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Greeting one and all I'm just going to be covering a few upcoming events in this post focusing mostly on the various Comic-Cons across the country. Just a heads up there will be a lot of links to Facebook in this post as may of these events do not have their own webpages.

MCM London Comic-Con: May 27th - 29th and October 28th -30th
ExCeL London Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL

One of the biggest comic conventions in the country, it occasionally hosts the Euro Cosplay qualifiers and as a result you can often see top class cosplay on display.
Tickets often sell out so be sure to Buy tickets before the event as they will not always be available on the day.
This year you might see me there so look for the guy in the suit and hocky mask, events vary year to year so check out the Facebook page for more information.

Leicester Comic-Con: June 4th-5th
More videogame focused than MSM tickets are already scarce for this Comic-Con but amongst its attendees this year will be:
CRS Studios with DEAD PIXELS 2which you can see a gameplay trailer for here.
David Millgate artist for 200AD, Judge Dredd and many more.
Dan Abnett writer and creator of Guardians of the Galaxy and Warhammer 40k Horus Heresy series.
There is plenty of others who you can read about on the Facebook page, beware though this has mostly sold out.

Scunthorpe Comic-Con: June 5th

A much smaller event Sunthorpe is hosting its second Comic-Con and thankfully all the information is to hand already:
Scunthorpe Comic Con 2 returns for 2016 let's make this bigger than last years.

Admission - Pay on the door
Adults £2.50,
under 16's £1
under 5's free

Virginia Hey - Farscape/James Bond/Mad Max2
Hattie Hayridge - Red Dwarf
Phoenix James - Starwars The Force Awakens/James Bond - SkyFall

DMC - Delorean time machine - Back to the Future
KITT - Knight Rider

Sentinel Squad UK
The Super Heroes Cosplay team
Battlestar Galactica Fan & Costuming Club UK

Trader tables featuring, Comics, Toys, Collectables, Games , Lego and so, so much more..
We will have a cosplay competition.
 I recommend keeping tabs on the facebook page for updates.
Yorkshire Comic-Con: June 11th-12th

A quickly growing convention which each year surpasses the last in terms of guests, activities and stalls. While it started as a smaller single day event there was just too much to pack into one day so it has now expanded to two days.
In previous visits to the event I have found that there have been activities suitable for younger and older convention attendees meaning it was always a great family day out and this year it become huge with the following in attendance:
The event will have an action packed stage schedule with a variety of performances, plus a massive selection of stalls with all sorts of geeky, quirky and unusual items. Over the weekend there will be a range of guests from TV and Movies, as well as authors and graphic novelists. A wide range of activities are planned that are suitable for the entire family, including workshops, card and video gaming events, roleplay games, and more!

---Special Guests--------------------------------------------------------------
-Kerrigan Mahan (Goldar and Magna Dedender from Power Rangers )
- Lauren Landa (Anime-Voice-Over) Sailor Neptune, Attack on Titan's Annie Leonhardt.
- Jeff Parazzo (The White Ranger from Power Rangers Dino Thunder).
- Kevin Duhaney (The Blue Ranger from Power Rangers Dino Thunder).
- Martyn Crofts (Britain's Got Talent Semi Finalist 2012)
- Paul Redfern - As seen in HUGO Film and Harry Potter
- Craig Hallam (Steampunk inspired Author)
- Nathan Robinson (Horror inspired Author)
- Nat Gosney ( Author of Wold Born Saga)
- TheSlowSniper (Pro Gamer / Youtuber)
More to be fully confirmed

