100 Random Fantasy drinks for your Tavern

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Settling with a quiet clink the liquid within the ceramic bottle sloshed as Sandell press it into the padded resting place he had created within his backpack, checking his work for the third time he let out a huff as he hoisted the old leather straps over his shoulders. Scanning the empty village street his eyes narrowed as he peered at the nearby shutters watching for onlookers or possible assailants, the wary dwarfs attention was drawn to the sound of approaching foot steps from the building that he guarded though the uneven pace immediately revealed its owner before the battered pine door creaked open. "So are we ready to go young priest?" 
Samuel who had almost stepped past him paused jerking to attention as taken off guard by the sudden question. "Ah ah...yes.. well soon, I've just finished helping Isabel understand the general principle of the runic magic circle, nasty stuff that it seems to be a twisted mixture of dark Abyssal divine rituals and magic.. a bit beyond myself but she thinks that she can discover it purpose now I've helped translate some of the more troublesome sections... we've made a few copies to send to my temple and for her notes in the meantime.." his last few words trailing off quietly and a small deep frown creasing face the cleric settled back against the door frame opposite his companion obviously troubled to the dwarfs eyes.
"Ah now that's a look I've not seen on your face since we first met back at your temple, now we both know such a look doesn't suit you so tell me lad what's is it that's troubling you." In spite of his causal matter of statement Sandells tone normally boisterous now lowered with all the care of a miner testing a new seam. 
After a minutes silence and a few false starts the priest sighed finally responding to his companion "While I know we did the right thing by stopping them by doing so in the way we did.. did I destroy the faith of those remaining and thus damm them? For how long will this community distrust each other and any visitor from now on? what if.." his further musings were interrupted as Sandells gauntleted hand ceasing the gentle stroking of his beard reaching out grasping the priests shoulder forcing the worried young man to meet his eyes.
"Now lad you listen to me, you.. no we did the right thing, I don't expect them to thank us for cutting down their kin but how long till that bastard of a mayor start moving on from travellers to them? No the issue here is they will need to come to terms their kin were demon worshippers, it may take time, it may not happen but its their burden. Remember you said it yourself to myself and Duncan that first night you act as an example in your teachings and what you did today was expose a difficult truth.."
Releasing the stunned priest he nodded towards the group of villagers approaching them from the tavern "Now eyes up we might have trouble." 

If you remember last new year one of my roleplaying group made a guest post which was a 100 different locations to wake up after a night of drinking, after chatting for a while we thought the next fun thing to create would be some unique drinks that would become some of our tavern favourites and secret banes. Now thanks to her here is a guest post for 100 Random Fantasy drinks for your Tavern:  

The PCs walk into a bar and order a drink... but what kind of drink? This table provides a list of names for drinks that can be served in taverns, pubs and side alleys all over the world. Primarily aimed at a fantasy setting these names can also be used for speciality, regional or unusual drinks in a modern setting too since the naming conventions of traditional style drinks has not vastly changed.

1-20  Gut rot and Moonshines
21-40 Ales/Lager
41-60 Cider
61-80 Spirits
81- 100 Wine

Not everything on the list will be suitable for all locations, if a drink doesn't suit your tavern simply roll again or go to a suitable category.

This list is best used with a mature group who understand that drinking to excess is not recommended or fun. The drinking feats mentioned in this list are not recommended in real life unless you happen to be an Orc barbarian or a half dragon.

Dirty Pint
Moonshine made from the dregs of all other drinks in the place.Thankfully the further fermenting takes away the worst of the taste and quality varies depending on the drinks served. 
Cheese Rind Cider
This is named because it is bright orange like a waxy cheese rind and
tastes really good accompanied by cheese. It is actually made from carrot
juice and flavoured with strong apples. 

