The Lord Inquisitor: Warhammer 40K unoffical animation.

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While I try to avoid minor "Look at this cool thing!" posts but this is something I thought was worth highlighting if just for its scale and ambition alone.

The Lord Inquisitor is an animated film that began as a short animated trailer created by just one man, a artist and modeller by the name of Erasmus Brosdau. Since then what originally was intended to be a eight minute clip has expanded into a full team project including Warhammer 40K authors and occasional help from employees of places like Crytek and Ubisoft with the final goal intended to be a forty minute movie.

This might be considered old news if you follow kotaku but just at the end of the June a new rather impressive trailer was released:

For more information on the trailer kotaku has an article or for more information on the entire "The Lord Inquisitor" project the official website is here.


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