Chapter Master Update: Chapter Master is Dead, Long Live Interstellar Army Simulator

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Some of you hopefully remember my posts on Chapter Master a fan game by members of 4chans /tg that initially began life as a joke "what if this was a game" thread
Just as recap: it a minor project that stuttered after a few months and died until picked up by a user only know as Duke who has since created a decent simulator strategy game in August 2014 and had released several versions since as well as creating a Patron to help fund development.

However as I have feared from the start and increasingly so with the addition of the Patron Games Workshop has gotten wind of the project, thankfully Duke has done the sensible thing before the cease and desist/ inevitable lawsuit and dropped the copyrighted material but saved the engine to develop further and this was his announcement on the 29th of August.

Important Status Update Published Aug 29, 2015

Due to recent concerns, as of now, I am no longer continuing production on the 'Chapter Master' project. Any future content for 'Chapter Master' is not produced by myself or with any supervision by myself. I have also decided to stay clear of working on parody games in the future to avoid similar concerns.

Because of this I will begin production on a new game called 'Interstellar Army Simulator 2015'. Take the role of a Commander in guarding an interstellar sector from alien and renegade threats! This new game should provide a very similar experience, but with a new and original setting! It also grants more freedom to you, the player, in being able to mod and change game content*- up to and including all of the images and text fields.

I should have the new game more or less ready in a few days. From then on be sure to be on the lookout for fan-made mods.

Thanks again for all of your ongoing support,

*Changing game content limited by engine constraints

So does this mean Chapter Master is dead? Well yes and no while Chapter Master is technicality no longer been developed I suspect the first mods for Dukes engine will be Warhammer 40K themed and keep him safe from lawsuit.
There is a good chance that if the right people ask Duke will pass on his files for Chapter Master and the development will continue underground though even if this doesn't happen it will only be a matter of time until someone finds a way to explore the code for the existing 10 August release.

While this is all a bittersweet I do look forward to Dukes further developments.
Just in case though I recommend getting a hold of the latest version of Chapter Master available: [Link Here] [Alternative]

Update: The First Release of Interstellar Army Simulator is here.


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