November Blues

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I'm a little late with my initial post this month and I'll confess its not entirely due to this rather bad cold I've caught or trying to catch up with the final days of several Halloween events in various videos games.

In the last two months I've noticed myself bordering on relapsing into depression thankfully due to the close proximity of my friends and my own recognition of the warning signs I've managed to prevent myself from doing so, however I’ve been struggling to get anything done including when I try to write, and in turn managed to make myself feel even lower because I wasn’t getting anything written, in turn making it harder to write...etc.
 I will confess I haven't entirely broken out of this loop and some of you reading this will be expecting me to announce a hiatus for the blog.

That will not be the case, in fact I do have a reasonable backlog of posts and plans for future posts including the completion of the adventure I had written, various homebrew classes from various sources and a few town and location designs for a "Pillage my village" series.
What will be happening however is I cannot directly say when in a month I will update other than soon as possible, this is simply because I don't know what days I will be able to shake this lethargic feeling that threats to consume me.

In more light hearted news fans of Dark Heresy and Only War should take the time to read about the ongoing campaign of this group. 


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