Christmas Stocking Fillers and Fun Gifts 2015

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Christmas is approaching fast as always, now thankfully I tend to plan ahead and have all the presents I need by November but I think in every family and gaming group there's always that one person who won't give you a hint and you have to get creative.
I made a post way back in 2013 giving ideas for those last minute Christmas presents and imagine my surprise when I received an email asking for more this year so here are some of my favourite Christmas stocking fillers of 2015.

My first choice is for groups with young children, now most groups prize their personal character figures especially those made by hand or services like Hero Forge but often the kids want to play with them but because they are delicate then tend to break.
A nice alternative for the younger kids to play with or use in their own games are these Packs of Plastic Knights, cheap, easy to replace, these are great to bulk up your battles or teach kids how to paint models. These packs also come in three different sizes 20 models in a basic pack, 45 in a giant pack, and a mixture of knights and siege weapons in the jumbo pack.   

Another present for those gaming parents is the I've had it with Elves baby suit by Crazy dog Tshirts, with is shirt you can get their child both a Christmas and Roleplay jumper in one.

Have trouble claiming certain table snacks? Then these Knight and Dragon Flags are for you.
My own group had a heap of fun with these and the cry of  "I claim this sausage roll in the name of Sir Geoffrey of Azure Court" could be heard for quite a few sessions.

For those players who Gm's pet keeps ending up on the gaming table, now they can join in and be a monster too before falling asleep on your character sheet.

Moving back to the more traditional gifts Cultzilla are offering a Dice and Mug combination coming in three variations: Potion of Healing, Dungeon Master and Choose your Weapon.
Each mug comes with a set of 7 Pearlescent dice and accompanying dice bag.   

The Pathfinder Players amongst you may be familiar with these already but the Game Mastery decks
 Critical Hit, Critical Fumble, Buff and Condition Cards are all time saving aids welcome by any DM.

Critical Hit and Critical Fumble spice up the traditional natural 1 and natural 20 rolls giving a deck that the players draw from and apply all kinds of new effects to these tides of fortune.  
The Buff Deck and Condition Deck act as player aids providing quick reference cards for bonuses from spells and various conditions such as grappling, pinning, sicked and blinded, useful for new players and veterans these save a lot of time otherwise spent searching through books for that one rule reference.    

5th Edition Players need not feel left out with Wizard Of The Coasts Release of Spell book Cards available for all the archetype casters Arcane (Wizard and Sorcerer), Bard, Cleric, Druid, Paladin, and Ranger.  
These cards are your spell book in a box with each spell in full detail on the card (and for those that don't quite fit a reference to the players handbook page), rules on scaling and made durable for long term use (though personally I would put these in card backers regardless). The price does vary wildly between decks with the Paladin and Ranger decks costing much less than the others and its worth shopping around between game stores. 
Here is a example of the the wizards traditional fall back through the ages Fireball:

Finally for that player that always loses his dice there are lots of deals on a Pound of Dice, now just a bit of warning with these as you should be aware quality can vary between these sets so checking reviews is well advised but for this post I've done some searching and Chessex Dice seem to have high reviews so far.



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