Warhammer, Hobby shops and Cold Steel

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I must apologise first of all for posting this rather late in the day, my plans to update were rather up heaved by the sudden appearance of a few members of my old gaming group which has resulted into a weekend of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (3rd Edition) and Only War  the latest of Games Workshops stand alone systems.
For those of you unfamiliar with the systems there are some in-depth reviews available at RPG.net for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay or for a more personal review And She Games is a nice alternative view on the system.

I do rather enjoy it however my own personal annoyance with the system is that any race that is not human find themselves lagging behind in class progression, and that many of the expansions are horribly expensive and the game is designed for the maximum number of extra card sets to be required to purchase on top of the original game.

Only War on the other hand is much harder to find reviews for (as well as an actual copy of the game) but my main recommendation is that done by Simon at Fifty Shades Of Geek. In all honestly it mirrors most my own options on the game from my experience playing it but in the future I do hope to share some of the custom regiments that my group have invented.

In other news I want to give a little call out to a recently opened hobby shop in my local gaming area, there are far and few independent shops of this type anymore so I feel like I should do my part as its little off a beaten path.
 Beggarz Kanyon owned by a Mr Andy Vallely a Star Wars Collector himself stocks a variety of original pieces such as Action Men and Rock Em Sock Em Robots to modern toys like Minecraft Papercraft and Adventure Time books and figures.
The website is available Here
While a Google Street View and address is Here

Regarding progress on Encumbrance things have been slow this month as I have recently have been enquiring about taking further training course or education, however once I have a work pattern once more progress with increase as I can better plan my time spent upon it.

Finally as the day approach to me been another year older and hopefully wiser, I am trying to decide to what to spend my short lived income increase upon. While I no longer do medieval reenactment as a hobby I do enjoy still performing my sword training for exercise. However after my bastard sword was damage due to a weakness in the hilt cause by a forge error I have been force to use Bokkens which don't feel right when using a European fighting style.   

However I recently discovered this which are apparently training blades made of the heaviest grade polypropylene (The stuff plastic chairs are made of). So hopefully I'll get my hands on one soon and give some feedback.


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