A slightly fizzy drink, the smell is very strong, the taste is unusual so that it is not clear exactly what this drink is made from.
Nags Fire
This fruit based concoction is made of a secret recipe. While it does
nothing to humans if a horse consumes it they get a slight increase in energy and stamina. (DMs choice if other typical mount animals are affected)

Hair of the Dog
This has a dirty aftertaste to it, rumour has it that a dog is used to mix the brew by swimming in it before it ferments.
The Generals Truce
This is an unusual cider in which the recipe calls for apples from three
neighbouring kingdoms. It was originally brewed to celebrate a truce
between the three kingdoms after a long period of war. On the anniversary
of the truce it is customary to raise a toast to those who died in the

Trolls Piss
A dark yellow brew, a mixture of cider and ale with a thin yellow bubbly head on the top.
Cats meow
The cider is named after the large numbers of cats which live on the
orchard. The orchard has been plagued in the past by all manner of rodents
and the cats are kept to help keep the rodents off of the fruit trees.
Sometimes stray cats, runaway cats or cats who have been abandoned in the
local area end up living in the orchard meaning the farmer sometimes has up to a dozen more cats around than the few he actually owns.

Bathtub Brew
This drink varies from region to region and pub to pub, it contains whatever the brewer wants to add and is made by amateur brewers so may still contain fruit pips or be barely alcoholic.
Apple wine
A hard cider traditionally served in very small cups or glasses, popular among halflings. They
generally insist the small glasses are due to the alcohols stronger strength than their smaller stature but it is rare a halfling could drink a full pint of this without becoming very drunk.

Brawl Breaker
A drink served in large tankards known for sending drinkers to sleep after their first pint and thus stopping more than a few potential fights.
Gemrose's dream
This cider is brewed by a halfling cook who claims to have fallen into a
large barrel of apples and could not get out. She eventually fell asleep
in the barrel and the smell of the apples gave her a dream which was her
inspiration for a new type of cider. She was eventually rescued but not
before she ate most of the delicious apples in the barrel.

Scregs Mixup
Initially brewed by a travelling salesman this brew is cheap because the fruit it is made from is going rotten when it is added to the mixture.

Adventurers Tale
This cider is often drunk around a warm camp fire in the age old tradition
of telling tall tales at the end of a long day.

Seabeast Poison
Found mostly in coastal taverns this mixture is almost black, it is said the original recipe did indeed contain juice from the poison sacks of a rare sea creature. Since this creature is apparently hard to find and often changes from tale to tale the modern recipe certainly does not contain it any more.
Yule fruit
This cider is served in glass containers shaped like various fruits
depending on the flavour of the cider. These 'fruits' are dazzlingly
painted with gold or silver and hung on a yule tree. It is a very distinct
display of wealth that only kings and the heads of merchant clans can
afford for their yule balls.

Housewives Ruin
This mixture is thick and sweet, not very alcoholic but is easy to drink in large quantities before the effects are felt.
Royal Decree
Occasionally also known as the Dragons Decree this cider is made by a tribe of Kobolds under the orders of their dragon patron. The dragon was dismayed to find that his small tribe were digging into very dangerous caverns in search of tribute and getting themselves killed. Instead the dragon researched spells which allowed the kobolds to grow apple trees in a specially dug out cavern and make cider as tribute instead while the excess is sold.

Gut Rot
This drink is unpleasant but cheap and powerful, drinking it even sparingly will results a bad stomach ache as well as a hangover in the morning.
Playwrights Muse
This cider is weak but sold in large quantities to the audiences of a large plays either by a travelling show or a large established theatre.

Werewolf Blood
This drink has a dark red tint, it is made from berries and grapes not quite good enough for fine wines, every barrel tastes very different because of the varying nature of the ingredients.
Thimbleful Gin
Often drunk at refined dinner parties or high class restaurants. This spirit is to be consumed in very small amounts to help clear the palette after a meal)
Rust Monster Moonshine 
This red and bitty dwarven moonshine has to be served in specially reinforced tankards for the full taste, it has been rumoured some people have use it to melt metal which is how it gained its name.
Knockback Knockout
Taken in shots due to its powerful kick, It is not to be kept in large quantities due to its flammable (possibly explosive) nature. However it is sometimes used by firebreathing acts at the circus.
Sleep Tonic
Many taverns will only serve this to customers who have already paid for lodgings for the night. The drinker will feel a short period of drowsiness before falling soundly to sleep for several hours
Dragons Breath Vodka
While not the best quality vodka by far it’s spicy flavourings draw people to it. The spicy kick makes a shot of this vodka taste far stronger than it actually is and there are different varieties each named after a type of dragon with varying levels of spice.

