More Payday Shenanigans with Haxmonster.

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So I mentioned yesterday that I had seen an old gaming buddy of mine called Haxmonster for the first time in ages and we ended recording a game of Payday 2 for his Youtube Channel.

We I wasn't expecting to see him again so soon but we made the best of it first of all warming up with a little silliness on a Armoured Transport Raid.

I will confess the allure of the light machine gun did make me somewhat careless but it was a good bit of fun and chatter with us discussing video games and the design choices of Payday 2 dlc.

Having had a little refresher we decided on a blind run on the Forest Bomb Heist and I was pleasantly surprised to find it was one of the best designed levels I've played in a while and was of my better performances today. 

Finally with our bloodlust sated we decided to try to be a little more subtle and try our hand at a stealth mission.

I hope you guys found those fun to watch, I will confess I did get slightly sidetracked and droned on a little at points.

Finally the How To Host A Dungeon Post will be up on the 10th.


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