingly ambitious view of what can be achieved in the time available. To add insult to injury, he has somehow come to the conclusion that your unit is to blame for any setbacks. The campaign objective must be met, and you're the suckers that are expected to meet it. Do you keep on slogging or go behind his back risking the wrath of the Colonel and the Commissars.

39. The Decoys: In a plan to relieve pressure from the front, command decided to move small numbers of troops, concealed as a much larger force, to another location in the hopes to have the enemy attack them in order to open up the main front for a spearhead assault. Your company is now a "Regiment" and must keep the enemy occupied enough to allow Command to strike. 

40. The Decoys II: With the regimental supply train getting raided numerous time and hindering the war effort, Command decided to move your company to the defence of said convoys. Of course, during the movement, you get attacked, pushed them back, but you realize what you thought was fuel, ammo and such is just mud and rocks (or anything else worthless) OR your company gets ordered to act as a fake convoy to get the heat while the real goods are being moved by other (secret) means.

41. Paperwork: The Munitorium send your Regiment a new Quastor. Unfortunately, he is stricter than your average stereotype: filling a form for a lamp pack means you only get the lamp body, and need to fill another form for the light, and another for the charge pack. Of course this is coming in conflict with the officers, who find that their men are more busy filling paperwork for mundane objects they should have rapidly than actually standing guard and doing their duty. Sadly, Commissar X is also roaming around, making a move against the Adept rather..risky.

42. Blunte's Falcon: Shame! Dishonour! The regiment's colours have been lost to the enemy. Can our heroes restore their prestige by capturing the banner of a high profile foe? 

43. For the Company!: Command green lighted the assault at dawn. Your company is ready, but your officer made a little gentleman's bet with the Lt from company D: First one at the top with the Company Standard wins the honours of battle and the company's name into the annals of the campaign's history. your officer whips up the company with pride, speeches and rewards for those who can win the day. Of course during the assault your squad see a few of D company's boys being pinned/wounded/in a tight spot in which you can assist them, or simply keep driving forward up the hill.

44. Location, Location: The players and their regiment is send to hold the line against the enemy. They are severely under strengthened and under equipped for the task. To make matters worse HQ haven't been able to properly re-supply their soldiers and a huge amount of supplies have been dropped in enemy territory. The players leaders want these supplies and task the players with getting them back from the enemy across Dead Mans Land.

45. The Arceotech: Command has learned the location of an ancient and powerful arceotech weapon and has sent you to retrieve it. problem is that the relic is currently in enemy hands, they know what it is, and they plan to use it , can the players survive to retrieve the relic or will they have to destroy it and risk the wrath of the Adeptus Mechanicus. 

46. Wrong Train Boys: After a night of drunken celebration the players board what they thought was the train back to HQ, the train however turns out to be transport for those who have "enlisted" for naval duty the players must now escape with no weapons and no real evidence they are already guardsmen ( or the guards don't care) and all this before muster.

47. Transport Woes: Your troop transport is being attacked and you are cut off from the rest of the ship, can your players adapt to the riggers of space combat to fight off the xenos? Or will a badly place grenade space you all? 

48. Deathworld Survival Training: Simple survive the trek to the rondevu point before the deadline to pass however the various dangers of the terrain and its inhabitants may cause problems.

49. Rogue Trading: Your squad has just been assigned to guard a rogue trader, and your first task is to act as bodyguards while he conducts trade with some Eldar pirates, who happen to be the same ones your unit is fighting on the ground, what do you do? 

50. Grannys Got A Gun: There is a huge riot in the civilian baggage train over some small issue, instead of investigating matters your commissar orders your squad to eliminate the problem. The whole baggage train is to be executed, can your players stomach it or will they turn on their commissar and go rogue?

 Art By Nomad-77

51. The Relic I: Orks/Chaos have taken a major holy site and the Priesthood wants it taken back.  The problem is that they are demanding any liberating units avoid damaging the city seriously crippling the effectiveness of armoured units and putting artillery support out of the question. The PCs now have to face an urban combat scenario where even simple explosives would make the COs pitch a fit. Unfortunately your enemy is not bound by these artificial restrictions.