Cheap and Nasty
This terrible drink is often served as an insult or drunk as a dare and most agree it should not be drunk by anyone really.
Oak Dale Whisky
A flavourful and clear whiskey said to be made with water from the purist natural spring and aged for more than 10 years in a secret underground location

"Pub Name" Special Brew
Named after the pub this is often one of the nicer drinks in any establishment and the one that varies the most between places.

Trognors Flaming Brandy
This drink is very strong leaving a warm feeling throughout the chest, some drink it while it is on fire as a test of courage.
Pint of dregs 
Made from the dregs of barrels, it is bitty and vile, some bars may disguise the taste by adding a fruit cordial.
Bush Berry Gin
A variety of bush berries are soaked in Gin for several weeks to make this drink, It is thick and sweet with a reddish purple tint. In some places the berries are removed before serving in others they are left in making the drink more like a fruit salad

Surgeons Choice
A strong alcohol which is used by surgeons in the middle of large battles to clean wounds or to numb a patient so that wounds can be stitched up it is clear and has no bits in it but the taste is vile and drinking it in large amounts can make you very ill afterwards

Mead with extra fermented honey added, it is sickly sweet and a little thick.
Tavern Pudding
This "drink" is so thick that when it is ready you don’t pour a pint of it instead you cut a slice off the loaf. It varies in quality between different recipes a fine version may be served with a liquor poured on top which slowly turns its consistency to something resembling yoghurt while a poor version may simply be eaten in a sandwich

Mages Tipple
This is served in only a few locations. It is a mild but clear spirit which is normally quite plain. However it is served in enchanted glasses which change the colour and flavour over time. The colour is always unnaturally bright and the taste slightly artificial and very strong.
Beggars Brandy
Made from cabbages in locations were cabbages are plentiful. While fermenting this brew smells very very bad and sometimes a hut for the fermentation barrels will be built a little way from a settlement.
Purple Fire
This is an exotic drink which although it is not alcoholic it contains small red chillies and sweetened by the nectar and petals from a blue flower. If you obtain a bottle it will still have whole chilli inside.
The longer the bottle is left to stand the spicier the drink becomes. Some collectors will pay well for a very old bottle of this drink. 

Merry Frog
This cheaply made drink is served with some local herbs floating on the top
and a very greasy sausage in the mug. It is foul but the locals call it a delicacy as way to sell terrible beer and sausages
to fools and strangers.
The Thieves Candle
This alcohol is generally disguised as another brand and can make up part
of a disguised thieves kit. If a rope wick is added to the bottle and lit it will burn for up to two hours. If it is drunk it causes nausea and vomiting after 10 minutes. This has allowed some canny thieves a chance to make a get away after being caught and their kit confiscated. 

Hobgoblins Delight
The ale was named as such because the small brewery it was originally named in was repeatedly raided by hobgoblins and other monsters just for this ale. The brewery has now moved to a more defensible location and has armed guards on watch at all times.
This type of brandy is often found in a climbers or adventurers kit when
they are venturing to cold climates. It is said that a small nip of this will ward off frostbite. It does not have any more effect than any other type of brandy but the makers of this drink are not in a hurry to disprove the myth. 

