Greentext: Tales of Chappa Fliks: Star Wars Warhammer 40k Crossover using Savage Worlds and Fantasy Grounds

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For the last month or so my group have been running a bi weekly game of Savage Worlds in Star Wars/Warhammer 40k crossover called the The Enlightenment Heresy.

A long time from now in a galaxy of grimdark that is the 41st millennium, there has been only darkness and war for generations, but now as the galaxy stands on the precipice of oblivion, there is a new hope.
Emerging from the mists of a warp-storm that has raged for millennia into a universe where the average person is hard pressed to figure out how a toaster works or wire a plug without praying to it, comes a group of bold and brave worlds that can actually get their shit together, and dare to question the orthodoxy of the Imperial Creed.
There are now navigable channels opening up in the warp-storm. The Empire has taken a look at these dangerous heretics, and is preparing to invade.
The Republic is the underdog, but they have a few things going for them:
  • They still have their technology, and understand how it works
  • They have access to the webway, and have begun to explore it. So far, they have kept this fact secret from the Imperial (and the Eldar), although it will not stay secret for ever.
  • Other worlds are eager to join an alliance, to form a confederation of free systems and throw off the yoke of the Empire.
Meanwhile, the ancient enemies of the Empire lick their lips and prepare to strike as the Empire is distracted by a civil war…
And perhaps most urgently, the Astronomicon is guttering and fading, threatening to go out. The Emperor is dying.

Now some of you may still be wondering how this all fits together here is a bit more of an in-depth description of the setting as its grown so far courtesy of my GM:

There is a large section of space (containing dozens of worlds) that has been cut off from the rest of the galaxy for millennia by a raging warp-storm.
The people in this warp-bubble have been isolated from the rest of the galaxy since before the dark age of technology (except for a trickle of ships that have been sucked in through the warp storm over the centuries).
The societies enclosed in this way have retained their understanding of technology, and have formed a republic (with a strong Star Wars vibe). It isn’t necessarily all peace and love, but within the bubble they don’t automatically attempt to genocide each other.

Inside the bubble (in the eye of the warp storm) the immaterium is relatively stable, meaning that warp/hyperspace travel is safer, the forces of chaos are less overtly powerful, and psi powers can be used more safely (provided they the psyker is disciplined and calm of mind, such as the jedi). Following a more intuitive or reckless path can still lead people to be corrupted by the insidious effects of the dark side, but psykers are not automatically feared.
Outside the warp bubble, the world is much closer to the 40k universe; the Empire (a combination of that of Star Wars and 40K Imperium) holds sway over a huge territory, the warp is turbulent, psykers have great but volatile power (and those psykers who fail to follow disciplines imperial teachings and fall to the dark side are hunted viciously by the inquisition), and stability is threatened by monsters such as tyranids, orks, and necrons.

The Empire has the history, ecclesiarchy, tech priests, space marines, and inquisition of 40k, but has an imperial bureaucracy and navy that matches that of the Star Wars Galactic Empire (complete with grand moffs, storm troopers, and star destroyers). It is oppressive to alien races, but doesn’t usually attempt to outright exterminate them (closer to Star Wars than 40K)
The center of imperial space (Core Segmentum) is tightly controlled (imperial creed, human-only worlds etc), but as you move outwards its attitudes and control are more relaxed (it is stretched too thinly to totally control everybody). The periphery of imperial space is full of Outer-Rim worlds (including wretched hives of scum and villainy), where aliens are tolerated as long as they do as they are told and pay their taxes (or bribe the Imperial governors to look the other way). Rogue Traders ply these space lanes, making a killing (if they are lucky) or being killed (when they are unlucky).

So you might be wondering why I'm telling you all this, well I thought I would try my hand at writing a Greentext Story of our first adventure as a writing experiment as I've a tendency to be Verbose.

If your unfamiliar with Greentext stores then basically they are anecdotes written in short, concise sentences most often seen on image boards using the site’s “green-text” code but have gain popularity across various different message boards.

Here is Chappa in all his early glory for you people curious about his stats, there have been some minor changes to the skills since but its still rather accurate. 

With all that covered I hope you enjoy our escapades.

Part 1: The campaign and Chappa are brought to life.