---Traders / Artists and Authors fully confirmed -----------------------
- Hallam FM & Cash for Kids
- Cineworld Sheffield
- Genki Gear
- A.S. Chambers
- Edna's Lair
- Claws and Fangs
- Toku Toy Store
- Cazbounces Books
- Tilly Mcflossington Vintage and Crafts
- ManMade Designs
- Geek Cycled
- MovieMania
- Metamorphosis Arts
- Cosplaysuperheroes
- Runesmith
- Square Moriarty
- Serenity Bay
- Hoshi Kou
- Ryuuza
- Drix Productions
- Adam Booth
- Gurobunnies
- Pai Thagoras
- Melissa Nettleship Illustration
- H'art
- LAH Fabrics
- Black Candy Alternate Fashions
- World Of Pop
- Amy's Curiosities Emporium
- The Charm Bracelet
- Cool Cushions
- Sakura Sparkles
- Shinkurose
- Celestial Castle
- F'moush
- Twinkle Kitty Boutique
- Kingdom of Candy
- I'm in stitches
- Grimsby Labyrinth
- Incredible Innovations
- Geronimo Toys
- Comic Book Roses By Red
- Jon Turner Illustration and Creation
- Black Sails
- Chris Craft Art
- Handmade by Lizzie
- Sore Thumbs Retro Gaming
- Square Orange Art
- Mahou Kingdom
- Geek Stitch
- Handmade in the Hellmouth
- The Arty Mad Cow
- Time Was
- Jujutreats
- Effiena's Handmade Polish
- Nat Gosney (Author)
- Craig Hallam (Author)
- Nathan Robinson (Author)
Plus more to be confirmed

---Costumers / Costume Groups-------------------------------------------
- The Super Heroes Cosplay
- Sentinel Squad UK (Star Wars Group)
- Transformers Costumers Bumblebee and Prime
- Princesses
- Richard Ashton ( Dr Who Impersonator)
- Hand of Korriban (Star Wars Group)
More to be fully confirmed

- OVER 150 Traders: Check out our site for our traders list.
- Variety of Contests: Cosplay, Talent, Kids Cosplay...
- Live Entertainment throughout the day (to be confirmed soon)
- FREE Face Painting (Subject to availability on the day).
- Photo Opperunitity Areas.
- Card / Roleplay Gaming Area by Patriot Games
- Video Gaming Area with Consoles
- Range of Contests with prizes to be won on the day!
- Workshops Area (To be confirmed soon)
- Tardis PhotoBooth
- Ironman Movie Replica Stand
 Tickets can be booked by:
The website: www.yccevents.co.uk
Calling Sheffield Arenas Box Office: 0114 256 5656
For enquiries: info@yorkshirecosplaycon.co.uk 
In addition the Facebook page is very active, after joining you will be treated to many
updates and news teasers leading up to the event.

Didcot Comic-Con: June 18th

Information on this event is a little bare and its a touch more costly than a few of the others on the list but since its in Oxford I kind of expect it:
Early bird entry at 10am
Normal entry at 11.30am
Close 5pm

Tickets online

Ticket prices

£7 early bird
£5 after 11.30

£3 (ages:5-16)

Family tickets
£18 early bird
£15 after 11.30
One of the major events this year is the Cosplay Competition which has cash prizes and the rules of which will be posted below:

At Didcot Comic Con we are running a cosplay competition. There will be two age groups, Over and Under 18's, so kids can play too!
*** Over 18: Top prize £100 and runner up gets £50. ***
*** Under 18: Top prize £50 and runner up gets £25. ***

We are hoping you are having fun preparing your cosplay costumes for our competition to win up to £100. In order to keep this family event safe and to avoid problems we have a few guidelines to follow on the day.

Cosplay Rules
* No real weaponry, or realistic looking weaponry, will be admitted.
* Unrealistic and colourful guns, foam projectiles, LARP weaponry and safe weapons are allowed.
* Bows are allowed if unstrung.
* Fights and use of cosplay weaponry, within the Event, will not be tolerated
* No overly revealing or controversial costumes will be allowed. Attire and costume must be suitable for a family event.
* Please wear footwear at all times.
* Please keep cosplay to a reasonable size as this is an indoor event.
* Attendees bring items to an event at their own risk.
We reserve the right to deny entry, in case of inappropriate cosplay, regardless of ticket purchase. Any inappropriate behaviour within the event will be dealt with. This is a family event and behaviour must reflect this.