Dragon Blood
This traditional ale is dark and thick and a little bitter with a smoky after taste ,an acquired taste for many.
Widows Tears
This actually contains only small amounts of alcohol and is made up mostly
of a sleeping tonic and a potion of forgetfulness. This is sometimes used
by people pretending to be doctors instead of magic or real medicine

Faerie Blood
This ale is pale almost white in colour it is stronger than it tastes and leaves a faint tingle in the mouth.
Mint Bomb
This liquor tastes very strongly of mint and other herbs and spices. It was initially rumoured that if a dragon drinks this their fire breathing ability will be strengthened. This rumour soon spread and further expanded that it would work with other races with breath weapons and was banned in some kingdoms because of this. 

Black Forest Brew
Made from a type of hop which is found in the Black Forest where childhood nightmares are said to lurk. The ale itself is a very dark colour and some say that swirls in the liquid itself create ghoulish visions.

Nobody knows who makes this or even who drinks this though it has made its way to quite a few establishments. It seems to be fermented fish guts with fish heads floating in it and other unidentified items.
"Region Name" Ale
A regional speciality, often imitated by cheaper taverns throughout the region, never beaten, there are never large quantities of this brew around due to its demand. Insulting this drink is often a good way to start fights with more nationalistic individuals.
Aniseed Cup
 Tastes of Aniseed and is quite powerful. Some unscrupulous criminals will
throw it after themselves while on the run particularly in a crowded cities in hopes the the strong smell confuses tracker dogs owned by the city watch.
However some experienced intelligent creatures may only suffer a penalty to
tracking when this trick is used but this may still be enough for a thief to get away.

Captains Lunch
A pale slightly fizzy ale, golden amber in colour. The barrels for this have a large sailing boat on them, and is often found in coastal towns though its popularity means it has spread.
Drinking Cloud
This expensive magical spirit looks like a small cloud or fog in a narrow bottle. When opened it slowly trails upwards in filling a small area with an intoxicating cloud but if the bottle is smashed the whole cloud is released at once. It has been used in large doses by adventurers to make monsters too drunk to fight and in tiny discreet doses it can be used to liven up dull noble parties.

Krakens Revenge
Made in the same Brewery as the "Captains Lunch" This dark ales strength has a tendency to catch people unawares.
There is a picture of a kraken on the barrel and occasionally this includes the Kraken attacking a ship.
Silver Stallion
Invented by the landlord of the Silver Stallion pub to stop customers falling
asleep in the pub before closing time. Its a cheap spirit mixed with a potent caffeinated drink, it contains so much sweetening tree sap that after drinking it for the next few hours your mouth feels fuzzy.

Golden Harvest
A blend of pale ale and mead, it is sweet yet woody. The picture on the barrel is of bees on yellow flowers.
High Tea
Looks and tastes just like tea though it leaves a warm feeling throughout the body, its even served warm and sometimes from a
glass teapot in upmarket restaurants. Some unscrupulous restaurant owners will just serve regular tea since most people cannot
tell the difference.

Green Dragon Scale
Dwarven ale is made mostly from  common cave slime and moss, it was invented during a siege of a dwarven stronghold when the defenders were forced to begin eating the moss after food stores ran out. Traditionally it doesn’t taste or smell very nice but makes the slime at least a little palatable. Some clans still drink this brew but they may take the time to flavour it making it a decent ale with several regional variations.  The cave slime is quick to grow in the right conditions making this ale cheap but it is often not sold outside the dwarven community.

Served with sparkling water this fruity spirit is quite palatable. However
in some noble restaurants it is served with a glass full of fruit chunks, mint leaves and various other garnishes making it more of a fruit salad than a drink.

Wailing Banshee
The brewery this is made in is said to be haunted. Even after several clerics of high renown visited the building and found
nothing the owners insisted the strange noises were paranormal. It was later proven that the strange hissing and and other unexplained noises were due to the use of very old brewing equipment which creaked and rattled as the brew fermented
It is said the fruits for this pale spirit grow on the tallest peak of a frosty mountain range, the plants are watered by the tallest waterfall. Legend has it that the fruit is picked by angels and cherubs and the drink is brewed by the goddess of love herself.
However most people suspect that this is a fanciful story but it does help to sell the many imitation spirits of this name.