> Group decides to try running game over steam using Fantasy Grounds
> Spend one night in pub arguing theme over curry.
> Decide on Star Wars/ Warhammer 40k Crossover using savage worlds.
> Group created massive 40 page + document of ideas, pictures and notes for campaign.
> A bit creatively burnt out since I just finished one for another game that's still going so just skim it.
> Leave it a week then ask housemates what they are playing.
> Mostly 40k races.
> This is after they spent ages arguing that they want something different from usual Dark Heresy.
> AreYouSerious.png

> Drop idea for Blood Axe Ork or Tau characters decide to bolster up Star Wars elements.
> Realise I have no clue about the expanded universe past hearsay.
> To hell with it I'm a Ewok...
> A Ewok who is going to have piloting skills in battle suits and awesome in gunnery/engineering.
> Play Evil_Laugh.exe

> Start stating character and buying equipment.
> Find a Star Wars Savage world home brew.
> Discover Ewoks have the chance of breaking everything technological they use since they have 'All Thumbs'.
> Hell with it, sticking with concept.
> Throw a D4 into Pilot: (freighter class ship) just in case we need a backup pilot.
> Don't realise the item costs are much much cheaper than the Scifi Companion.
> Decently armed and armoured try to sink the remaining money on bionic spine and lungs.
> Still richer than Bill Gates.
> Buy and customise a B1 Battle Droid with as many reasonable upgrades as possible, to use as backup pilot and gunner with D6 in both.
> Play RogerRoger.wav

>Oh crap need backstory, everyone needs to be arrested by the Empire/Imperium for a crime.
> Read Wookieepedia on Ewoks.
> Oh damn there's Ewok fur clothes and Ewok Jerky?!
> Lightbulb.png

> Chappa Fliks is Born in my mind
> Ewok smuggled himself offworld to see the universe, found and forced to work on freighter for trip.
> Eventually let off on Imperium border world.
> Discovers Ewok Jerky and that there several Ewok farms in system.
> Tries to complain, no one speaks Ewok, treated like animal taken to nearest farm.
> Chicken Run with Ewoks and lasers.
> Joins up with local rebels/animal rights activist who help escaped Ewoks return to wild.
> Remains with rebels liberating other farms.
> Local Empire patrols gives no shits about 'animal theft', ignores complaints.
> Begins merc work to pay back rebels and gets enough favours for bionics when one raid goes bad and he nearly dies.
> Hides out in old Junk Yard full of droid parts and builds his own like Swat Cats.

>Time Passes finally meet up on teamspeak.
> Discover rest of Parties characters:
> Tau Earth Caste Engineer, only survivor from a space hulk survey that turned 'Alien' has trouble working with others after been stuck alone for so long.
> Mr T'Ork aka Mr Torgue from Borderlands 2 as an Ork, actually turns out to be an amazing combination.
> Dark Eldar Flesh Crafter who is one of the most wanted men in the universe and is creepy/crazy as hell. He is also shaping up to be the parties only medic.
> A Cyborg detective/bounty hunter who looks like he is from Ghost in Shell, brought in the Dark Eldar for the bounty and got arrest for a number of minor charges by the Imperials so they would not have to pay him.
> Some strange man sized mantis creature which is apparently a Jedi. Played by the groups most knowledgeable Star Wars fan.
> Party thinks I'm making a Ewok Rocket Raccoon.
> Facepalm so hard mike gets feedback.

Part 2: Unexpected Solo Session, Chappa Fliks does Hard Time (briefly).

> Suddenly distractions, people need to leave.
> Only me and GM left.
> Sigh.wav
> Decided to do a test session to see if everything works.
> So this is how Chappa Fliks gets arrested

> Hired to wreak fashion show that's showing off clothes made from remains of sentient creatures.
> Like a Predator takes out night guard with thrown spear and steals loader suit from local space docks.
> Main street is dead at this time of night, drives to store/showroom.
> Literally crashes the show driving loader into store.
> Wreaks up their Shit.
> Finally Natural 1 “All Thumbs” kicks in.
> Loader breaks down leaving Ewok trapped in powered down suit.

> Storm Troopers arrive from the barracks jumpy and pissed off asking “Whats all this then?”
> Its A Fair Cop?
> Nah Fuck that, Ewok plays dumb acts like it can't understand galactic common.
> Storm Troopers even more pissed off, think its a sick prank by local rebels putting an animal in the loader and letting it run amok.
> Netted and dragged to shuttle to be sent to orbital station jail.
> Realise they have also found Roger the Droid who is currently hiding all my gear in secret compartments and is sending him up to inspect him and find out who he belongs to.
 > Thrown into very own prison cell, beats sleeping in the junk yard I guess.
> Spend 3 days acting cute and cuddly charming to one of the Female Storm Trooper Guards that's in my cell block.
> She thinks Chappa is fluffy, wuffy, adorable, occasionally pets him when she brings food.
> Other cell block guard is an asshole and doesn't like been cock blocked by Ewok

> A Investigator arrives.
> Tries questioning me with other guards in galactic common.
> Act like he's speaking gibberish and pass deceiving roll by a land slide.
> Investigator takes a break, fem trooper goes with him asking what he thinks.
> Alone in room with asshole trooper who decides to try and earn a promotion by beating some answers out of me.
> OhShitWhatDo.Jpg
> Tanking the hits try and Pickpocket the keycard he has on his belt while he's grappling me.
> Dice Explode D4 roll ends up with 19.
> CerealSpitGuy.png