52. The Relic II: Something iconic to the Guard (like the Fortress of Arrogance) was lost on some desolate planet overrun by Orks and your squad is part of the expeditionary force sent to get it back. The environment is hostile, the general in charge is more or less consumed by megalomania, and the Orks are uncharacteristically dug-in.  As a matter of fact, they're so well dug-in they might as well be called Da Empiral Fists clan.  Plus it becomes clear that someone somewhere in the regiment has their own agenda and is manipulating the general for one reason or another.  As a final kicker, the Ork Warboss is holding the artefact in question, knows what it is, and will use it at every opportunity.

53. The Trench I: Your Squad has been taken off the firing trench and assigned to a tunnelling unit, charged with digging underneath the enemy lines in order to conduct recon and trench raids before defending the tunnel long enough to escape for the raiding party to escape, and then destroying it. Will the squad be able to keep their project a secret from the enemy, prevent it from being destroyed by shellfire or cave ins, and finally escape with enough vital intelligence or prisoners in order to gain the edge and break the trench deadlock?

54. The Trench II: Ordered to break the deadlock, your squad is just one of thousands assigned to charge the enemy lines head on in order to break the deadlock. However, as soon as the attack goes over the top, a combination of poor planning, heavy enemy fire, and terrible weather and luck result in your squad finding itself cut off and alone in the middle of No-Man's land. The squad has little actual intelligence about weather the wider attack was successful or a colossal failure. Will your Guardsman attempt to push on in hopes of joining an ongoing attack, or fall back, potentially regrouping (and being attacked by their own side or viewed as cowards...)

55. River Crossing: The enemy in their desperate attempts to regroup and consolidate have retreated past this river in order to reorganize, in order buy some time they destroyed all the major bridges along the river and has set up strong anti aircraft assets covering their front line units as they regroup. The Player's squad is tasked with finding the best way to launch an attack over the river, will they attempt to ford it and risk an ambush, try to set up a mobile bridge to bring heavy armour across but risk artillery, or try a direct crossing in exposed small boats? 

56. Last Stand: Facing a foe who is technologically, organizationally, or physically inferior but incredibly numerous, the players squad find themselves part of small rearguard unit, incredibly outnumbered yet still expected to survive and hold the line by establish a defence around an important piece of terrain. Will the players be able to hold their position, outnumbered but not outgunned, until reinforcement arrives?

57. Search and Rescue: Several Imperial Navy pilots have been shot down in the AO of the squad. Your small unit needs to sneak behind enemy lines, find and secure the downed aircrews, and finally escape with as many members of the crew as possible. This mission could be further complicated by adding in enemy patrols searching for the crews, having the crews flee from the players (thinking they are foes) or even forcing the players to save already captured crews from the vile clutches of the enemy. 

58. Long Distance Raid: A specially commissioned group of Guardsmen are sent on a mission to infiltrate Ork territory and blow a major oil refinery. The question is if the team can make it back alive as well? 

59. Same Colours: The team is sent to infiltrate separatist ranks, gather intel, assassinate their local command and then make it back. But can they avoid detection and how will they handle being drafted into an enemy combat group that's making a counter-attack on an Imperial breakthrough?

60. Easy Position: The team is signed to guard duty on a POW camp which they expect to be easy work far away from the war. But a lot of the prisoners aren't ready to put down their arms and there is a enemy commando group getting ready to break a high profile prisoner free. When their comrades starts to disappear and radio communications shuts down, can they survive the night?

61. Shipboard Riot: During transit from one battle ground to another in the depths of the void, or worse the warp, a riot has broken out on the transport vessel. Either by the crew, Imperial/Penal regiments, or warp infestation the majority of the ship is in a state of havoc. The ships leading officers have locked down much of the lower decks in hopes of slowing the spread of destruction. Will the player's experience and skill be enough to bring the ship back under Imperial control?
62. Space Hulk: An ancient but forsaken vessel has been encountered with a distress beacon still activated.  The characters are selected as a part of an search crew sent to the space hulk to investigate what happened and possibly save any possible survivors. Will the squad hesitate as they weave from narrow passageway to narrow passageway? What caused this behemoth with a crew of thousands to come to the state it is now in, and what if whatever caused it is still here?!

