Fluxborn - Adventure in a world of dreams

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It looks like its not only Dungeons and Dragons 5 Edition has been released this week but also a new game called Fluxborn by Cycpops!

A small description of the setting posted by the developers over at their Reddit FAQ:

This is a roleplaying game set in the world of dreams, a strange place formed by the collective consciousness of all dreamers and governed by the twin energies of Wild and Logic. Players take on the roles of Fluxborn, weird and special beings who possess the ability to manipulate these unpredictable forces. Fluxborn come into the world decidedly different from ordinary dreamers - their very bodies are warped by the surreal powers that keep the world in balance.
 There are five subtypes of Fluxborn, most of them representing some archetype of dream. For example, the Heroic are wish fulfilment and power fantasies embodied; tall, beautiful and strong. Boogeymen, on the other hand, represent fear, anxiety and alienation and their appearances reflect these things.

The world itself is constantly engulfed within the twisted dance of Wild and Logic, meaning that you may find things like upside-down mountains with psychedelic discolouration, surrounded by flocks of human-faced bird creatures where the Wild has shaped the earth, or towns and people rendered colourless and perfectly symmetrical due to the influence of Logic. The world of dreams is also home to many echoes of human myth and legend, be they ideas or creatures of flesh and blood, that have wormed their way into the collective consciousness. And below everything, Nightmare lies in wait, terrifying shadows preying on the careless.
Many examples weird surrealism are provided within the book, along with a detailed look at one continent within the world of dreams, but most of all we just wanted to focus on a few relatively simple ideas to allow people get crazy and creative with how they want to present their version of the world. There's also a fully-fledged, original set of rules, along with an easy-to-use system for designing weapons and a wide array of reality-defying stunts for characters to play with. So take a look, and have fun!

Taken from their description over at drivethrurpg:

The book includes:

  • Streamlined rules to simulate visceral combat, engaging drama and reality-defying Stunts - an original rule system using six-sided dice
  • Mechanics for creating and customising weapons, armour and other items
  • Rich lore and background focusing on the dreamer continent of Everthere
  • A bestiary of strange creatures and colourful inhabitants of the dreaming world
  • Amazing full colour artwork to bring the World of Dreams alive
  • A printer-friendly version of the Rulebook, Character Sheet and Appendix 1 is also included in the download

Well breaking down the sales blather it seems its another D6 system though I'm curious to see how they have tried to make it unique from other games and it seems that item customisation may play a big role if its a major selling point. I've picked up a copy myself and hopefully will have a chance to study it in more detail and have a playtest soon. 

For those of you interest here is a link to the drivethrurpg.com page here.


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