> Hiding keycard in fur and becoming punch drunk barely pass check to hear people walking towards the cell, Asshole guard too angry and fails.
> Headbutt Guard to piss him off further, barely succeeds and won't even bruise due to fur but makes him hit Chappa more.
> Investigator and Fem Trooper walk in.
> SurprisedGasp.jpg
> Investigator is the epitome of the Are You Serious Face as he listens to Asshole Guard.
> Fem Trooper is in tranquil rage, Asshole has more chance of hitting Jedi with blaster than her.
> Investigator Tells Guard to get the hell out of cell block.
> There's no rush for answers so Ewok judged too wounded and Investigator decides to have a medial bot check me out once its available, takes Fem Trooper and leaves to write report still trying to decide if I'm even liable under law or if I should be treated like a stay dog.
> Try to do victory dance but hurts too much, decide to sleep. 

> That night can't risk having bionics discovered , use keycard to break out of cell.
> Ewok realises he was upside down in a net when he came in and has no clue how to find Roger and get out.
> Sneak through several cell blocks until reach T junction.
> First door leads to break room/shower room.
> Find a old blaster in a half open locker and use macgyver talent to quietly remove vent cover and stash it inside in case escape attempt doesn't go well first time.
> Take a moment to reflect on character and decide that while Ewoks consider Storm Trooper helmets and Armour to be great trophies this would not extend to panties in locker.
> Hear footsteps, barely get out of room and back into T junction as patrol comes in through other door.
> Out in T Junction again decide that the old maze Left Hand Rule is Chappas best bet at this time.
> Eventually reach large reinforced door, keycard doesn't open it. 
> GM asks me to roll perception check, I get 2 and cringe.
> Try again to open door, it opens though this is because a pair of troopers are coming out.
> All of us look at each other for a few seconds in stunned silence.
> Tries to look innocent and and lift up up key card as if to say “you dropped this”.
> Natural 1 both dice
> Cut scene to 5 minutes later Chappa been flung back into cell.

> No one comes the next two days . Troopers busy investigating where the keycard came from.
> New Guards in Cell block, everyone in twos constantly, overhear replacement guards say Asshole Guard in even deeper trouble and suspended.
> Investigator comes again reveals he's realised I'm most likely the same Ewok that's been described in various reports for the last 3 years.
> Chappa tries to keep straight face, Epic Dice Explosion for both me and GM.
> The two stare each other down, neither break as they reach Luigi Death stare. 
> Eventually another guard comes to reports that more prisoners will be arriving soon, Inspector turns stare on him not believing he's stating information in front of a prisoner and dismisses him.
> Investigator leaves but not before mentioning he's transferring Fem Trooper to be his personal guard when he leaves tomorrow evening as she too 'soft hearted' around apparently defenceless critters to remain in prison and I should expect his report on my sentence to be complete soon.

> Expecting the session to end with the mentioning of other prisoners arriving (since it was the rest of the party) but one more thing happens.
> That night Asshole guard drunk opens cell door with another unknown trooper. 
> Taunts Chappa while eating Ewok jerky joking about eating his auntie and wants to get a few more punches in before he's likely fired.
> Well playing stupid and cute is no longer an option so this time Chappa fights back.
> In spite of been pretty decent with his spear I didn't put much skill in hand to hand combat so Chappa gets kicked around a lot.
> Unknown guard eventually calls to Ashhole guard telling him to finish up otherwise they were going to get caught. 
> Unknown guard leaves to nearby toilets to give himself excuse why he wasn't there in case someone comes.
> The distraction to Asshole gives a small bonus to Chappas next attack.
> Decide to make use of GM pity for all its worth and spend some bennies to boost my roll.
> Dice Gods look down and grin, Dice Explode a mighty 16 is reached.
> Chappa bites most of the fingers off the hand holding the jerky and says his first line in galactic common “She doesn't taste bad but these are better”.
> -Facepalm- Moments after say this, I suck at one liners.
> Grin with bloody teeth.
> Now screaming Asshole alerts everyone, Fem Trooper first on scene, freaks out shoots both Chappa and Asshole on Stun.
> Sweet Sweet Unconsciousness

Epilogue for now

> Chappa gets a new cell.
> A note is basically passed round the barracks stating Chappa is intelligent, can understand you and should be treated as a wookie with half the size and twice the cunning.
> Troopers decide to just leave Chappa alone and hope he starves.
> Investigator leaves station in shuttle after writing report for the incoming investigator travelling with prisoner transport.
 > Fem Trooper presumably leaves station also.
> Asshole now known as stumpy in medbay, fingers cannot be saved and he may be sent to penal legion in future.
> Within 10 minutes of been in his new cell, Chappa taken off the gag they had put on him and now managed to get into the vents.

I hope you all enjoyed that and look forward to the rest coming soon.

Uncertain about Savage worlds rules and rolls and want to know more? the wikipedia page is surprisingly well written and covers the basic rules very well.
Can't wait? Then read the rest right now over on Reddit.


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