Transportation of props and Police reaction
* Please take care when outside or when transporting any form of cosplay prop.
* Regardless of how realistic a prop looks, ensure it is hidden while travelling and be aware of your surroundings, attire to bystanders when outside.
Failure to do so has caused problems for the events and police on countless occasions!
If you have any queries regarding the display or transportation of a weapon or prop outside of the Event then please contact the relevant authority. Police may destroy or confiscated items without warning.
 The Facebook Pages (Page 1. Page 2.) for this event are a bit clunky but are the only source of information at this time.

Hull Comic-Con: June 18th
Hull University Union Cottingham Road, HU6 7RX Kingston upon Hull

This event has exploded in size since their very popular event back in 2015 and even better they also have their own website which I highly recommend checking out as its clear, concise and updated regularly.
Not convinced yet? See their announcement below:
This year's event is going to be massive, with 6x the space, taking over all 3 floors of the building! This is going to allow us to bring you more of everything we had last year, plus loads of new things to see and do as well as more to keep the kids occupied.

Taking all 3 floors gives us a a huge amount of space, a variety of different rooms and spaces and the ability to provide a dedicated area and facilities for the Cosplayers who bring the event to life.

We're also making improvements to the after party to make it a much bigger event this year, hopefully with lots of involvement from the guests - this year, as well as a bar and DJ, we will have some stand up comedy from Red Dwarf's Norman Lovett and Simon Fisher-Becker's show "My Dalek Has A Puncture". More to be announced!

For our latest guests and news please visit www.hullcomiccon.com

Check out some of our plans below and let us know what you think - we'd love to hear from you:

* Special guests from TV & film
* Comic artists
* Authors
* Signings
* Photo opportunities
* Talks, panels, demos, quizzes and workshops across multiple stages
* Open submissions and portfolio reviews on the day for the British Showcase Anthology.
* Memorabilia / traders
* Cosplay zone, panels and a cosplay contest with trophies and prizes
* Retro gaming - playable consoles, guests & talks - hosted by Keep It Retro: Gaming Event & Market
* Table top gaming, RPGs - hosted by Back to The Boar, also featuring Games Workshop
* Loads for the kids including a free bouncy castle, craft area and face paining
* Laser quest
* Scare maze
* Snacks, hot food and drinks available all day
* A massive after party featuring bar, DJ, stand up from Norman Lovett, Simon Fisher-Becker & a quiz

Check out our full guest list at:

For trader & exhibitor information please visit: http://district14.co.uk/traders/
Lincoln Comic-Con: July 9th-10th
Epic Centre LN2 2NA Lincoln, Lincolnshire

The first Lincoln Comic-Con was considered a runaway success which had far more attendees
than expected,  Lincoln Comic-Con is moving to a much larger venue and adding an
extra day of activities.
I was expecting good things from this up and coming convention but after some developments I do have some worries.
 First of all the Epic Centre at Lincolnshire Show ground is far less accessible with no real bus links so attendees will have to rely on own transport or taxi (Roughly £10-£15 from the city centre).
Secondly the ticket price has shot up from £3 for a day to £12 + booking fee for a day or £20 + booking fee for the weekend.

The combination of these factors and my extreme irritation at booking fees have left a extremely sour taste in my mouth, quite bluntly I'm half tempted to tell "GEEKS" Lincoln to go f%%k themselves and its quite likely things will not be going so well this year due to the reduction in drop in attendees.

Here is the line up n the events:
Our new permanent home from this year onwards is the massive Epic Centre on the Lincolnshire Showground..

Contained within this spectacular building will be some of
the best UK retailers of collectables and merchandise, which i'm sure
will meet almost everyones "geeky" needs..

Included in the admission price will be some fantastic extra value content, stage shows, interactive displays and our new retro gaming zone which will offer some 8-bit & 16-bit cartridge classics from yesteryear

And of course we have our special guests too, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, David Prowse and Hattie Hayridge, and that's just naming a few, more are lined up to be announced over the coming months..

Scheduled professional quality photo shoots with our guests will be available to purchase over the full weekend..

