Happy New Years 2014 and events of early January.

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First of all let me say Happy New Year to all you readers, I honestly hope you've all enjoyed the Christmas break and are ready to resume all those games and stories that have been put on hold over the festive season.

I for one am excited but I will not bore you with the details of various goodies I've received after all I'm sure your heard nothing but that from friends and relatives over the last week, instead let me tell you of various events to catch quickly over the New Year before they are gone.

First of all for those who are interested in the video game history of Britain the National Centre for Craft and Design in Sleaford is still hosting the Exhibition Revolution in the Bedroom, War in the Playground: Video Gaming 1979-1989.
Focusing on the rise of the British video games industry it celebrates home based or "bedroom" programming, it attempts to highlight the importance of the hardware and the creativity of the early pioneers of video gaming and the industry's importance to the arts and creative industries.
The exhibition admittedly is rather narrowly focused on the Spectum and Commodore but with the chance to play some of the older rarer games and a free arcade experience this is worth a visit if you have an afternoon to spare but hurry the Exhibition closes on the 5th of January.

Alternatively if boardgames are more your forte then Stabcon 2014 might be just what you need which takes place between the 3rd and 5th of January. I have been planning on attending myself sometime in the future but I am sadly unavailable this month, I would however love to hear from attendees about what happened this month in the comments.

Finally for the first post of this year I wish to present a table given to me by one of the more creative of my gaming group (which shows her supporting roles in the group aren't just limited to the table.) For the more artistic amongst you her blog Buzy Bobbins contains free to use cross stitch designs and other crafty musings.


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