UK Steampunk festival The Asylum V

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This is just a reminder for all you Cogboys and gals out there the fifth annual Asylum festival in Lincoln is coming up soon.

For you unfamiliar with the event The Asylum is the UK's (and possibly the worlds) largest Steampunk of the year, it is run by the VVS (Victorian Steampunk Society) who are a voluntary not-for-profit organisation and contains many events such as art exhibitions, talk panels ranging from the educational to the outright hilarious (I highly recommend Jack Unions monster hunting), competitions, parades and many stalls.

People are welcome to attend in costume or without as everyone is welcome, I've been every year and I've never had a problem walking around Lincoln's town centre while in costume apart from the occasional curious question.

If your still curious a video of some of last years events available on youtube here and this years Asylum festival website is here.

I hope to see you there.


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