Cosplay is a massive part of our event and of course we have related competitions over both days, so please let your creative juices flow and wow us with your skills by registering for entry on the day.. There's plenty of prizes to be won, so get planning/making your costumes now
I just like to mention the last Cosplay competition was a bit of a joke , with no organisation and some winners been partly picked on how suitable they were for the prizes and the judges own personal character preferences, I only hope its more profession this year.

I wish I could tell you more on this but since "GEEKS" handle multiple cons they haven't really put much effort into the Lincoln Facebook page and most of the links are broken, making me even more irate with them.

Seriously guys get your damn act together it reflects really badly on you and makes me worry your going to utterly screw the event up.

Horror Con: July 9th-10th
Science Adventure Centre, Sheffield Road, Templeborough, Rotherham S60 1DX

I'm just going to outright say it, I'm personally not a fan of horror and I'm not really sure what is happening at this event beyond the blurb :

HorrorCon UK is an opportunity for us horror fans to get together and celebrate our love of the horrific, macabre & grotesque, a chance for us to meet & reassure each other that there is nothing wrong with us in the head!

With your support we hope to make this the biggest and best HorrorCon in the UK!

This is NOT a film festival AND we aren't just another convention; there will be an eclectic mix of Guests; Writers; Presentations; Cosplay; a Market-Place and much more to be announced!

Autograph prices will range between £10 - £20

On the bright side these guys have a pretty cool web page so if horror is your thing I would recommend a look.

Yorkshire Geek Fest 2016: July 16th
Elsecar Heritage Centre S74 8 Barnsley

Another small event Comic con comes to Barnsley, bringing famous faces from TV and Movies along with traders of all weird wonderful and amazing items on around 100 stalls.

Information is limited right now but if you like visiting the various costume, comic and games stalls at these events keep an eye on their Facebook page for more information.

The Cosplay Summer Ball: July 17th
Plymouth Guildhall PL1 2AA Plymouth

Don't fancy been bombarded by stalls and want a slower more formal event this might be for you. 

The Cosplay Summer Ball is an event where you can wear the most formal cosplay you can or even just Lolita/pretty dresses/suits. You don't have to dress up but it's up to you :)

Scarey Knights will be making an appearance as guests! Amazing bunch who have out of this world costumes! They do a lot for charity and for the studio ~ Please support them on their Facebook page as they're really helping us out.

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/ScareyKnights/

We are also raising money for Studio 65 after a recent break which included over £12,000 worth of equipment. We are also hoping to use any profits to go towards the community to help the people of the southwest achieve more through cosplays including modelling, Photoshoots and other opportunities!

There will also be a masquerade aspect! You don't have to wear a mask but there will be a mask competition for the best crafted and best idea ^^
(Clue, maybe incorporate it into your character? I.E Batman mask but more Masquerade style would be a good idea)

Tickets are avaliable Online!


The venue is the Guildhall and as you probably know from devcon it is a gorgeous venue for something of this nature.

There will be food and drink provided, lots of music to slow dance to and of course the cosplay contest to show off all those wonderful ball gowns and suits. There will be anime and geeky themed items around the hall including themed foods, drinks, games and Cosplay King and Queen!

Please share this event around as much as possible to make this afternoon spectacular!

Gamer, Geek and Collectors event by Keep It Retro: July 30th

Returning to video game focused cons  we have the 7th GAMERS, GEEKS & COLLECTORS fair hosted by KEEP IT RETRO, with £2 entry and kids under 12 free there is no reason to miss this.
We was the first to bring you hulls only dedicated retro gaming event. Over the last 18 months we have made each 1 better.

Now it's time for our biggest event to date.

Join us at the guildhall on 30th July for HULLs biggest gamer, geek and collectors fair.

With the usual consoles set up around the venue for you to play the classic games of yesteryear such as Mario, sonic and more. Comps, tournaments and giveaways.

We will have 40 tables filled with games, consoles, comics, toys, plushies, hand crafted gaming items, anime and more.
Storm troopers will be hanging around throughout the day make sure you grab a photo with them.

