June Already!?

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I can hardly believe its already June and it seems that both in the real and digital world we live in interesting times.

These last few weeks have been a flurry of news with the positives been the announcement of a new Mega Man animated series in 2017 and the release of a trailer for Fallout 4 (See Below)

On the flip side more invasive internet monitoring and censorship laws are been passed or suggested under false pretences of terrorism prevention in America or protecting children in the UK meanwhile the detestable entity known as ISIS continues to destroy relics of the Middle East in a brutal if futile attempt to eradicate 2000 years of history.  

Overall I've been left in a sense of melancholy by the last month, this hasn't been helped by the mental block that is drain all my creativity which is been caused the medication I've been taking to minimise the symptoms of an ear infection I've developed after been caught in a pair of thunderstorms in the last week.

Returning to the blog I'll be finishing my posts on How To Host a Dungeon this month though I may return to it with more custom content in the future, I will also be updating the index page for easy browsing of previous posts.


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