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A bit late for the first post of the new year but in all honesty I've been trapped in a strange combination of job searching, daily chores, video games and procrastination with a topping of ill health in between.

Excuses aside this months post should be up in a hour or two, unfortunately I accidentally damaged a lot of my draft posts and I've doing my best to rewrite and repair them, so here is a brief list of posts that I hope to come in the next few months:
  • Video game reviews and first impressions including: Adventure Time: Secret of the nameless kingdom, Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara, Dragons Crown.
  •  Highlights of some of my favourite mods. 
  • How to Host A Dungeon: a curious game of dungeon solitaire.
  • Custom Host A Dungeon content.
  • The baby monster conundrum.
  • Short stories, player stories and favourite writing prompts.
  • Hopefully a game of Lexicon
As always if anyone has anything they would like to share or think there is something I should look at leave comments below.


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