A Brief Update And Simbrix Second Kickstarter: More Colours!

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First of all a slight apology for how late in the month this post is, in all honesty I've been darting about unable to settle in front of a screen as most of my free time when not job searching has been focused on trying to create a Choose Your Own Adventure combined with a Visual novel in the excellent simple to use Tyranobuilder.

Whilst I have no delusions about been able to complete the project in time for the 2017 Spring Game Jam (at least at any decent standard of quality) I really want to have the drive to focus on this and 'put my money where my mouth so to speak.'
However as frankly I am a terrible digital artist when it doesn't come to copy pasting and image manipulation and lack any audio editing software I have been reliant on scouring the Creative Commons for CC0 licensed material, so a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to https://opengameart.org

As a result I must admit I haven't been focusing as much attention to the blog or Youtube channel this month as usual, so again sorry about that.

So moving on let us focus on the main topic of the day, some of you may remember my review of a Kickstarter regarding Simbrix from way back in 2015. Having met the developer and designer I found myself charmed by the concept and having had my set for two years now I can say it was money well spent.

Simbrix: A curious hybrid of Lego, Jigsaws and Hama Beads

Having had two years of feedback Simbrix enters version 3.0 boasting the following:
  • 17 Custom colours and shades.
  • Improved colour proportion in each kit (because really no one needs that much hot pink).
  • Two new colour pack collections to chose from.  
  • More inspiration sheets (some of which were designed by my lovely friend over at Buzy Bobbins
  • 50 Extra bricks in each pack raising it to 900 and double the number of black bricks included in the Dueto Pack.

There are quite a few more options detailed over at the Kickstarter itself and even though it is 127% funded with 5 days left to go there are plenty of good cheap backing options for those looking to snap up a good deal.

In my past review I highlight the primary weakness was the lack of colour options and really think that this is a great step in improving a create craft toy even further and below you can view the new colour options and a handy pie chart:

Finally is just a short video that I found rather humanising about Simbrix as a company as whole, in my experience many small companies after reaching their goals on Kickstarter and developing often become a bit soulless forgetting or looking down on their origins.
So far Simbrix has avoid this trend but we will see in another two years shall we?

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Greentext: Tales of Chappa Fliks parts 3 and 4, Devious Dark Eldar and Unstoppable Orks.

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Hi there everyone today I'm continuing the Greentext of my groups bi weekly game of Savage Worlds in Star Wars/Warhammer 40k crossover called the The Enlightenment Heresy.
If you've missed the first post then you can read it here.

Part 3: Karma Catches up for solo session, Don't get between an Ork and his Dakka

This one may be a little short as I wasn't present for most of the session due to an ear infection.
> Dark rituals are performed, stars align, Party gathers once more on Team Speak and Fantasy Grounds.
> Make sure all girlfriends, wives, relatives and employers needs are met so we won't have a repeat of last time.
> Eager to start then remember most of the party need to transfer character details to Fantasy Ground character sheet.
> Might as well get a cup of tea. Why? Because that is what we English do.  > Room begins to spin as I stand up.
> OhCrapFace.png
> Get some aspirin but doesn't help.

> GM wants to do some final character building linking characters together through previous encounters.
> Random table is quickly made of locations, people and events. By quickly I mean half an hour.
> Brain still feels like its trying to 360.
> Most interesting results as follows:

> Bounty Hunter has been after Dark Eldar for so long that its turned into a Tsundere relationship between the two. 
> The Dark Eldar Play has actually started writing a story of a previous encounter between the two which when I last checked was 18 pages long.

> Tau and Bounty Hunter were investigating the same crime in a location called Chasm City and had a “misunderstanding” over the state of the case. 
> Both characters were plunged into the centre of a criminal lair. They engaged in an epic escape from hordes of criminals and several gang bosses with EXPLOSIONS EVERYWHERE! 

> Admiral Ackbar has sworn vengeance against Dark Eldar, due to the unfortunate misunderstanding with a giant spiders plague he unleashed for an experiment.
> Mr T'Ork caused an ongoing conflict between high inquisitor and system lord by stealing the inquisitor’s hat to complete a bet.
> Mr T'Ork warband has been hired several times to try and kill most of the other party members at one time or another, the Jedi especially has given them a sound kicking each time.

