Chapter Master Update: Flow aka Streamline creates a development blog for C++ Interstellar Army Simulator.

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 So its been a while since the last Chapter Master update but it good news everyone Flows C++ project has some updates, it now has its own development blog and links to the Marine editor.

Now don't expect this to suddenly sky rocket into a full game any time soon as Flows own post explains below:

Space Soldier Management Engine, An Introduction

What is this?

The primary focus of this blog is going to be my development of the Space Soldier Management Engine, development name "Superhuman Space Soldiers". For the benefit of having a complete set of lore, artwork and references to draw from, the initial version is going to be sampled on the Chapter Master game and will be based in the 40k universe.

Ultimately, however, I am creating a general engine here. Swapping out mods is going to be seamless and easy, and will allow for a variety of games including but not limited to European historical conflicts, the Age of Sail-based pirate adventures, far future sci-fi games, fantasy universe games and many more.

With that said, for the foreseeable future the engine will be created to serve the Chapter Master game's design goals, though will in all cases be mod-independent and documented as such.

This project will be undertaken between paid contract work and will therefore vary in speed of progress and inevitably take quite a while to make.

A Little Background

So you're probably wondering "Who even is this Streamline guy?". Well, I'm not going to delve into any personal details but I will say that I have been programming for several years, primarily focused around cross-platform desktop applications in C and C++. Like many programmers, I have dabbled in numerous languages to varying extents, but have a particular love for C++. I have been working as a freelance software developer for roughly two years and have completed a number of projects, most pertinently I am currently contracted to create another large scale strategy game, which I am unable to disclose many details about at this time.

With all of that said, I have no concerns about ability ot complexity of the project, the only determining factor for completing it will be time and motivation, as with all things.

So why blog?

Well, simply put, I need your help! This is a big project, and has lofty goals. The engine itself I can create all myself with no real issues, however there's more to a game than just an engine.

I have no artistic ability, little knowledge of the core game material - the 40K universe - and will inevitably need assisstance in testing, quality control and numberous other aspects. This blgo is intended to be a central repository of progress, knowledge about the engine/game, and to gather support and help in its creation. If you'd like to geti n touch for any reason or believe you'd be able to help out in any way - little or big - please e-mail me at

That's it for this post at least.
Peace out!

Meanwhile Journier and Thy are still working on the Game maker version of Chapter Master however Thy is current MIA and they are awaiting news from the programmer.

Duke has also emerged once more but with a new project, having learnt lessons from Chapter Master he is now working upon Towergirls.

Here is the description by Duke below:

Towergirls is a mix of JRPG and Grand Strategy. Create Sir or Lady Knight, and go on a quest to rescue the land of Corona from the depredations of the Dragon Queen and her Daughters! You must brave dungeons and towers against their vile minions and allies to rescue the princesses of various kingdoms. Once rescued, you may return them to their kingdoms for diplomatic benefits, or seek to befriend or even romance them to unite your kingdoms, even eventually marrying them! Then, use those connections to expand and unite the kingdoms of Corona in the face of the threats to come.

Characters you meet in the game become party members, ministers, or related to vital services of your Kingdom. Your Kingdom itself will advance both in terms of technology and infrastructure you build, but also in laws and culture due to decisions you make with the help of your advisers and princesses. In turn, you advance your own skills, either as a leader or an adventurer, to improve your abilities to rule and lead armies, or to fight your way through dungeons for treasure, rescues, and chivalry. 

More about Towergirls and a demo can be found over at:
The 12bay Forums.
The Towergirls Homepage
Dukes Patreon (Go Support It)

I hope this has been informative for you all, I for one am certainly looking forward to the progress of this year.


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