63. Chaos Reavers: Fanatical Heretics, Dark Eldar Reavers, Ork Kaptain, or Ruthless Pirates have chosen the vessel your on as it's latest prize! The ships Armsmen won't be enough to drive back these invaders alone and the Captain has requested the regiments assistance. Now all to do is actually defend against anyone that would step foot on such a sacred Imperial battleship.  

64. Price of Glory: The Regiment has made good progress and pushed the enemy back but the regiment on the left have sense a chance for glory by capturing an enemy command center and so left their designated positions, and left the flank wide open for an enemy armoured unite to counter-attack into the gap. Spread dangerously thin the regiment which the characters are part of must hold the line until reinforcements can be brought forward or ten Imperial regiments must retreat to their original positions.

65. Heretics Among Us: Enemy activities from irregular fighters are causing a mess for the Imperial forces and regiments are withdrawn from the front to conduct anti-guerillas operations. How will the soldiers handle a nightmarish fight where anyone among thousands of civilians can be an enemy and the enemy uses every dirty trick in and out of the book? Can they root out the guerillas, or will the notorious 7th Penal Legion be sent in for a Cleanse and Purify operation in the area, which will leave the entire region a scorched desert.

66. The Hounds: After the regiment has suffered a number of unexplainable set-backs the colonel has come to the conclusion that there is a traitor among the ranks. As trusted soldiers a group is designated to hunt down the traitor and stop him. In the work the soldiers may need to be able to confront or even persecute their own brothers-in-arms and so how far are they willing to go, and is there even a traitor or is it just an excuse to cover up the officers' own failures?

67. The Emperor Protects... but bring your lasgun: A world has been recently conquered by Chaos forces loyal to Slaanesh, and an Ecclesiarchy priestess has remained behind to attempt to keep worship of the God-Emperor alive (in secret) and to form an underground resistance to the blasphemy of the Ruinous Powers. The Ecclesiarchy petitions the Imperial Guard for assistance in rescuing their priestess, and the Guard taps a squad of specialists (the PCs) for the task. 
The mission involves a stealthy insertion and an infiltration mission. The PCs must make contact with the resistance, avoid direct battle with the occupying Chaos forces, and extract the priestess. However, the resistance hasn't been briefed on the squad's mission, and mistakenly believes that they are the vanguard of a liberation force, and the priestess has no wish to abandon her flock. The PCs know that if she is captured, a brutal future of torture await her. Also, the PCs know that if the resistance fighters realize that the PCs are not there to liberate them, they may turn mutinous or even murderous. How much will the PCs reveal to the resistance about their purpose? And how will they proceed to extract the resistance's leader?

68. Military advisor's: The players have gained a reputation as tough and dangerous individuals capable of handling themselves and as such are given a suicidally dangerous mission by the Ordo Xenos: to masquerade as human mercenaries and in this guise to infiltrate the entourage of a notorious Ork Warlord of the Blood Axe clan. The Warlord has been known to hire such mercenaries in the past, as he has an interest in " 'uman" military strategy - though he has a bad reputation for shooting his allies when he gets bored. The Ordo Xenos want the players to gently steer the warlord towards attacking the Regiment/Crusade's real enemies in the region, saving thousands of Guard lives in the process.

69. Where Aquilas Dare: A senior Guard officer has been captured, and is being held by the enemy in the notorious Castle Drang, which perches on a high mountain on an ice world, connected to the spaceport below by a cable car. The players form the heart of a small kill-squad (mixed PCs and NPCs) sent to infiltrate the castle and capture the officer. Or at least that's what MOST of the squad think. In fact, one of the players (the most senior) is secretly advised that the senior officer is in fact an actor, and that the true purpose of the mission is to flush out a spy within the guard itself as all of the potential spies have been placed within the kill squad. (the NPCs.) The players must infiltrate the castle whilst secretly observing their colleagues to see which one is acting suspiciously.

