Apology, Updates and Kickstarter Opportunity

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First of all apologies for not been able to log on sooner, my health issues lasted somewhat longer than I thought and I have actually been focusing upon making a rather large post for next month as well as job searching.

While I'm mentioning it next month I'm hoping to post a Dungeons and Dragons First Level adventure for 1 to 4 players with a basic scenario and encounters, I'll also provide a downloadable word document though in the future I hope to make it into a full PDF with proper adventure background and Pathfinder conversions for the characters. While I've had the basic layout adventure written for a few days the Steam Sale (curse its reasonable deals) has made it difficult to find players to playtest it so tonight will be my first run as a solo adventure.

I was going to save this post for next months update but due to the time limit I think this really should be mentioned now.

A young lady named Jessica Goldsmith has begun a Kickstarter to create speciality dice for the visually impaired, initially a way of helping her visually impaired friend gain further independence during play Jessica has design a series of braille 3D printable dice and backers will receive a STL file and/or actual dice .

In addition as the Kickstarter nears its £5000 Stretch Goal Assassin Games has pledged their additional support in this project by offering a discounted download of their upcoming adventure, "The Curse of Hallas Reach".

Upon reaching this Stretch Goal, all backers may add an additional $1 to their pledge and once the adventure goes live, they will receive a coupon for a digital download of the adventure.

"The Curse of Hallas Reach" is a low level (3rd to 6th) d20 fantasy adventure, set in a small outpost in the wilderness. The adventure can be dropped into almost any fantasy setting, but has ties with future supplements to be released by Assassin Games.

There we have it, I would go on but I best be off or I will be late for my playtest.  


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