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Recommended Links 


Buzy Bobbins

A blog containing free to use cross stitch designs and other crafty musings, Buzy Bobbins has designs ranging from simple custom fonts to Adventure Time and My Little Pony Characters.

Dungeons and Drawings

Dungeons & Drawings was started in the summer of 2010 by Blanca Martinez and Joe Sparrow as an illustrative project to re-imagine the many fantastical creatures that feature in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game series. A wonderful little art blog its certainly worth a visit.

The Lair

The Lair focus D&D and Pathfinder providing a series of rules light items, creature highlights and the creators own play sessions.

The Free RPG Blog

The Free RPG Blog created by the talented Rob Lang also known as Brainwipe the site provides reviews and links to a huge array of free role play games created around the world, in addition he is creator of Icar a free RPG available for download.


Wizards Of the Coast

Owners of possibly the most well know table top roleplay franchise Dungeons and Dragons there forum is the go to source for all updates and discussion for the latest editions.

Brilliant Gameologists Forum

Well know for its vast collect of community help Handbooks the Brilliant Gameologists forum is the go to place for those looking to eke out the full potential of a class build.  


Do Gooder Press

Aaron Williams’ self-published works, blog of many things, and other projects in mediums from video to found art. Aaron is a cartoonist, writer, illustrator and t-shirt designer.
The larger parts of this site include:
Ps238: Superheroes eventually want to start families, and so the need arose for a public school for their ultra-powerful kids. Ps238 was founded to help them train and learn what it means to wield unearthly power.
Full Frontal Nerdity: Join four guys, usually around a gaming table, as they celebrate and dissect everything geekdom has to offer.
Nodwick: This is a comic about a hapless henchman and the adventurers who abuse him. Originally appearing in Dragon Magazine, Nodwick went on to star in his own web series and 36-issue comic book. The first published strips start here, and the self-published comic books start here.

Goblins: Life Through Their Eyes

Goblins: Life Through Their Eyes is a webcomic written, pencilled, and coloured by Tarol Hunt, nicknamed Thunt, following the adventures of a band of goblins, as they fight off adventurers all the while teasing and testing the rules of their universe. With a mature, comical and occasionally tragic story Goblins really is one to read.

Guilded Age

Written by T. Campbell and Phil Kahn and illustrated by John and Jason Waltrip. It is heavily story-based and features beautiful artwork.
It takes place on the continent of Arkerra. The Kingdom of Gastonia and the World's Rebellion (dubbed "The Savage Races") are at war. Gastonia hires a select group of adventurers (the "Peace-Makers") for diplomatic and reconnaissance missions, as well as criminal investigations.
Meanwhile, on Earth, a man is CEO of a major corporation devotes himself to working on a virtual world that he insists is real; he claims to have bridged Earth and another realm.


DoominaBottle Youtube Channel

The Sword and Torch Inn's very own gaming channel.

Haxmonster Youtube Channel

This channel is run by two hosts, 'Haxmonster', the original founder, and 'TheDutchSimracer'.
They aim to upload gameplay from various games with commentary.
You can see Haxmonster play live on his steam account, named 'Haxmonster".
You can always co-host video's with Haxmonster if you have a game in common and are willing to co-host through Skype or Teamspeak. Just ask!

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