Upcoming events, Arcen Games troubles and conquest and slaughter in Little War Games.

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Its been a while since I've covered upcoming events in the United Kingdom but when I saw these advertised I thought I should spread the word, after all it is only attending and supporting local events that the opportunity for further rises.

The first event I want to highlight is Retro Collects Video Games Market 3 On March 5th.

Now I admit collecting retro games is a personal vice of mine which I've cut back on over the years having donated a literal suitcase of items to the Videos Game Gallery in Nottingham  So I love these kinds of events.
The market will be held at the Doncaster Dome and entry will be £2 or free for under 16s between 10am and 5pm, parking is free and there is a shuttle bus which is also free.

There is also the upcoming MCM London Comic Con which I will be attending for the first time this year so keep an eye out for a chap dressed as a Payday character.
This between the 27th and 29th of May and tickets can range between £15-£50 depending on your attendance.
This video by The Might Jingles gives a hint of what you might see if you attend:

Moving back to video games, if you just want to try out retro game cabinets and pinball machines then you should check out North East Retro Gaming aka NERG on the 2nd and 3rd of July.
This is the 4th annual NERG event and there is only 900 tickets which are priced between £15 to £25. The event is been held at the Gatehead International Stadium between 10:30am and 7:30pm though closes early at 5pm on the Sunday.

For the role play enthusiasts amongst you I recommend as usual checking the UK RPG Convention Calendar for events near you and there are plenty already listed for this year.

In other news Arcen Games seem to be in some financial trouble after their latest release unfortunately didn't sell as well as they hope, their press release is an interesting read into indie game companies and personally I hope its something they can recover from.

If you've not heard of Arcen Games or its newest release Starward Rogue you can see it in my own video below:

Finally for you strategy game lovers there is a wonderful little browser game called  Little War Game which is completely free, doesn't require registration and allows you to take part in or observe fast games against other players or the CPU. I recommend giving it a quick look at least.


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