Febuary Fallout: Boss Monster and A Little Paranoia Never hurt Anyone.

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Hey all I had hoped to have posted this on the 16th but its been a little hectic recently but the big gaming news this month is I have manage to purchase a copy of Boss Monster thanks to Ben down a The Battle Bunker.

 I was intending on writing a review for it this month but I've only managed to have a few two player games of it so far and every time my group have attempted to gather to play it for the full four player game experience we've had random events of life suddenly prevent us. So far it been illness, car problems and work overtime if this keeps happening I'm going to suspect my copy is cursed, on the bright side the delay has resulted in me obtaining Boss Monster: Tools of Hero Kind as well so I'll be able to review both at once.

For those unfamiliar with Boss Monster and Brotherwise Games they are Chris and Johnny O’Neal a pair of brothers currently living California, the concept for Boss Monster was created in strange fashion when the two  had a bet on who could create an original game first.  
After spending two years creating their concepts and play testing the end result was the rule set that would become Boss Monster however requiring fund to hire artists and print the game the two turn turned to Kick Starter with staggering results and on November 19th 2012 the $12,000 goal was met by a pledge of $215,056.

For the basic gameplay mechanics see the video below:

If you can't wait for my review and want the game right away links are below:
Boss Monster, Boss Monster: Tools of Hero Kind,

In addition I've managed to get a hold of the Boss Monster Card designer so look forward to some custom cards to download in the future.

Other than Boss Monster my groups regular DM has had to suspend our usual game due to increased work load from his Open University Course so I'm taking up my role once as High Programmer.
Its been a few years since the last time I ran a game of Paranoia but I'm sure I can lure them all back to Alpha Complex as after all failure to attend is treason.

My group knows the style of adventure I like to create for Paranoia, typically the Trouble Shooters are assigned a mundane task such as changing a light bulb which turns out to be far more dangerous than first expected. So since its been a while I thought I would share my adventure with you all once the write up is complete.


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