70. Sealed Orders: The players are sent to assassinate an enemy officer. However, the most senior officer from among the PCs is given sealed orders which reveal that in fact the enemy target is a valued Imperial spy, and that his job is to make sure that the assassination is NOT successful. The spy has fallen under enemy suspicion, so to increase his credibility, the Imperium plans to send kill squads after him and other high priority enemy targets. 
Only the one player is told that they must not under any circumstances actually assassinate the spy,the whole point of the exercise is to make the spy seem like he is just another military target to the Imperium. The player must prevent his colleagues from killing the spy under any circumstances, and must not tell his colleagues of the plan case they are captured. Plus, the Imperium kindly fits him with a cranial bomb so he can kill himself instantly if necessary to prevent the secret getting out if he is captured.

71. Bolter Betty: You and your party are the crew of a Marauder Bomber. You are tasked with Destroying an enemy strategic asset in a recently conquered enemy city. You and your flight and escorts (Hopefully!) must fight your way through to the target and blast it straight to hell! A High-level carpet bombing will will likely destroy the target but also the surrounding friendly civilians! It also will expose your Aircraft to greater risk from Aerial Interceptors. 
Additionally, If Morality is not your greatest concern; There is a group of friendly resistance fighters in the area whose destruction could complicate the overall war effort. A Low-level bombing run (If it penetrates the area!) will guarantee destruction of the enemy asset with minimal collateral damage! Unfortunately; due to very heavy AA emplacements and Air defences your odds of surviving a low level run aren't great either!

72. First wave: "We are going in with the first wave! Means more 'Nids ta kill! You hit Dirt you shoot anything with more than two legs! You get me?...." Command has decided that this particular area of this particular planet WILL be retaken from the Tyranids! What is so damned important to justify a ground assault against Tyranids? Is it a vital Strategic asset or some self-important General's favourite desk?

73: Danger Close: The PC squad has recently been attached to an artillery unit to serve as Forward spotters for the big guns in the rear. After being dropped of by Valkyries as part of an air insertion, the players and their unit find themselves in an ambush. Surrounded by the enemy on all sides and in an isolated position far from the main lines, their only hope for survival is to keep calling in the firepower to protect the edges of the dropzone. This of course makes them priority targets of enemy snipers, who want to see the artillery stopped. When rounds start landing astray and happen to knock out a friendly commander (May or may not actually be the PC's fault) things start to get complicated. But while this loss of life is regretable, further loss of valuable artillery ammunition is unacceptable...but can the players keep doing their duty?

74. Quartermaster Duty: The PC Squad has been assigned to a quartermaster of a siege regiment, tasked with recovering valuable equipment from No Man's land as often as possible. Will the players be able to negotiate their way through the mud, mines, and even enemy patrols to recover equipment, even in the dead of night? Is it really worth it to risk their lives for a couple lasguns? How will they deal with vehicles-sabotage them to deny them to the enemy but potentially face the wrath of the quartermaster? Or will they try to extract them, giving themselves away and making the assignment incredibly more dangerous. Finally, are they prepared handle the death and gloom they encounter (or worse...prying equipment from wounded comrades who are still clinging to life in the field).

75:  The Press Gang: Operations in this sector have continued long past what the administratum initially suspected. The enemy has resorted to a strategy of attrition, and Imperial forces are being spread few and far between as men continue to be thrown away in the assault. 
The player''s squad, having recently survived one such attack, has been ordered to the rear to rest but a commissar has hatched a plan to increase the strength of the guard. The players are to intimidate, force, capture, liberate, or volunteer civilians to be conscripted into the Imperial Armies on the planet. How will they go about their task? Will they look for fiery volunteers, or conscript penal units, or even the old, young, or sick? How far will they go to meet their quotas and protect themselves, and just who will they sacrifice so that they may survive the commissar''s fiery wrath.