Cosplay is encouraged and we will be running a comp for best dressed.

Full list of traders will be posted soon.
 No list of available games yet but I'll be watching the Facebook Page for updates.

Newark Comic-Con: August 7th

Newark Showground, Drove Lane, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 2NY Newark, Nottingham

Aside trying to get a copyright lawsuit through their poster this event is dirt cheap though its a slight hassle to reach, details are vague beyond the Facebook blurb but if your willing to chance it there is the opportunity for a great time.

Newark Comic Con, to be Held at Newark Showground, Lady Eastwood Event Centre.

We will be taking over the Lady Eastwood Event Centre for the day, this is currently under going a massive refit and extension, for its new launch in April 2016, we will have 1,600sqm to fill, hope your going to help and fill it.

Newark showground is very well located, has good road and rail access, free onsite parking for all.

Adults £4
Under 16's £2
Under 5's Free

Jeremy Bulloch - Starwars - Boba Fett
Hattie Hayridge - Holly - Red Dwarf
John Challis - "Boycie" - Only fools and horses

Baymax - Free Photo(with your own camera)

Sentinel Squad UK
The Super Heroes Cosplay team

Trader tables featuring, Comics, Toys, Collectables, Games , Lego and so, so much more..
we will have Guest's, Cosplay competitions, Displays, and so much more.

Keep checking this event page for more details as we have them and please keep sharing and inviting your friends - spread the word!

The Asylum Steampunk Festival: August 26th-29th
The County Assembly Rooms, 76 Bailgate, Lincoln LN1 3AR

Do I really have to describe this one? I have made several different posts on the previous Asylum Steampunk Festival events but for the newcomers here is the basic description below:

The Asylum Steampunk Festival is the largest and longest running steampunk festival in the World, attracting participants from around the globe. It takes place over the August Bank Holiday weekend in the historic City of Lincoln.
For four glorious days the historic streets of Lincoln are thronged with thousands of splendidly dressed steampunks enjoying a festival which strives to combine art, literature, music, fashion, comedy and simple good fun.
In all honest option with the massive growth of the event, the sheer number of people attending, rude abrasive paparazzi (which is a becoming cancerous problem in the event, the next guy to shove a camera into my moustache without asking is getting it smashed) and the massive flood of frankly crappy quality expensive jewellery stalls or book stalls I don't care about at the event some of the shine has come off the event for me.
Also I've seen many of the events and talks from my previous attendance it doesn't feel like there is much variation between the years,.

That said I really recommend it for a newcomer it is a wonderful welcoming experience with a great atmosphere, it really does take over the area around Lincoln Castle (as shown by the map drawn by Artistic Doctor Geof below) and things are improving for the better as can be seen on the official webpage.

UK Ponycon Leeds: October 22nd-23rd
Armouries Dr, Leeds LS10 1LT

UK PonyCon, formerly known as the International My Little Pony Convention, is an event held in the UK celebrating Hasbro's leading 1980s toy brand, My Little Pony. Established in 2004, we are a charity fundraising event that aims to raise money and awareness each year for our chosen charity, as well as spreading the love and fun of My Little Pony!

 Suitable for all the family, kids and collectors alike, PonyCon is a fun day out with events and activities running throughout the day, including collector’s displays, sales stalls, quizzes and competitions, as well as expert advice in the form of panels and workshops. Whether you're young, or just plain young at heart, you'll find plenty to do and see at PonyCon

Frankly the Royal Armouries in Leeds is amazing to go to normally so it puzzled me initially that they were loaning space for a convention of all things.
 Now I haven't attended myself but I was informed the previous years event was a lot of fun and for those of you who are worried that its a bony only event your fears are unfounded its welcoming to everyone and I recommend checking out the official website for more information.

Finally I want to thank the Lovely Lady over at Buzy Bobbins for helping in finding all these events and some of the information for the more awkward Facebook pages, I hope this helps you guys have a great summer and maybe I'll run into a few of you.


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