Events in July and updates regarding this months posts: Part 2

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Carrying on from the last post here are more upcoming events this month:

4th-6th July: Summer Stabcon 2014:

                                                  (Picture source: Kevin and Games)

As usual it is been held at the Britannia Hotel, Dialstone Lane, Stockport. While the hotel itself has mixed reviews (increasingly negative in more recent years) the convention itself is consider one of the better cons in the UK.

For the LARPers amongst you Heroquest UK located at Candleston Castle Campsite in South Wales is holding an event, unfortunately past the basic description at this time I don't have much information but if anyone is planning on attending send me a message and I'll post an update.

25th-28th July: Continuum 2014:

Held at John Foster Hall, Leicester University Halls of Residence, Oadby, Leicester, UK. I've sadly no pictures for this one but the site itself is highly informative, while in the past most of the games have been Call of Cthulhu focused it looks like this trend is fading with this years game list.

For more event information in the UK there is a great source of regularly updated info here.

Finally in regards to the adventure I have been writing and intend to post, I plan to upload it in series of posts spread across the month for two reason: Firstly to avoid the article becoming a giant wall of text that is difficult to read and edit, secondly several of my play testers for the adventure have been away for a for a few days so it gives me time to finish play testing and making any alterations.


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