Chapter Master Update: Always Bet on Duke

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Just a warning folks since this post references the /tg community several of the links with go to sites with strong language.

When ever a fan made game is created there is always the worry of a cease and desist letter halting everything or project members lacking the skill and time to develop the game growing bored and abandoning it.
That was almost the fate of Chapter Master and even when I reviewed it I must confess I thought it wouldn't progress much further however it seems to have risen up once again with the hard work from the user known as Duke with a new version available: [Link Here

Not everything has gone well however and Duke had nearly decided to drop the project after financial difficulty and needed to actually support himself.
Not wanting to abandon the project completely and his attempts to find replacement coder not meeting much success a new solution has been proposed by the community and Duke now has a patreon [Link Here] through which he can be contacted and donated to.

In other Chapter Master news its main page over on the the 1D4 Chan wiki has been updated and now has some more information on the diplomacy options within the game and basic tips.
Since some of you would rather understandably avoid the wiki here are the handy gameplay tips below:


  • Don't donate a chaos artefact to anyone but the Inquisition.
  • Use tech marines to pick up STC fragments; just unload them from your ships down onto the planet with the STC on it to pick it up. Artefacts can be retrieved in the same way.
  • Ancient Ruins can be explored in a similar way to retrieving an STC, as mentioned above. They contain all sorts of useful stuff, so explore them whenever you can. BE WARNED! Ancient Ruins are often infested with Chaos Cultists and even Daemons, so always send Terminators if you can! Make sure the landing party has:
    1) A good selection of both ranged and melee weapons. Assault Cannons, Heavy Flamers, Meltaguns and power weapons are a good choice, but don't load up the landing party with too many of a particular type of weapon - a few heavy weapons dispersed throughout the squad is the best way to go.
    2) At least one Techmarine and one Apothecary in the landing party to retrieve any STC fragments and/or relics, and to make sure that the gene-seed is recovered from any marines who are killed.
  • Add Bionics to wounded Marines to quickly heal them and get them back in the fight.
  • Never have your entire chapter in a single fleet as warp storms are full of terrors and pop up at most inopportune times.
    1) On a Crusade
    2) To a Space Hulk
    3) Into a dormant Necron Tomb
    To do so will result in bad things.
  • Sisters of Battle are a cheap and effective addition to your forces. They have the same Armour Class (AC) as marines in Mk 7 power armour, though they do have less health, and you can't (yet) re-equip them to give them anything other than bolters (So no Retributor Squads, Boo!)
  • The Sisters Hospitaller make good(ish) replacements for Apothecaries. Though they can't recover Geneseed from dead marines, they can still prevent deaths and decrease healing time for wounded marines in the same way that the Apothecaries do.
  • Techpriests work in much the same way as your Techmarines, repairing vehicles damaged in battle. They can be re-equipped with better armour and weapons (Though the conversion beam projector they come with is usually enough). Add bionics to them to give them more health and increase their combat effectiveness.

Rather than debating if fan games should be legal I'll just be thankfully Chapter Master seems still low on Games Workshops radar since Games Work is well known for its outright relentless IP guarding to the point of destroying their own rules


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