Thoughts on Lincoln Comic Con: A success of sorts.

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After hearing about it the week before I decided to attend the "GEEKS Comic-Con" in Lincoln on the 20th of this month. I was initially wary about the amount of attendance since 3000 people on the Facebook stated they would come it was located in the Lincolnshire Showroom which is a little bit out of the way, lacks any real facilities nearby and whilst it claims it can hold over 1000 people this requires the whole building which is often not available.

With no ability to purchase tickets before hand myself and the delightful lady from Buzy Bobbins arrived shortly after the opening time at 10:30am and already the queue was circling around the building. Thankfully this gave me time to admire some of the amazing costumes (I recommend checking the Facebook page) and the queue moved very quickly, I was also able to get the general mood of the crowd and get comparisons to other events people had attended it it was all rather educational.

Paying the reasonable fee of £3 I moved inside and was not disappointed by the amount of stalls that were offering all kinds of merchandise and fun raffles, in fact my only gripe would be the lack of Fate Stay Night items and that several of the stalls were pretty much identical.

With my lovely companion signing up to the costume contest which was at 3:15pm we spent our time wandering around the stalls and had pretty much seen everything by 12:25pm, I wasn't really impressed by the guests who were charging £15+ even for an autograph and there were no other events planned during the day. More frustratingly we were informed that if we left the building we would have to queue to re-enter even though we had paid. Thankfully the cafe within the Showroom was still open and we managed to grab some seating and watch people in costume attempt to play pool and table tennis which was amusing.

The costume contest itself was bluntly a shambles, first of all  the rules surronding the contest were just bad with Shop bought costumes and homemade entries would be judged together which just seemed unfair.
Then due to the lack of space it was forced to be held in the car park, rather than separating the contestants into the two age categories and showing each in turn instead the names on the entry form were read out in order which lead to some confusion as people arriving thought they had missed the child entries and there was a lot of trouble hearing the announcer who had no microphone assistance.
Finally the judging seemed rather biased and more aimed towards awarding the prizes to suitable entries rather than costume quality the most telling moment been when (again been completely honest) a rather lackluster zombie costume somehow won third place in the children category.
The whole affair left an air of disappointment and was somewhat of a poor end to the day, however I hope that if there is another con next year these issues will be addressed.

On the bright side even the local paper which has a tendency to be narrow minded about such events (though less so in recent years with the growing popularity of Steampunk) seemed to give a fair review of the day and interviewed several people.   


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