Kobolds Ate My Baby: Quickstart Adventure: You Iz Kobolds?!

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Greetings and salutations the first thing I wish to say that today's post is only possible due to a kind soul sending me a copy of a homemade PDF of this free adventure by 9th Level Games, I have been searching for copy of You Iz Kobolds?! for several years and even tried contacting 9th Level games directly but like every other enquiry I have made to their customer service email there has been no reply but stony silence.

You may be wondering just why I have been trying so hard to obtain it, for the last few years I have own both KAMB Deluxx Edition and more recently in KAMB in Colour, while I love the concept and the system itself I had issues when trying to introduce the system to others or create games.

The game has practically no online community in spite of its generally well known brand due to its Beer and Pretzels "make it up as you go" nature and the developers have offered little to aid this. The Kobolds Ate My Baby website has been a abandoned mess for years and while 9th Level games have been updating their blog it acts as nothing more as a shout for "Buy Our Stuff" and ignore all contact that is not directly about giving them money for Kickstarter or booking conventions.

The biggest hurdles I have found in the past are that:

  • The lack of consistency in map scale examples and player movement makes it difficult to design locations for players to explore, thankfully this has been addressed in KAMB in Colour. (1 big square on a large map or 25ft on a standard map)
  • A complete lack of Free Pre written adventures and quick start rules to act as an example for beginning DMs and to introduce new players to the game. Whilst trying to create my own quick start rules I found that it ended up a bloated mess due to the large range of skills available.
I discovered in 2016 that 9th Level released a Kobolds Ate My Baby Adventure “YOU IZ KOBOLD!” a year earlier but it wasn't available in my area and there didn't seem to be a PDF of it available anywhere. Why 9th Level haven't supplied it on their website themselves I don't know as it would help attract people to purchase their game, but then again it smacks of laziness and greedy businesses practices not supporting the game past its initial burst of sales to instead focused on creating many other short lived products through Kickstarter.

My goal with all my previous is to give this game at least some support here on my own blog, to help people who bought a copy of KAMB but were never sure how to run it or were always interested in trying their hand at DMing. If I help even one group have a try at this fun little system then I consider it a succcess.

So today as 9th Level games have failed to do so I am giving them the middle finger salute and hosting a copy of You Iz Kobolds?! because they are too caught up in making a quick buck to do so themselves. 
Even if you already own a copy of Kobolds Ate My Baby In Colour I recommend taking a look at You Iz Kobolds?!, the general rules are much clearer in than in the main book and it makes a excellent player reference guide.  

Download Here or from the Downloads page.


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