> About to do my own bit when suddenly find myself about to throw up and forced to abandon game.
> As result Ewok has no personal or background connection to any of these psychopaths.
> At least I have my Droid.
> Play RogerRoger.wav

> Session continues without me, later informed of events.
> Party forced into cells, Bounty Hunter in particular annoyed.
> Mr T'Ork informed that no explosions are allowed in cell and that he can't have dinner right then.
> Initate HulkOut.exe
> Mr T'Ork punches the thickest cell door clean of its hinges with bionic arm with a dice explosion in the 20s.
> Door crushes both storm troopers in cell block.
> Imperial officer on way to question Jedi requires trouser change but is quickly grabbed by Mr T'Ork.
> Imperial Officer now promoted to Personal GPS system for Mr T'Ork.

> Mr T'Ork on a whim decides to open rest of cell doors.
> Party gathers for the first time and quickly call truce, trying to decide what to do while asking Imperial officer the layout of station.
> Dark Eldar decides to take officers hat and jacket and walks off towards the evidence rooms/armoury as party debates.
> Favoured by the Dice Gods manages to bluff his way past several storm troopers as he passes through various checkpoints by simply acting like he belongs there.
> Not wanting his payday to escape Bounty Hunter quickly pursues as does Mr T'Ork who also wishes to head to Armoury.
> They also encounter Storm Troopers and now the alarm is ringing.
>Tau and Jedi split up, Tau wanting to see if there are any other prisoners and the Jedi wanting to find the contact he was assigned to find on the station. (Which is why he allowed himself to be caught)

> Bounty Hunter pummels his way through storm troopers smashing through the breakroom walls in the process. 
> Dark Eldar keeps sending storm troopers in his direction as he searches for the evidence room.
> Mr T'Ork going the same route as Chappa initial escape attempt almost knocks himself out as he tries to punch down another door but takes over the prison control room through sheer intimidation even though unarmed.
> Meanwhile Tau finds no one and tries holding up a pair of Storm Troopers, while he catches them unaware. 
> Dice Gods desire tribute and he proceeds to roll not one but two critical failures to intimidate them while both troopers resisting dice explode.
> Jedi clears through other cell block but gets his translator damaged in the process.
> Decides to reduce flood of reinforcements by hacking each door he encounters to lock it shut.

> Reinforcements from other areas of the station are now pouring in and the party is beginning to realise how deadly Savage Worlds is compared to D&D.
> Mr T'Ork still trying to program his personal GPS mostly by shaking him and occasionally using him to club a Storm Trooper, continues on towards the armoury.
> Enters a wide guard post and trying to open two of the doors accidentally activates the security shutters. 
> This actually helps him as two squads of troopers arrive and can only get in through one door.
> A stalemate quick ensures as Mr T'Ork can't leave through the hail of blaster fire and the Storm Troopers can't enter the room without losing at least one to four limbs or organs of Mr T'Orks choice.
> In spite of his bionics the Bounty Hunter is taking a lot of damage also pinned by the same two squads as he tries to enter their corridor from a southern door.
> Jedi is actually pretty Zen but is quickly getting worried his contact might be killed.
> Refusing the Tau's demands to enter the prison cells the two Storm Troopers draw their own guns. > Tau now finds himself alone stuck in a firefight with apparently (by their dice rolls) the stations most accurate and ballsy Storm Troopers nearly dying in the process.
> Dark Eldar is cackles as he goes through everyone's gear and having rearmed starts making his way back to the party as the session ends.
> That week at the pub the party debates where Chappa should appear and help out. 
> FeelSoWanted.Png 

Part 4: Dynamic Ewok Entry, I need your helmet, your ship and your warp core.

> One ear infection later, the party reassembles, then recalls just how screwed up everything is going.
> After recap GM and myself agree that Chappa is most like in the vents above the Cell Block the Tau is exploring.
> Drawing new initiative the Tau goes first and instantly has to spend bennies to restore life before attempting to pin the troopers with blaster fire...
> Tau Critically Fails, Storm Troopers don't flinch as blaster fire scatters around the area.
> GM doth sniggers as he rolls his hidden die.

> Stray Blaster shots ricocheting hit the vent supports causing them to collapse.
> Dynamic Ewok Entry begins, roll Acrobatics not to break legs.
> Cue theme music as Chappa lands on a storm trooper knocking him back into one of the cells. 
> IusedToBeATrooperLikeYouThenITookAnEwokInTheKnee.Jpg
> Nearly set off Tau's PTSD flash backs of genestealers coming from ceiling.
 > Tau continues his turn, uses the command console beside him to shut cell doors trapping the Trooper.
> Ewok continues his impromptu rescue and open fire with his scavenged Heavy Blaster.
> Wild Dice explodes however Skill dice is 1 activating All Thumbs, Blaster overheats releasing the entire charge in a single deadly blast into remaining Troopers chest.
> 5 second silence for stations most accurate Storm Trooper before stealing his Blaster Carbine.

