Events in July and updates regarding this months posts: Part 1

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Happy July all, as I mentioned last month I have been writing a first level adventure for D&D 3.5 when I can between periods of illness. However I did find the time to get out and about a bit and was fortunate enough to spend a day in Lincoln attending the 1217 Battle of Lincoln fair, the various reenactors there were a extremely friendly bunch and they are hopefully intending to return next year.

Investigating if there were any other upcoming events in Lincoln I decided to have a look and to my surprise this month is rather busy in the town centre, so I've chosen three that should appeal to a variety of readers who might be visiting Lincoln over the next month:

05th – 06th July: RAF Waddington International Air Show: 08:00am – 19:30pm

Held annually this is the largest of the RAF air shows with the Red Arrows and Dambusters making their yearly appearance as well as other RAF units and a mixture of planes from across the world, even better is that all proceeds from the Air Show are donated to RAF and local charities each year.

12th July: Bailgate Busking Festival : 11:00am – 16:30pm

This a is a little unusual but if your in Lincoln on the day well worth experiencing if you can manage the walk up to the Cathedral, though it can be a little hit or miss depending on the weather and the buskers.

23rd July – 03rd August: Commonwealth Festival : 10:00am - 20:00pm

While I am not a sports fan and rarely watch the games I do wish to inform those that do that Lincoln will be setting up the Lincoln BIG Commonwealth Screen again in Cornhill Market, but please do remember drinks, suntan lotion and if you can something to provide shade. There were far too many people forgetting and getting sun burned last time, also from the 24th - 27th July there will be the Commonwealth Food fair selling exotic food from around the Commonwealth so if you want a kangaroo burger now is the time to get one.

Well it looks like this post is starting to get a bit large so I will post a second post with a few more roleplay specific events and some news soon.


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