Chapter Master Update: Interstellar Army Simulator 2015 progress and C++ remake.

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Things have been quiet regarding Chapter Master/ Interstellar Army Simulator 2015 these last few weeks but there has been some good news.

First of all progress is going well on cleaning up Dukes GML code with Journier posting a message over at 12bay on January 15 about progress.
Getting mighty close to release version 0.1 that will have the fixed up code base for everyone to work on. hold tiiighhttttttt

In addition a new challenger has arrived Flow/Streamline has begun on creating a C++ remake to circumvent the limited game maker code:

I suppose as I posted this on /tg/ I should probably post this here too.

Been working on a C++ rebuild for a couple weeks and I've got the marine editing page done so far as a standalone, as well as the basic starmap (minus any content). Will be updating fairly regularly as I add more core features to the game and hoping for a viable V1 release within a month which should do most everything the current CM does, then I can build on it further.

Download link to the basic marine editor is

The Chapter Management button simply brings up a marine editor you can make guys in. Nothing fancy as of yet, but a lot of the core framework has been put in place for the game proper, so I should have more cool stuff coming fairly soon, free time depending.

To change chapter colours you currently have to eidt a text file - this will be a colour picker later on, but as part of the chapter creation screen so it was a bit awkward to inset it into the current build. The file at /Mods/CM/Settings.txt has RGB values for the chapter colours.

Hope you guys get something out of this, I realise it's a far cry from a game currently but hopefully it's proof enough that there's more to come very soon. I'm hanging out every day in #ChapterMaster on the suptg IRC if anyone wants to come and chat about it/offer help/etc. Could really use artists.


Unfortunately the link seems to be dead at this time but I will be looking for a copy of Flows work in the future.

There has been some concerns that Chapter Master access may be limited to a handful of people in the future but Journier certainly intends to keep the community involved as stated in his reply :

Literally the only reason flow or anyone is working on this is for the community and probably for some ability to see this game move forward.

Congrats flow on the partial rewrite. :)

We are just  "fixing up the code" in the GML to better make it modifiable for the community, and easier to comprehend for "people" so that others can take the reigns more easily to continue the project so it amounts to "something special".

Instead of dying as is or partially completed 3 years from now with 50 contributors to 100 lines of code. all having no clue as to what the previous person did.

That happens so god damn much it annoys me with games like this.

Destroy the heretics.
In the meantime TheGreatZobom has provide a version of Chapter Master with the sprites packs already applied (You can thank Guardsman111 for the sprites) which can be downloaded here.

To play my own part I'm still hosting backups of Dukes links and files which you can obtain below:

Interstellar Army Simulator 2015: Source Code: Link
Chapter Master 0.6555: Source Code: Link
Original Design Document (former project): Link
Features That Were Planned: Link

Don't know What Chapter Master is? The original review is here.
Just want to play the game? Then Interstellar Army Simulator and the mod and be downloaded here.


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