> Somewhat puzzled conversation between Ewok and Tau, mostly along the lines of “What are you?” “Do you know the way out?” 
> Interrupted by the sound of incoming people.
> Ewok props up Storm Trooper body hiding behind it and Tau takes cover behind consoles.
> Meanwhile a three way firefight takes place until Mr T'Ork luck returns and one of the storm troopers he grabs has a thermal detonator.
> Mr T'Ork actives thermal detonator and then throws the trooper back like a too small catch.
> Reinforcements halted for now, the Jedi, Mr' T'Ork and Bounty Hunter gather trying to figure out where to go. 
> Once more questioning the Imperial Officer who had somehow survived been a GPS, Club and Meatshield.
> Dark Eldar interrupts them delivering their weapons and armour as they are woefully under dressed and unfashionable.
> Bounty Hunter states that he doesn't trust the Eldar as he's a mass murder. 
> Dark Eldar counters by pointing out he hasn't killed a single one of the guards and the rest of the group are the one butchering their way through the station.

> Back in the Cell block as soon as the door opens a rain of blaster fire wipes out a Officer entering the room. Again Wild Dice explodes and Skill dice is 1 activating All Thumbs.
> Group declares to never let the Ewok touch anything important.
> Ewok taking the fallen officers heavy blaster and hat tossing away broken blaster carbine. 
> Tau player been loot hoarder takes both broken guns before running out the room.

> Ewok about to follow when wait a moment Helmet trophies!
> One cumbersome predator impersonation and a messy decapitation later, the helmet is Chappas, then he locates the helmet straps.
> -facepalm-
> While attempting to catch up with party Chappa encounters a not quite dead trooper in the T junction tries a potshot at Chappa.
> Chappa returns fire, the die is cast and the party bursts into laughter as the inevitable happens.
> All Thumbs.
> 1/216 chance or 0.46% The dice gods obviously not content with simply maintaining my reputation as a dice jinx on the table have moved with the times and joined the digital era.
> Group once more declares to never let the Ewok touch anything important.

> Ewok changing blaster again and claiming another helmet finally catches up with party gathered in command room. 
> Salvages Roger and gear from the pile of stuff the Dark Eldar has organised neatly in strange unnatural shapes in the central table.
> The Tau reunited with tools instantly sets to work trying to hack the camera system with much success. 
> Somehow gets access to most of the cameras across the station as well as those in the prison section. 
> A shame half the monitors have been broken.

> Bounty Hunter is still debating with Dark Eldar on morality, starts slipping deeper and deeper into film noir monologues eventually decides he needs a stiff drink and reaches for his whisky flask.
> Mr T'Ork rearmed starts examining Imperial Officer/GPS/Club/Meat Shield and wonders aloud how he might upgrade it, can't decide if a red or green uniform would be better.
> Mantis Jedi only character to acknowledge Ewok but with broken translator ends up trying to communicate through mime.
> Roll fail for both Jedi and Ewok, obviously the first assumption by Chappa is that it wants to eat him, spear is brandished, threats are made in Ewokese.
> Jedi somehow manages to roll his compound eyes and decides to try and get someone to fix his translator.
> Party finally notices that a striking and important looking Imperial intelligence officer is lurking just outside, by looking at corridor surveillance camera feed.
> Jedi realises this is his contact and barely manages to stop Mr T'Ork from rampaging towards her. 
> The Bounty Hunter instantly goes into suave detective mode trying to seduce her which is somewhat spoiled by the Dark Eldar making gestures behind him. 
> Intelligence Officer trying to remain professional enquires which of the party is the Jedi. 
> Party response is “we have a Jedi?” 
> The Jedi is screaming internally and invokes double double face palm.
> Through the power of deduction and everyone saying “It isn't me” Bounty Hunter declares that Mantis thing must be Jedi.
> Still doesn't notice Ewok in room who punches a stirring Storm Trooper and then takes his helmet.
> Tau having found camera feeds for the engineering and ship docks now realises fixing the Jedi's translator may be a priority and gets to it and fails repeatedly until Mr T'Ork also helps.
> The Intelligence Officer who is growing increasingly nervous and regretting her life choices begins describing possible escape ships currently docked and why she is defecting.
> Imperial Officer/GPS/Club/Meat Shield now briefly forgotten about rolls under a desk and plays dead praying the party forgets about him.
> Dark Eldar examines the camera feeds with great interest, this doesn't bode well for the group as the Dark Eldars Player is legendary for his absolutely batshit crazy but awesome plans.
> All enquiries of “So how do we leave?” ignored, Ewok claims another helmet for the one he wasn't able to acquire when fighting Asshole guard.
>At current rate Ewoks inventory will resemble TF2 Players.