76: Pathfinders: High in orbit, the Imperial Navy has broken into orbit and is engaged in fierce combat with the enemy naval units. A planet strike is coming, but before it can come, Vox transmitters and laser guiders must be laid, drop zones must be marked, and the enemy''s defences must be reconnoitred. 
The PC squad has been tasked to ride a valkyrie down to the surface (using the chaos above as cover) and serve as the pathfinders for the first attack wave which will follow behind after a designated amount of time. Will the PC''s be able to scout the drop zones and risk their own lives, alone and without support, in order to give their comrades in the first wave more of a fighting chance at survival.

77. Court Martial: The players are dismayed to learn that a beloved officer they have served under for years is facing a court martial, which could lead to his execution. Normally the Commissariat wouldn't trouble themselves with the effort of a court martial, but the officer is the son of a senior Lord Militant serving in a nearby crusade. 
The officer is accused of cowardice in the face of the enemy. The players are assigned to assist the officer defending him in investigating the allegations. They rapidly learn that the accused refused to obey a tactically insane order to assault a fixed position, knowing it would lead to the outright destruction of his unit. They also learn that the order came from a senior officer who has a grudge against his father. How will the players assist in defending the accused?

78. You can't HANDLE the Truth!: The players are assigned to an officer prosecuting a senior regimental colonel for brutality. The colonel is influential, ruthless and powerful. The players must protect the prosecutor from intimidation and assassination attempts from Guardsmen loyal to the colonel.

79. Toy soldiers: The players are assigned as a liaison unit to a squad of stormtroopers. Their role is to update the stormtroopers on local conditions and warn them of enemy tactics. The stormtroopers are arrogant, brutal and cocky. They refuse to take polite advice from the players, and insist on doing things their own way, even though warned that it will be dangerous. Then the players are assigned a dangerous, behind the lines mission alongside the stormtroopers. How will the players conduct themselves? 

80. Terra is for Heroes: Stretched thin on an ever expanding front, your squad have been put on guard duty rather close form the enemy lines, fortunately commissar X arrives with a few soldiers, remnants of another company to bolster your numbers by a few heads. One of them is a grizzled trooper which judging form the half warning half praise chatter the commissar is giving him, the man is a recently demoted sergeant. 
During the night an enemy patrol hits your position killing a few guards before returning back, You ready yourself for the obvious attack on your weak position when the grizzled trooper puts forth an idea. If you launch a patrol as a larger force you may well halt the attack if they realise they are facing greater numbers than first predicted. Of course, that would mean leaving your posts to save the front.

81 The Bunker: The battle isn't going well on this world, the PC's find themselves the sole occupants of a bunker that is now on the front line. Their only contact with the outside is during brief interuptions in the jamming when vox contact can be made with command. Enemy patrols are already in the area, how long is it going to be before main force arrives. Reinforcements are being brought up by but will they hold long enough and will they need to withdraw to survive.

82. The Patrol: Positions are widely spaced, indistinct battle lines, the close terrain means the enemy could be 20 meters away and you wouldn't know. The only way to gain intelligence is send patrols and the only way to stop it is ambush patrols.

83. Dads Army: This planet has long been at war on it's own with proud tradition of soldiery. But the war is in a new phase now, The IG have been called up to shore up the defences. That puts the players in control of a strip of defences with a large company of PDF. The only ones that aren't twice as old as you are young enough to be your own. Is there more to these old guys than meets the eye.

84 The Termite: The war is at a complete stalemate. The Imperial forces are mustering for one last attack with the last of their resources and as they are fighting a well entrenched enemy with out vastly superior numbers this doesn't look good. But while moving through the area surveying for the big assault a long lost bunker has been found, long forgotten by the adepts of the Departmento Munitorium, and it contains an ancient burrowing transport. It can only carry a squad but if inserted in the right place, say the enemy command bunker at the height of the battle then they might gain the advantage to carry the day.

85. The link up: A formation has been cut off by the enemy advance. No one seems sure what unit it is or their strength but the top brass are risking a costly counter attack to rescue them. But it will only buy a matter of minutes, then need to be ready to push from the other side. However, there is a complete communications black out. The players need to weave through the enemie lines before they settle in to static defences and contact the formation, or use optical code to call off the attack if they already dead. Rumors are that it's an entire Battallion of Mechanised Infantry, Ogryns, Tanks or even a platoon of Adeptus Astartes, but that would be ridiculous. 