This comes from a brewery which is haunted by a great number of ghosts and phantoms. The owner is a necromancer and sometimes gets them to work making the beer, this has the strange side effect that horrified faces
constantly swirl in the foam at the top of the beer. Many taverns who dare to serve it add a little holy water to each pint to prevent the rumoured cases of ghost possession amongst drinkers who have passed out from

Strawberry Fizz
This wine is a very pale pink and fizzy, it is not alcoholic at all, it is the kind of drink associated with young ladies or given to children with a meal.
Meadow Green
This lager is dark and slightly green tinted. It is actually made with scented grass as an added ingredient. It is popular amongst Minotaurs. 

Elderberry Delight
While strong this dark red wine has a sophisticated mix of flavour making it popular with nobility.
Doctors Orders
This beer was invented by a disgruntled alchemist. Nobody would buy his
medicines and potions because they tasted so vile so he came up with a weak drink which would not interfere with the herbs and magic used in the potions but made them quite a bit more palatable. 

Lovers kiss 
It is said that this rose wine has aphrodisiac qualities and is best shared with someone you love.
Gribbles Downfall
This magical ale is named because of its unique properties. For one hour after it
is drunk the drinker cannot teleport or be teleported by force unless the
person casting the spell is very skilled.
This was used to outsmart a thief called Gribble who unwisely drank some
while robbing a house and found to his shock he could no longer use his
teleporting amulet to escape. 

Elven Song
Pale rose coloured wine which is said to have been a muse for great bards, as such it is often drunk in recent years by those who boast claims to have great talents.
Ocean Foam
A strange type of drink brewed by people who live on or next to the sea.
It contains seaweeds of various kinds as a key flavouring ingredient. Due to this it is quite salty.

Fey Flowers 
A dry white wine. In some fancy restaurants a edible flower bud coated in sugar is served inside the glass. The flower opens because of the bubbles in the wine and makes a fantastic display.
Small Beer
This beer is very weak and very pale. It uses the fermentation not to
create the drink but simply to sterilise the nearby water

House Wine
A low quality wine served in upclass taverns or restaurants as the cheap option. The taste is inoffensive but unremarkable too.
Pint of Bread
This beer is thick, even the foam on top is thick and creamy. Taverns near
popular adventuring or travelling routes sell small portable kegs of this brew since drinking a pint of this is said to be as good as eating a small meal and is quite efficient for caravan or wagon trains to carry as provisions along with regular food and drink.
Anyone drinking this will gain the benefit as if they had eaten a trail ration but also intoxication effects.

Ch√Ęteau Du Plonk
An average wine but it has stylised bottle and beautiful swirled writing on the label. Sold in cheap establishments or given to nobles house guests after the first good bottle of wine has been drunk and the guest is too intoxicated to appreciate higher quality wine.
Dwarven Barley Wine
Called a wine because it can be as strong as a wine in alcohol content and drunk in smaller glasses (except by dwarves who can handle it in larger glasses) it is technically a beer and some travelers to dwarven settlements can be caught out by the surprising strength.

Golden Chalice 
This recipe was long forgotten until a fragment of a book on wine making was found by adventurers in a dragons horde. This particular recipe has no name that could be salvaged from the battered book so it is named after a golden chalice which was swapped with the dragon for the book

Volcano Sputter
This beer is made by drying the malt to make the beer over open lava (though some less ambitious brewers settle for a kiln or open fire) which imparts an unusual smoky taste in the finished brew. Creatures who normally live in such conditions can sometimes be found overseeing the drying process even if the actual brewing is done elsewhere.