> Plot continues to be thrown at party and escape plans are discussed.
> Dark Eldar states that the party can't leave.
> Group collectively loads AreYouKiddingMe.Png
> Dark Eldar wants to deactivate Warp Core powering station, disabling the tractor beams and delaying pursuit.
> Wait Warp Core?
> GM states that screw it we'll go with a Star Trek vibe with the tech as more people are familiar to it.

> Back to game party are comparing skill sets, using the command consoles to lock down the prison section and begin to debate how to escape. 
> Ewok still ignored starts polishing his helmet.
> ChildhoodRuined.exe
> Chappa Realises that Roger may be a bit unarmoured tries to strip a Storm Trooper of his armour.
> Mr T'Ork noticing Ewok for first time watches amused then decides to help, soon semi naked unconscious storm troopers everywhere.
> Bounty Hunter, Tau and Dark Eldar continue to argue, with Roger semi armoured Ewok begins testing out acoustics of helmets drumming out beat again joined by Mr T'Ork.
> Finally whole party realising they are having to shout to talk stop and look around in a collective wtf at the sight of Ork and Ewok having a drum off surronded by semi naked Troopers.
> Ewok finally noticed asks can we leave now?

> Bounty Hunter points out that only hyperdrive capable ship in docks is a small corvette/frigate and they need to find a pilot.
> Ewok volunteers to pilot having served on one briefly.
> Party pauses for a moment, character sheets are checked, a growing dread sweeps across the party.
> Chappa and Roger the Droid are only characters who have piloting skills.
> The parties agreement to never let the Ewok touch anything important vanished like Tory MP's criminal charges.
> Characters agree that this is a great plan meanwhile the players trying to decide if they should just roll up new characters now.

> Plans are formed Dark Eldar, Bounty Hunter and Mr T'Ork will go disable the Station warp core, Jedi, Ewok, Tau and Intelligence Officer will go secure ship.
> After Dark Eldar group leaves Tau asks theoretical question if Dark Eldar is crazy and they are walking to their deaths. 
> Ewok and Jedi say yes without hesitation.

> Dark Eldar continues to avoid getting his hands dirty bluffing his way passed every guard as he makes his way to the engineering quarter. 
> Bounty Hunter and Mr T'Ork follow at a distance thankfully the route takes them across a lot of walkways over long seemingly bottomless pits with no handrails.
> A pattern is established as Bounty Hunter and Mr T'Ork rush forward and barge the guards patrols off the walkways before proceeding.
> This happens another 4 times.
> Dice Gods seem to favour the improbable cause until they reach the warp core.
>Maintenance droids around the area are quickly disposed of, Dark Eldar begins using maintenance override controls to shut down power. 
> Bounty Hunter watches him for anything suspicious and Mr T'Ork getting annoyed at the constant alarms tries hacking the local tannoy system.
> Dark Eldar begins to grin as cackle as not only he shuts down main power forcing the back up generators online but also begins the Warp Core eject procedure.
> Bounty Hunter is about to grab him to scream at him as the area below the core begins to open into space but is interrupted by blaster fire from arriving storm troopers reinforcements.

> The other little group is having a much easier time of it since with the Intelligence Officers knowledge of the station they are able to to avoid or redirect most of the patrols and quickly arrive at the ship docks.
> Before entering its pointed out that void suits are required as they are an airless environment, thankfully there are some in a nearby locker area.
> Of course none of the void suits are in Ewok or Mantis sizes so Tau goes on ahead to study available ships.
> Choices are a number of one man shuttles, a half broken Tie Fighter and the garbage/salvage frigate we are planning on stealing.
> Most of the remaining room is taken up by small servo droids designed to break down space detritus and do minor repairs.
> Tau been typical Earth Caste instantly looks for the controls for the droids and begins working on finding the command frequency.