86. The Great Escape: After unsuccessful planetary invasion PC Squad made of survivors from several decimated regiments is taken prisoner by Tau occupation forces. Interned in a camp made from former Imperial Bastion, they have to survive harsh regime, suspicious "medical" tests performed by Tau Earth Caste, abuse from hated human collaborators and mysterious disappearances from both prisoners and  Gue' vesa. What for? Second landing is imminent and there is dark secret Imperial Command must get if it don't want to lead their forces to a disaster… it is time for escape. 

87. …you are so much frakked: Being on leave from Crusade is rare, but rather pleasant. You get drunk with your comrades. Nobody tries to eat you. You gamble and fight with guardsmen from other regiments. You avoid your commissar who is drunk as well. You shag joy girls and joy boys. Rough up some locals who think they can ask unreasonable prices for obscura. You get hight with guys from other regiments. Until you sober up, find most people killing each other (including your commissar who suddenly has a chainaxe) and everything bathes in ominous red light. But only when one of the other guardsmen shows you little =I= shaped pedant you know that…

88. Counter-attack: During a battle the enemies forces have crashed against the Imperial lines. In this sector all of the reserves have already been deployed when a vital position on a hill was been attacked out of no where by 5 Raptors. The PC's are the only unit close enough to make difference, they are to gather what merge forces they can and counter attack the hill. Primary objectives is to drive off the Traitor Space Marines and hold the hill until more substantial reinforcements arrive, the secondary objective is to engage the traitors until they are reinforced to prevent them from continuing on into the vulnerable communication and command positions. 

89. The Long March: A vital manufactorium is held by the enemy in a vast, utterly inhospitable wasteland. Nearby anti-aircraft defences are substantial, it is far behind the front line and the mountainous terrain mean that a large force cannot be landed together. However, the number of defenders at the manufactorium itself are relatively small, an elite unit could be landed over the mountains in the wilderness march on the and if they can survive the dreaded environment and enemy patrols they could breach the defences and put it out of operation.

90. Not So Quiet: Caught in a debilitating gas attack, the characters are sent to a military hospital in a massive and ancient converted mansion to recuperate. But something stalks the wards, sacrificing the wounded and dying to its dark masters. Can the PCs, bedridden and practically disabled by their encounter with the gas, survive and end its reign of terror?

91. What Makes a Man Turn Neutral?: A Chaos invasion fleet is en route to an Imperial Shrine World to massacre its population and desecrate its holy sites. Though there is an Imperial Guard regiment on site, the world has no PDF due to a curious pacifist cult that has taken over as the main religion on the planet. The cult teaches that everything that happens is the God-Emperor's will, so there is no need to fight or struggle. The Emperor protects, after all, and what will be, will be. The PCs are sent to the shrine world with orders to get the local population riled up and ready to fight, and to train a militia to resist the forces of Chaos until an Imperial relief fleet can arrive.
The training effort gets off to a bad start, as training accidents and all manner of unseemly misfortunes plague the PCs and the trainees. In addition, insubordination is rife due to the pacifist teachings of the world. The typical Commissar tactic of shooting insubordinate people won't work here, as the Guard doesn't want to create any embarrassing incidents on such a holy world. In addition to the problems the PCs face in training pacifists to go to war, they must contend with the mysterious force that seems to want their mission to fail. Are their adversaries simply a group of misguided peaceniks, or something more sinister, like Chaos sleeper agents?

92. GRUESOME GARRISON:  Your unit has been sent to reinforce the never ending citadel Gormenguard.  Although it is under constant attack from the enemy morale seems to be suspiciously high despite the utterly dreary surroundings, the labyrinthine citadel, and the inbred local nobles with overly morbid outlooks.  In fact morale is so high you are offered many invitations to dine and spend time with other units, units that have as yet to be witnessed reputations as unstoppable close quarters fighters and there is something about them that just makes you all feel so welcome.  Amid the weirdness you wonder if maybe the place is cursed, or haunted, but maybe the explanation is much simpler: like a Genestealer infestation amongst the troops.

