August Update: I'm not Dead!

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Well July just seemed to vanish under a haze of heat, bugs and job applications for myself and I've had a handful of mail in my direction with a couple of questions which I'm going to answer here.

Where's the rest of Rude Awakening?

While I has initially planned to release the whole adventure over last month the person who was play testing it with me unfortunately has begun long shifts at their work and had several other responsibilities that has made it difficult for us to get together to finish the adventure as we've only seen each other during group events.
In addition the hot weather over the last few weeks has turned my bedroom into a veritable sweat box and with farms nearby whenever we've opened the windows the house has been swarmed by flies and pests making it difficult to concentrate.

This pest induced writers block combined with a real push to find employment on my part I've not been in the house as often and found myself burnt out, tired and occasionally sun stroked by the evening making it difficult to write more than a few sentences.
Now with the weather cooling slightly and the slight alteration to my weekly rota I feel much more comfortable and should be getting right back on track with the updates and articles.

Why have you been mostly at the Battle Bunker and not Titan Games?

First of all I fully support both shops and believe there is plenty of space and community for both stores so I'm not taking sides and I do believe anyone else should be seeing the presence of either store like this.
I've been visiting the Battle Bunker as I found out the owner was an old friend of mine from university (from one of my previous gaming and roleplaying groups) and I've been catching up with him after my appointments on a Wednesday mornings and has the added bonus of been located closer to the bus station than Titan games.
I've also been taking part in a competition to design a Space Marine Chapter for the store, there's six entries so far so people should head down, figures and paints are provided as well as painting tips if you need them (like me).

While I'm on the topic of the Battle Bunker they have recently made an announcement of  the long awaited games night:

Official Games Night Announcement:
Big thanks to everyone who took part in the poll and gave feedback (either virtually or in-person). A decision has been reached for Monday night to be games night.

Starting next Monday, the Battle Bunker will be closing at 5:30, then re-opening 6:00-10:00 for gaming - so bring your stuff along and have fun.
So if anyone is looking for a game on the 4th, pop down and check it out.

With the new edition of D&D coming out why are you still making or focusing on things for D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder? 

Simple explanation: I am far more familiar with 3.5 and Pathfinder than the latest release.

I've read through the free PDF of the latest edition and I must admit I've excited to play it, while I prefer Pathfinder I think the mixture of simplicity and complexity of the latest version would make for a fun dungeon crawling game.
When the conversion rules are release I may attempt converting Birthright from second edition to the latest version.

That covers most of the questions I've had sent my way, this months article will be posted Saturday evening or Sunday morning once I've finished a few tweaks and the second part of Rude Awakening shortly after.

For those who found this all too long to read here is a summery.

Beginning of last month:

End of last month: 


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