> Ewok and Jedi Mantis finally find a way to make void suits fit though Chappa resembles a small child trying to wear its parents coat and Jedi is squished and bulging in spots.
> Intelligence Officer or possibly the GM losses all professionalism and breaks down into teary fit of nervous giggles.
> NotAmused.Png
> Once Intelligence Officer has recovered and Chappa is actually paying attention to her, learn that this space station is barracks for a Imperial Shipyard and that we should be careful when escaping and to expect a lot of pursuit.

> Moving now into the docks Jedi, Ewok and Intelligence Officer waste no time heading for the salvage frigate. 
> Tau shouts over he's going to grab a shuttle and meet us once we take off.
> Boarding ship we run into it unenthusiastic crew, somehow small Ewok in oversized void suit holds more commanding presence than Jedi.
> Suspect having a droid with a blaster beside him helped.
> Pretty much demands that crew point him in direction of bridge and either help take off or get off.
> Crew members in ship corridor promptly and collectively go “Fuck it above my paygrade” and begin to depart ship.
> At that moment Tau decides to spread more confusion by activating hostile boarders alarm on station which overrides the escaping prisoners tannoy.
> Crew turn around and quickly board the frigate again deciding to take their chances with escaping prisoners instead.

> Amongst the derping about finally find bridge and Ewok orders the trainee pilot to begin take off using spear as authorization before taking seat along side Roger near the other flight controls.
> Pray is said to the dice gods, promises of tribute given, Dark Eldar player offers to sacrifice first born as the roll everyone is dreading takes place.
> Mouse clicked, dice rolled and...
> The dice rolled off the chat box roll, Fantasy Grounds doesn't recognise it.
> UnspeakableCursing.wav
> Reroll.
> Crap its a 1 no wait wheres the other die?
> Moves character sheet popup spot the d4, its a 4!
> More dice appear, Dice explosion.
> 9 Its a pass! Party breathes a collective sigh of relief.
> Chappa finally proves he can use something more complicated than door and not break it.
> LikeABoss.Jpg

> Tau player promises to put skill points into piloting so this never happens again.
> Party breathes a collective sigh of relief, I'm mildly annoyed.
> This signals the beginning of a skill point arms race betweens us.
> Tau setting the servo droids to salvage targets the exterior of the station itself as he jumps into one of the smaller shuttles.
> Tau's turn to show off his pilot skills, wait he's not train in small ships.
> Play Evil_Laugh.wav
> Tau barely passes roll after his last Bennie.. ends up taking all the paint off one side of the shuttle.
> Party now somewhat less reassure by Tau Players promise.

> Brutal firefight underway around the warp core.
> PC's have advantage that the Storm Troopers are trying not to hit the giant volatile glowing core and are using single shots.
> Warp cores protective case lowers around it sealing shut and it ejects.
> Bounty Hunter shouts at Dark Eldar about how they are going to escape. 
> Dark Eldar just smiles reveals that his armour doubles as a void suit then breaks free from Bounty Hunters grasp.
> Dark Eldar leaps out into space and grabs onto ejected core, apparently that was his plan the whole time that magnificent crazy bastard.
>Party breaks into laughter.

> GM now reveals secret roll hacking done earlier by Dark Eldar. 
> The space stations stabilising thrusters using the little remaining power they have fire for a few seconds causing the station to begin drifting at increasing speed towards the nearby shipyard.
> A shipyard currently housing two full manned but disabled Star Destroyers and is in orbit around a populated planet.
> Death toll will be in millions if the wreckage from station and shipyard hits the planet.
> Party suddenly quiet. 
> Dark Eldar player whose character hasn't killed a single guard in his escape is about to commit mass murder on an extreme scale. 
> Suddenly realise just why this character is considered a complete monster and wanted across several systems.

> Storm Troopers begin retreating heading to abandon the station via ship docks and escape pods.
> Bounty Hunter finds maintenance locker with void suit in, changes in record time and leaps out after Dark Eldar determined to catch or kill him.
> Mr T'Ork who had been too busy unleashing dakka finally finds tannoy controls. 
> Message screens and tannoys now start blaring out adverts for his guns with heavy metal music in background. 
> OrksizMade4Rokkin.Png 
> Seeing his new friends have leapt out he tears a bowl shaped protective shield from a disabled droid and puts its over his head and leaps after them.
> Party pause thinking ork has just killed himself jumping into space with no protection.
> Do a little research, seems orks can last up to an hour in space with no protection. 
> Who knew?
> Session ends with Dark Eldar Party clutching onto warp core while the rest of the party in respective ships try to get a little distance from the station.

Thanks for reading all hope your enjoying it and would love to hear comments.

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