Willows Dale
This common wine is aged in large willow barrels and has a pair of sister wines named Oaks Dale and Pine Dale which are aged in barrels of their respected wood.
Angel Malt 
The hops of this this pure white beer are rumoured to have originated from the celestial realms, the equipment and ingredients are traditionally blessed and cleansed with holy water before brewing. Many churches with less strict rules on alcohol often trade in this as a way of raising funds.
The Mountains Bounty
A group of dwarf brewers who were not to be outdone by the elves created the recipe for this wine. It is brewed mostly from root vegetables which grow easily near their mountain home. It does not much resemble wine but it is probably the closest to it this particular clan will get.

Cox Fondler 
A not too delicate brew served in taverns close to the orchard. The picture advertising this brew is quite crude in both design and humour.
Brewed from the berries of a very poisonous plant if prepared incorrectly this wine can be very harmful however if brewed by a master brewer it is dark purple in colour and very rich in taste.

Cloudy Sky Cider
Pale and cloudy there are always apple bits in the bottom of the glass and the drink gets rather thick near the end of the barrel.
Pasture By The River
This wine is drinkable to anyone who knows nothing about wine. To anyone who enjoys wine on a regular basis it tastes sour and as if it has already gone past its best. The label is trying to look nice with a picture of a field next to a a river but none of the writing on the bottle is legible.

Valley Press
Made from apples grown from trees in a valley kept secret by the brewer. It is said that the apples taste sweet and pure because the trees are watered from a fresh mountain spring.
Cloudy Bay White Wine
This wine is pressed in a traditional method by stamping on the grapes in
a large vat. One year to save costs the farmer hired monstrous humanoids
to press the grapes, but they did not wash their feet leading to a
strangely cloudy wine. The secret was kept for many years but when it was
discovered the guilty farmer sold his farm and this wine was no longer
produced which has lead to a demand by connoisseurs. 

Black Hellhound
This cider is a beautiful amber colour and slightly cloudy, it does not taste strong but its hangover has led many to have a further pint in the morning to take the bite off the hellhound.
Tree Walker Wine
This wine is very expensive because of its rarity. The fruits for making
it grow in the middle of dense forest and the trees do not fare well when
farmed. Instead farmers have trained intelligent animals (pick something
setting appropriate) to pick and bring back the fruit although the animals
do tend to eat many fruits before they get back.

Kings Apple
Created with a variety of apple which ferments slowly while on the tree and still remain edible but if not as sweet as they are when fresh. This apple is great in fruit salads or in sweet ciders to give them an extra kick.
Mulled Wine
A dark red wine heated and spiced generally served in the cold winter
months. The exact nature of the wine varies from region to region as
different spices are used.

Raspberry Blend
A cider favoured with the juice of raspberries. This is generally drunk on hot days and early autumn. 
Rose Garden
This expensive wine is commonly drunk by nobles and social climbers, it is a sweet rose wine flavoured further with flower petals which according to some experts makes it taste worse than
it did originally. However its very expensive and some drink it only as a
status symbol.

Fruit Crush
This cheap cider made from both apples and pears is crudely made but still rather palatable, the blend appears to be different in each barrel making flavours inconsistent.
Blood Wine
This 'Wine' is a curious red colour. On closer inspection it is not really wine but the blood of someone who drank wine before the blood was taken with an added ingredients to stop the blood clotting. 
Its popular with vampires who do not like the idea of biting humanoids for their daily blood fix. This has been known to have been faked with a deep red wine for squeamish cultists who should drink blood as part of evil rituals but just can't stomach it.

The Last Bushel 
This cider is made from the last apples
collected from each field at harvest season. Once the cider is fermented A token amount is poured on the oldest tree in the field in thanks for a good harvest. This is also an excuse for a big party in some villages where much cider is drunk.
Celebration Wine
This champagne is smashed against ships to launch them, shaken up by winners of races and sprayed over the losers, the cork that gets
popped most spectacularly at noble parties. It is very fizzy and needs
very little shaking to get going.

The Hogs Head
A strong tasting cooking cider. It is not generally drunk on its own but
used to create a strong flavour in apple or pork based recipes such as apple sauce, pies or a marinade for pork. 

