Somewhat better and April Fools pranks.

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Welcome back all, thankfully my health has been improving the last few days so I've got the final article Soul Crafting ready for release today. I thank you reader for your patience though this delay has gotten me thinking,  I do have the majority of my articles completed in up to 2 months in advance and often do additional reviews and finishing touches on the story pieces shortly before the deadline  if anyone has any requests for particular topics or would like to submit a guest article or short story please leave a comment and I will contact you for further details.

Serious stuff aside while I was forced to miss out on a day of pranking I think one on my favourites had to be Google Maps Pokemon Challenge, though there's been alot of people wish this was real.

While its getting a few years old now I'm surprised that not many people have seen what was possibly may favourite prank in the last 5 years which was done by LG.

Finally next month I will be taking a short break from D20 systems and may do a little showcase of How To Host A Dungeon or alternative World of Darkness.


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