Jobs fairs, Payday distractions and recommended Shadowrun Returns Modules.

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I'll confess I'm a little late posting this month as there was a Jobs fair in Lincoln on the 2nd and I've been following up a few opportunities from it. Those of you in the local area that didn't attend don't worry, you didn't miss much as most of the stalls were training/education courses, recruitment agencies or Carer positions (with Lincoln's ageing population and the recent shake up and investigation of abuse in care homes leaving many positions empty this seems like the only growth sector in the area.)

Also much to my personal annoyance with my own behaviour I've been rather distracted recently by Payday 2, my housemates and gaming group have become rather fond of it and most of my usual late evening writing time has been taken over by the mischievous crime spree of our little crew with Shadow Raid and Hotline Miami becoming fast favourites and Go Bank our bane.

(Sometimes I think they area bit too desperate to stop the drill)

Also with Shadowrun: Dragonfall Directors Cut released last month I took a few days to head back to Showrun Returns to see if any of the modules in the Steam Workshop had been updated and I wasn't disappointed so here are a few of my recommendations:

New Characters:

The Antumbra Series:
Antumra 2 - Eclipse 
Antumra 3 - Corona

While the first of the three is rather short and suffers from the occasional bug it sets a fine standard of quality that only seem to improve through the series. With unique Runners, party banter and multiple choices and endings throughout all three Cirion has created one of the best module series on the workshop.

Seattle Blues

My first and possible favourite module I played, a well designed and well written gritty noir run designed for a Street Samurai however I managed to complete it with a little difficulty as (my now favourite) Decker/Shaman. However there are some issues cause by recent patches that occasionally results in game breaking bug though there are ways to avoid it.

Import Characters:

Assault on Cesh Coran Labs

Continuing the theme of been shot and left for dead, Assault on Cesh Coran Labs puts a more lively and amusing spin on the scenario than Seattle Blues. Having had imported my character from Seattle Blues I found this a little easy but the dialogue was worth the play through.

A Dark and Stormy Night

Can't honestly say I was thrilled with this one but those of you seeking a firefight and a loud raid this is a module for you.

Nightmare Harvest

Caught in the middle of a war between the local Yakuza and Comanche Mafia this campaign is par to Antumra in quality with its dialogue and multiple endings, the finale is a tough fight if you want to keep all your npc allies alive so be warned. 

Streets of London

Initially a big fan of this when it was first released for its many ways to complete a run the campaign is finally complete and the story written in depth. I'll be playing this myself when I've got a bit more free time.


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