Wine of the Gods
Once sold by a travelling salesman who claimed that the clear liquid in the bottle would become wine in the mouths of those who were good, true and kind. The salesman was long gone by the time it was discovered the bottles only contained river water.
Occasionally bottles of this still show up in locations were the tale hasn't spread.
The Creaking Branch 
Made from fruits from intelligent plants and fermented in barrels made from their wood. Adventuring parties are sent out to harvest the fruit because this can be a dangerous undertaking.
Elven Family Wine
In some elf communities it is tradition to brew a barrel of wine during the year a new baby is born into the family. Each family has a different recipe. The wine is ready when the child reaches adulthood. Some say that a wine will sour if the child dies and it will be very unlucky to drink it. 

"Oi Dwarf I've matters to settle with you" Pushing forward to the head of the eight strong group a lanky whip of a man glowered at the two of them, his sausage fingered hands clenching and unclenching in a repressed anger that seemed to fuel the foul mood others around him. 
"Its bad enough you cut down my brother but how dare you loot his bar, this isn't some ruin where you can take what you like, return what you've stolen NOW."
His hand sliding with casual menace towards the haft of his axe Sandell not cowered by this display stepped forward his voice returning to its normal rough tone as he replied to his accuser "I've stolen nothing, I took the provisions that were needed and left fair payment in a pouch on the bar.." 
 "I don't want your money, anyway how do I know the prices fair huh? Everyone knows you short arses don't part from more coin than you can get away with." The smell of alcohol on the man's breath now gave away the source of his courage and foolishness as he tried to loom over the barrel chested dwarf threateningly and failing much to the notice of his increasingly sobering friends.

Slipping in between the two Samuel with a firm but gentle hand moved the unwilling man beyond the range of the irate dwarfs axe. "Now sir my dwarven companion while gruff is honest otherwise he would not of been hired by my temple to aid in the delivery of the healing potions and other medicines however if you can prove you have been cheated I would willing aid you in the matter as my duties dictate." his words having some effect on the man and companions who having not given the burst of violence they were expecting were beginning to calm however determined to maintain his self righteous fury the brother of the deceased bartender continued. "But that dwarven brandy he took is worth half this purse alone.."
"If you drank it you'd die." Snapping back Sandell reply was almost growled though his words were almost drowned out by the cries of disbelief and outrage of the men around him.
"We might not be as sturdy as you dwarves but we men aren't that weak besides we could always put a little water in it to make it last longer.. folks round here won't mind." The man tone was now smug and self assured in the insufferable way someone that was losing an argument thinks they've now won.
"You uncultured Mosgrim who waters down brandy?! Anyway that besides the point you can't drink it because its rubbing alcohol, specifically for cleaning corrosives from weapons and mining tools.. I know of one occasion where a troll raiding a caravan has gone blind drinking this by mistake."
Unsure what to say the mob now dissolved into awkward "Ums" and "Errs" accompaned by neck rubbing slowly dispersing as the two adventurers watched them go.
"So honoured grandfather that tale about the troll.. is that true?"
"Aye happened on my fourth shift as a caravan guard... in anycase lets collect our young lady and see if Duncan has finished talking to that lass that was strung up on the altar before these idiots cause a fuss over the three bottle of Snowdrift I took too."          


  1. Anonymous Says:

    I'm going to ask my DM if he will let me have a few bottles of Thieves candle for my rogue.
    I wonder what an encounter with that blind troll would be like? It would be fun to try and sneak around him but if he heard a noise he would charge in that direction. Or being pointed in the right direction by a bunch of goblins!

  1. Jason Silverain Says:

    While not a troll my own group did once encounter a feral cave ogre with the scent ability. The goblins who lived nearby had several traps that coated a person in a sticky sweet smelling sap in the surrounding corridors which would slow a person and make them easier for the ogre to track.

  1. Russ Smith Says:

    Thank you for this great list, been looking for some detailed descriptions of Tavern drinks for my home-brew campaign.
    Best wishes for your treatment and recovery.

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