Exploring VaragtP's Walk and Grind Loot Hero DX

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As I've gotten older and a little wiser I rarely make impulse purchases any more in regards to video games, but Steam Sales are a powerful incentive and so I took a gamble and this is how I came to own Loot Hero DX.

Loot Hero DX is one of a pair of games released by VaragtP that were previously available on smart phone and tablet and have been upgraded for the PC market, now credit where credit is due these games while basic are better than their original counter parts but remain seated in the casual games category with minimum depth. Arguably this doesn't automatically make them poor games and Loot Hero DX certainly has wonderful sprite work and music but overall there is a sense of lost opportunity as its gameplay resembles a clicker game more than the casual action RPG it claims to be. 

Unfortunately due to its nature Loot Hero DX is actually difficult to describe in length so with some help and advice from Hax Monster I've created a combination of review and lets play for your viewing pleasure:

For those who can't view the video the basic summary is this:

You begin as a knight who moves very slowly and all the game play amounts to is walking left or right bumping into enemies until either you or enemies die. When enemies are defeated they drop gold which can be spent on upgrades to Attack, Defence, Critical hit Chance or Speed however only attack or defence are of any use, you also gain experience points which will eventually level your character which gives pitiful bonuses to these stats in comparison to the bought upgrades.

The enemies do nothing to stop your progress other than act as a blockade and you can stand next to them without fear of been attacked or been pushed back, they also almost immediately respawn once you pass an area so you can grind back and forth through the same line without having to progress in the level.

While there is minor story elements at the beginning the ending is little more that "A winner is you" before shunting you back to the menu and increasing the level of all the monsters and levels.
You do gain a single miner each time who earns you gold while your not playing but because of the small gold cap you soon can earn the maximum amount of gold in seconds at the higher levels.

As I say repeatedly during the review I love the artwork and this could of been made into a nifty little rogue light or platform RPG but if you need something to kill ten minutes Loot Hero DX is ideal but its not much use for anything else.

I hope you enjoyed the video I will try to work on the quality for future videos as I did notice the sound was a little loud in this one but I welcome any feedback and suggestions.


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