93. Moonbreaker: The players' unit is earmarked for an assault on an orbital defence platform, which must be captured intact. Normally such assaults are carried out by Naval Armsmen or Astartes, but none are available, as they are allocated to other parts of the massive set piece planetary invasion. As such the players must undergo tedious and dangerous microgravity-combat training in cheap and flimsy vacuum suits mass manufactured by the Mechanicus, before being literally fired at the enemy installation in Shark Assault boats. 
The enemy installation is vast and well defended: the players must cut their way into the facility and secure a "beach head" for the arrival of reinforcements by destroying defence turrets across one whole flank of the platform. Can the players survive the numerous perils of Zero-G battle (shrapnel, explosive decompression, vacuum burns etc) while mag-booting their way across the surface of an orbital platform, while explosions dot the surface of the planet below and burning ships hurtle through the inky blackness above their heads?    

94. Tunnel Rats: On the defensive once again the Regiment has been fortifying their positions and moral is high. The enemy attacks have been making no progress, but auspex are picking up readings from underground. There's already a vast, mostly disused network of tunnels. Are the enemy undermining the positions, or is it something much, much worse.

95. Smoke on the Water: The regiment has been station on some back-water system planet as part of a staging ground for an upcoming campaign. Whilst on shore leave down on the planet a number of your regiment have been reported missing, seemingly disappearing from the huge floating cities that cover the chemical oceans of this 'water world'.  This leads the player characters to go investigating the disappearances only to stumble across cult activity worshipping some kind of corruptive ocean god/daemon. 

96. Twisted Transistor: Your regiment has been garrisoned to a planet to help defend a series large manufactoria that produce a unique variant of Leman Russ tank. The new batch of Leman Russ battle tanks have developed critical faults and caused the deaths of many tank crews. Superstitious to the extreme, further tank crews are refusing to man the new tanks and so, after a number of summary executions that do nothing to improve the situation and everything to increase the workload of the scrubbing crews, your unit is sent to the manufactoria to ascertain what the issue with the tanks is. The magos that oversee the manufactoria turns out to be a Heretek and has infiltrated the area with his corrupted tech priests. The players must fight off a plethora of his cybernetic minions and corrupted vehicles. 

97. Carry on my wayward sons: The players are the sole surviving members of their regiment disaster strikes the warzone they are station in, enemy frigates managed to breach the systems defensive perimeter and launch bombs at the surface of the planets the Imperial Guard had been fighting to reclaim from Chaos!
Without any command or support to rely on, armed with only what they carry and with a single chimera half out of promethium - can the players make their way out of the fallout zone and to the safety of a starport on the other side of the continent where, hopefully, a heavy lifter or shuttle may still be stationed?

98. Highway to the danger zone: In a reverse of the previous tale, the players have been tasked with escorting a cargo-8 as part of a convoy to deliver an atomic warhead deep into enemy territory. After the convoy is ambushed by enemy air assets and the players manage to safely take the cargo-8 into an underground car park, can the players navigate the hostile controlled city-scape and deliver their precious cargo onto enemy high command? Certainly this mission was a one way ticket to the Embrace of the Emperor but that was why two Commisars were attached to the unit. 

99. Freebird: The players find themselves on board one of the last heavy lifters departing their now over-run forwards operations base. The Hive Mind has come, and tyranid swarms have descended to devour all life on the planet. Can the group man the few defenses the lifter has, co-ordinate with air-support wings and delay the ships in orbit from leaving without them? Oh and one of the guardsmen on board may have been infected with spores…

100. Plug in baby: A number of Adeptus Titanicus units have been deployed to the colossal hive planet the players are station on, narrowly snatching defeat from the jaws of defeat at the hands of Tau forces that have assaulted the planet after infiltrating its citizens and subverting them to the Greater Good. Unfortunately one of the might titan engines has had its plasma generator core damaged in battle and the flank it was protecting is now crumbling to the Tau. Tasked with escorting a delegation of Ad-Mech, Adeptus Titanicus and other specialists, can the players make it to the downed titan in time to restore it to the true glories of war it deserves?


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